I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 44

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 44

Chu Xian swam excitedly, plunging forward with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

In a few minutes, Chu Xian was surrounded by fish again, and he opened his huge mouth and began leveling up again.

The sounds of chewing and cracking bones sounded across the water, and fish after fish left only traces of blood before directly entering Chu Xian’s stomach.

One after another, little by little, the fish were devoured and ended up in Chu Xian’s stomach.

In those two or three hours, Chu Xian lost count of how many fish he had eaten.

He leveled up twice, reaching level fifteen.

The Qin family fish farm was the biggest one in all of Feng Tai Lake, almost twice as large as the next biggest farm.

The hundreds of fish it contained would take at least two or three days of relentless eating to finish.

Chu Xian stayed in the area until three in the morning.

He grinned to himself as he swam towards the border of the farm, and using the same approach, he reached the shore, transformed back into a human, and left quickly after getting dressed.

In his car, Chu Xian drove back to his home and checked his status.

He couldn’t help but smile.

Name: Chu Xian Status: Human (Can Transform into a fish!) Level: 15 (New-Born Little Fish, 1.

3m!) .



Combat Power: 115 Ability: Devour – can evolve from eating smaller fish   Control – can control lower leveled fish.

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COM Big Fish Eat Little Fish System Ability: Remold – can change the shape of self or fish under your control.

(Every transformation will lower your level and the level of the fish you control) After leveling his fish body, Chu Xian’s human body also improved a lot.

Strength, speed, and toughness were all increased by almost 50%.

If he got into a fight with Qin Zhi Yu and the others again, they would stand no chance.

“My fitness right now shouldn’t be any worse than a soldier king from the army!” Chu Xian thought happily before getting into his bed and collapsing (1).

The sky gradually brightened as the sun rose in the east.

The blush of dawn shone over Feng Tai Lake and shimmered off the gentle water.

A wafting breeze swept over, bringing in the salty tang of the sea.

Boats hurried here and there in the morning rush to feed the fish.

Even though a big fish farm had its own ecosystem, the population density was still very high, and there wasn’t enough natural food for all the fish.

On the Qin family farm, six workers drove a boat and operated a feed machine that dispensed food into the lake.

One after another, the fish gathered and surfaced to eat the food.


Old Song, do you think there are less fish than usual today?” one of the forty-something workers commented with a confused look.

“Really?” Old Song looked around.

“Maybe the fish are just gathered somewhere else.

” “En,” the middle-aged man replied and put the thought out of his mind.

There were too many fish at the farm, and even though Chu Xian had taken out about a fifth of them, it still wasn’t easy to tell the difference just by a quick glance.

After sleeping past noon, Chu Xian hurriedly ate and rushed over to the shop.

When he got there, there were already several customers glancing around.

After apologizing profusely, Chu Xian opened the door and started working.

Even though the traffic and volume had gone down, his fame had also risen.

There was a brief burst of activity when Xiao Ying’s classmates who knew about the fish from the Gold Dragon resort came over to look around.

As this crowd came, they all greeted him politely with admiring looks.

In between customers, Chu Xian sometimes chatted with them as well, and their changed attitudes were refreshing.

Success was, for this reason, essential for respect and admiration.

The current Chu Xian and the past Chu Xian were at two extremes on the spectrum.

People came and went and the crowd gradually thinned out until Chu Xian closed the shop door at ten in the evening.

Driving back to the lake again, Chu Xian parked and started his routine.

  Chu Xian walked a distance away from the Qin Family farm before he stripped quickly and transformed into a fish.

In a couple minutes, he was in the middle of dozens of fish, and he gobbled up one after another like a demon as blood filled the lake.

Nevertheless, Feng Tai Lake was large and deep, and the blood quickly diffused.

“Tsk, tsk.

They even have two-meter-long Red Drums!” Chu Xian thought as he spotted two huge Red Drums.

A Red Drum could grow to heavier than fifty kg, and both of the fish had definitely gotten to that point.

Perhaps they managed to avoid the fishing nets somehow.

Chu Xian looked at the two fish with interest.

They were at higher levels than him but had much lower combat power.

Chu Xian rushed over and lunged to eat one of them.

But to his surprise, the Red Drum saw him coming and dashed away faster than he could swim.

“Damn! It really is a high leveled fish.

Even if it has low combat power, it’s still fast as h*ll!” He gave up on his plan to eat them, and he just focused on controlling the fish that were of a lower level than him.

Suddenly he felt a chill as if something was staring at him.

A sense of danger came over him.

“What?” Chu Xian thought, looking around and extending his god’s eye view.

“This?” Chu Xian contracted his pupils.

In his field of view, he could see a serpentine creature hidden at the bottom of the lake.

It was an off-white color with green stripes from head to tail.

The-three meter-long creature waited patiently, staring coldly, poised to strike.

Moray Eel (Gymnothorax Reticularis): Level 17 Combat Power: 125 Ability: Strangle Chu Xian sucked in a cold breath.

“A level 17?” Chu Xian’s expression distorted.

It wasn’t bad that the eel was a higher level, but its combat power was ten higher than his, and it also had a special ability! “Why is this in a fish farm?”