I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 63

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 63

Feng Pupu hugged her uniform and clutched the bills Chu Xian handed her tightly, walking mechanically in a stunned state.

She and her grandfather rented two rooms in a four room apartment.

Since the place was old, the rent wasn’t very expensive.

She pushed open the door and saw her grandfather sitting on a stool reading a newspaper with an air of boredom.

When he heard her come in, he stood up immediately and greeted her.

“Pupu, you’re back! How was your first day? What is that you’re holding?” “It was very good, grandpa! The boss is super nice.

This is the uniform he bought for me!” Feng Pupu walked over.

She didn’t have much, but her grandfather always cared for her.

“And the boss also gave me money for a month’s worth of meals!”   Feng Pupu showed her grandpa the money excitedly.

“This?” Grandpa Feng exclaimed with astonishment, looking from the big stack of bills to the uniform she carried.

“This boss really is a good person.

Pupu, what did you do today? Are you tired?”   “No, it wasn’t tiring at all!” Feng Pupu said, shaking her head.

“I only have to deal with money from customer purchases.

Also, in order to manage all the transactions, the boss also got me a cellphone.

He said if I got bored, I could just play with the phone and watch the store.

” .



“You are really lucky, Pupu, to meet such a nice boss.

You have to work hard!” Grandpa Feng nodded happily, patting her head and reminding her not to be lazy.

“En!” Feng Pupu nodded.

She thought about how her boss also liked patting her head and felt warmth in her heart like he was already part of her family.

The next day, Chu Xian spent the morning dealing with online orders.

His popularity on Weibo was so high that he received more than ten orders every day.

Now, he already had two hundred customer orders but he hadn’t shipped any of them yet.

When noon came, Chu Xian received a call from Mr.

Li from the renovation company and headed over to the fish farm.

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COM On the way to Feng Tai Lake, he spotted a unique fish farm up ahead, surrounded by thick, sturdy walls – very different from all the other farms in the area.

He got out of the car and entered the building through the door decorated with a fish, passing under the shop sign – “Ornamental Fish of Paradise.

” The interior had a new feeling to it, with the nice floorboards blending seamlessly with the soothing wallpaper and the walls decorated with different images of ornamental fish.

Along the edges of the store were eight big aquariums, all facing the center of the store.

Decorating the center were three comfortable-looking sofas with an accompanying tea table and tea sets, making it hard to imagine this was all a fish farm.

“Boss, what do you think? Everything is finished.

Is there anything you aren’t satisfied with?” Mr.

Li said, walking up to Chu Xian after he walked through the door.

  Chu Xian looked around, gesturing for Mr.

Li to wait as he wandered throughout the store.

Pushing open the door to the inner half of the fish farm, Chu Xian saw the four forty-square-meter luxury fish farms covered in tiles.

The roof had transparent planes of glass in places that would let in sunshine.

Chu Xian nodded with satisfaction.

Peeking into the living space, he examined the bed, closet and all the other furniture briefly.

It was a comfortable looking room.


I am very satisfied!” Chu Xian said.

“That’s great! If you need any other renovations in the future, feel free to contact us!” Mr.

Li said happily.

“Sure!”   The whole renovation cost about six hundred thousand RMB, but everything inside was of the highest quality.

After paying the bill, Chu Xian lounged on the sofa with a sigh of contentment, looking around with a smile.

  After a while, Chu Xian got up and brought the reformed Mo-Crocodile and some new goldfish back to the shop.

He filled one of the fish ponds with water and the Mo-Crocodile dived in happily.

  Chu Xian smiled, making the Mo-Crocodile swim over to him.

He rubbed its nose and patted its mouth, saying: “In the future, you’ll guard your home.

If someone comes in, just bite him!”   The Mo-Crocodile nodded as if understanding, in a startling display of intelligence.

“Tsk, tsk.

It really feels like the Mo Croc’s intelligence is increasing.

Is it because of the powered-up control?” Chu Xian mused.

With all this done, Chu Xian drove over to the fish market and bought over two thousand goldfish, including big adults and small newborns.

After three trips to transport all the goldfish, Chu Xian organized the adult goldfish into two ponds, and the smaller ones into the others.

“I just need to remold all these goldfish then the problem of supply will be solved.

Even though the varieties I’ll breed will be slightly different, they’ll still be acceptable to my customers.

”   Chu Xian checked the time then began his remolding.

  After remolding goldfish hundreds of times, Chu Xian became quite good at it.

It only took him three minutes to finish with one goldfish.

Over two thousand goldfish should take more than six thousand minutes, equivalent to about a hundred hours.

In the span of two days, Chu Xian remolded every single goldfish – the approximately 1500 adult goldfish were ready to be sold, and the 700 or so babies were all reformed as a mask for his real operation.

After remolding all the goldfish, Chu Xian started shipping out the orders.

The online orders already accumulated up to four million RMB of deposits.

(Author’s Note: I saw someone asking how to ship live fish, speechless, just do some research online.

)   Of course, he was the only one who knew how many goldfish had been pre-ordered, and he definitely wasn’t about to spread the information.

Rarity determined the price, and if people knew how many he could sell, that would definitely lower his selling price and also attract unwelcome attention.

This was also why he didn’t sell on Taobao – he wanted to keep his information secret.

  After bustling around the whole day, Chu Xian shipped off all the goldfish, and the four million plus RMB entered his bank account.

  “More than four million RMB of profit.

” Chu Xian smiled to himself.

This was only the beginning – he hadn’t even touched the bigger ornamental fish market, but now that the fish farm base was completed, he could begin expanding his market.