I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 51

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 51

“Old Qian’s got a big haul this year.

” “No doubt.

The price of yellow croakers and black breams are much higher this year.

”   “Tsk, tsk.

They say that the Qin family raised a lot of black breams, but now…” “Enough, Old Zhao.

Don’t say so much.

You saw how black Qin Dahai’s face was today.

” “He got what he deserved! This is payback!” “They still haven’t caught the people who stole his fish without leaving a clue.

Old Qian came out today because he was also afraid someone might steal his.

” “Heehee, what I think is that Qin’s offended someone and they took revenge.

If that wasn’t the case, why would they steal the Qin’s fish and nobody else’s? This was a huge loss for Dahai; it must’ve cost him in the millions.

” Chu Xian overheard the fishermen’s words and smiled as he looked out at the farm.

On rainy days, fish always swam up to the surface of the water, so it was usually the best opportunity to catch fish.

Just using nets to gather the fish slowly on a farm this size would take at least three days.




The big, fat fish gathered and churned the water.

A single net could grab a thousand catties of fish.

The worker was very satisfied, and soon, a boat filled with fish came up to the bank, dragging a net behind it.

“Come, come.

Everybody, make room!” Old Qian yelled out, dumping the fish in the big basin on the bank.

“Quickly, pull up the net!” Old Qian the workers on the boat to put all the fish into the basin.

“What the h*ll? What kind of fish is this?” a young man on the bank shouted out in surprise.

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COM Everyone looked over curiously.

Resting in the nets was a huge, dark grey fish, a meter long with a slim and long tail.

The scales covering it looked like wrinkled skin, and its mouth was long and pointy with rows of teeth just barely visible as it opened its mouth.

“Holy sh*t, what the f*ck is that?” “It’s so big!” The crowd gasped in surprise, all of them coming in for a closer look.

“Tsk tsk.

” Old Qian clicked his tongue and said, “This is the weirdest fish I’ve ever seen.

It probably came in from the sea.

” He was surprised, but this was nothing outrageous.

As an old fisherman, there were a few things he hadn’t seen.

As the old saying went, considering the huge amount of creatures in the sea, if one day a mermaid came up, it still wouldn’t be too surprising.

“F*ck, Old Qian, its mouth is so big.

Will it attack people?” one of the other fishermen asked curiously.

“Give it your hand and try,” Old Qian joked.

“Okay, Old Lyu, get on the boat and toss the fish back into the water.

” Usually, the fishermen just threw any weird fish back into the sea.

The strange fish might not be edible or might even be poisonous.

“Okay!” Old Lyu nodded.

“Wait, wait!” Chu Xian suddenly interjected.

“Brother, can you sell this fish to me?” “Hm?” Everyone turned to this young man in confusion.

Old Qian frowned and asked, “Little bro, do you know what kind of fish this is?” Chu Xian hesitated for a moment then nodded.

“This is a Mo Ke Fish, a kind of mutated fish.

Someone caught one just like it in Jiang Men, and it’s not expensive.

You can check online.

” Mo Ke Fish: Level 15 Combat Power: 188 Gift: Anesthesia Chu Xian saw a fish like this on the internet, but the people there just said it was a weird fish without providing any other details.

If he didn’t have the system, he wouldn’t even know the fish’s name.

“Oh? If little bro wants it, I can just give it to you for free; I was just going to toss it anyway,” Old Qian said generously.

“Thank you so much, brother!” Chu Xian nodded, accepting his offer.

He walked over to the boat and called over Old Lyu and asked him, “Brother, can you give me the net? I’ll get it.

” “Okay, but be careful.

Its mouth is filled with teeth – be careful of its bite.

” Old Lyu warned him kindly.

“Don’t worry, brother.

I’ll be fine.

” Chu Xian replied with a smile, taking the net and reaching out for the fish.

“Little bro, careful.

Careful,” Old Qian said again.

“It’s fine.

” Chu Xian laughed, grasping the Mo Ke Fish with both hands.

He held the hundred catty fish easily.

Holding it, Chu Xian could feel its thick, connected scales like crocodile skin; it was very tough.

The crowd saw that the fish didn’t move at all and walked over to take a look.

“Tsk tsk, this fish is huge.

Is it edible?” one of the fishermen muttered as he touched the scales.

“Hehe, I’m going to try to raise it,” Chu Xian replied, putting the fish in the big basin on the bank.

Taking out a thousand RMB, he said, “Bro, sell this basin to me, I need it for the fish.

” “Okay, okay.

But it’s not that expensive, not by a long shot.

” Old Qian waved away the thousand RMB.

“I’d be embarrassed taking the fish from you for free, just take this money.

” Chu Xian forced the bills into Old Qian’s hand and asked some of the young men to help transfer the basin to him.

Fortunately he bought a large SUV, otherwise the fish wouldn’t have any hope of fitting into his car.

“Thanks, brothers,” Chu Xian said, offering some cigarettes to the young men.

He then drove his car back to his store.

Once there, he moved the Mo Ke fish into the back of the store.

Then Chu Xian went to the print shop and got some new labels for three thousand RMB.

With all this done, Chu Xian took out his phone and started looking up information.

He hadn’t asked for the Mo Ke Fish arbitrarily; he wanted to carry out an experiment which might be a big breakthrough for him.

If it worked, it could only be beneficial for him.

But as he surfed the web, some news in the Hai Qing City newspaper, and on WeiBo and WeChat went viral.