I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 70

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 70

“Yes! Of course I’m interested!” Chu Xian replied decisively.

The Aquarama was an important opportunity to promote business for every ornamental fish seller.

In one of the competitions in a previous exhibition, the Japanese Koi Farm Saikewai entered and won first place with a Koi Fish named Lou Lan.

They immediately sold the fish for 20 million RMB.

From that one event, the Saikewai farm gained fame throughout the world and attracted many customers.



The exhibition will be held on the first of next month and will last three days.

Let’s go together then!” Jin Hua said.

“Okay, Big Brother Jin! We should probably get there a day early!” Chu Xian said eagerly.

“En!” After exchanging a couple more words, Chu Xian ended the call and checked the date.

“It’s the twenty-sixth already.

I should get my things ready when I get back tomorrow.

” At lunch Chu Xian told his parents about the event, and although they didn’t want him to leave, they understood that their son had his own business now and couldn’t stay with them all the time.

In the afternoon, Chu Xian took his sister and her husband to the bank.

He transferred a million RMB to the couple, Chu Li and Liu Yun.

With the speed he was making money at, one million RMB wasn’t much, and in order to be a good brother, he felt he should give them at least that much to help them start their own business.

That night, Chu Xian stayed home and spent time with his family, talking and laughing and drinking with his dad.




In the middle of the night, Chu Xian woke up suddenly.

At Feng Tai Lake, the still and desolate night was disturbed by occasional splashes of jumping fish and cries of cats and dogs.

The moon hung high in the sky and watched over the lake as a group of young men carried flashlights and rough iron poles in plain sight, making no effort to hide.

“Qin Bro, I heard that guy spent more than 100 thousand RMB on renovations.

What if they figure out we’re the ones who damaged it?” one of the young men said, evidently worried.

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COM “Don’t worry.

Nobody will find out, and even if they do, they wouldn’t dare tell anyone!” Qin Zhiyu said with a dark expression.

After his family’s fish was stolen, his father, Qin Dahai, was always upset and often yelled at him, making the entire family miserable.

Zhiyu had long suspected that Chu Xian was somehow linked to the stolen fish, and his suspicions fanned the flames of his old hatred.

He decided now was a good time to get revenge.

“Finally, we’re here.

Tsk, tsk.

I don’t know what kind of ornamental fish this guy’s farming that needs such high walls!” one of the young men said.

“F*** his wall.

Just break the lock!” Qin Zhiyu said, signaling to the young man beside him.

The man nodded.

He lifted his axe and smashed the lock.

Peng! Peng! The sound of his axe hitting the lock over and over echoed throughout the area, and dogs barked in reply in the distance.

Qin Zhiyu frowned.

“Be quiet!” “Alright, alright, Brother Qin.

But the lock is too sturdy!” The young man said bitterly, trying to use less strength to strike the lock.

The noise echoed inside the building and in one of the fish ponds, a pair of bright eyes opened.

The Mo-Crocodile stirred, crawled out of the water and made its way towards the entrance.

Chu Xian opened his eyes the same moment the Mo-Crocodile did, already controlling the creature.

He made it slip out under the wall through a drainpipe and crawl quickly towards the entrance where the group of young men was still bashing the lock.

When Chu Xian was planning out the renovations, he wanted to prevent just this kind of situation from happening, so he got a solid, high-quality door for security reasons.

If these kids planned on breaking and entering, they would need a lot more power.

The Mo-Crocodile slowed as it neared the group, staring with cold eyes and a slightly open mouth as it crept forward.

“F***, what kind of lock is this?! Why’s it so hard?!” Qin Zhiyu cursed, kicking the door before grabbing the axe and smashing it into the metal.

Peng! The loud strike echoed throughout the area, and the dogs in the area all woke up and barked once more.

A couple of the surrounding house lights lit up and people peered out their doors and windows.

“Brother Qin, let’s be quiet.

If we’re too loud, we’ll attract too much attention, and then…” one of the young men said, looking around worriedly.

“Eh…” He continued, but suddenly his eyes gaped wide as he retreated, pointing and stuttering.

“Brother Qin.

Brother Qin.

Monster! Monster!” “What f****king monster?!” Qin Zhiyu swore angrily, turning to look in the direction the young man was pointing in.

Peng, peng, peng.

Zhiyu turned and his anger left him as he stumbled backward.

A meter-long monster crawled towards him, and a pair of reptilian eyes shined in the dark.

The creature lunged.

“F***! What the f***!” Qin Zhiyu yelled in surprise, hastily falling to the side to dodge its attack.

The other young men looked around and dashed away in all directions.

“F*** me, why are you all so cowardly?!” Chu Xian thought speechlessly.

He made the creature lunge again.

Hulu hulu! Qin Zhiyu looked back at the terrifying sound as he stumbled away, turning on his flashlight and revealing the crocodile-like creature.

He became even more afraid.

Running in terror without any sense of direction, he tripped on a rock.

“Ah! Help me!” Qin Zhiyu cried out as the Mo-Crocodile dashed towards him.

In a panic, he pushed against the ground, rushing to stand up.

“Hehe!” The Mo-Crocodile opened its mouth coldly and pushed down with its limbs, jumping forward and biting Zhiyu’s thigh.

“Ahh!!! Help!!!” Zhiyu screamed, falling to the ground again.

His cries of terror spread throughout the district.

The young men he came with turned around; they hesitated, faces filled with fear.


The sound of breaking bones filled the air.

Chu Xian was very satisfied with the biting force of the Mo-Croc.

Even though it wasn’t as strong as a real crocodile, it could fight people very easily.

One light after another turned on before Chu Xian took one last, mocking glance at Zhi Yu as he rolled around in pain.

He then turned away and dove back into the shadows.