I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 42

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 42

Chu Xian’s fish farm was very important and could be considered his first base and foundation.

The following developments would come out of this farm, so he didn’t mind spending a lot to renovate and rebuild it.

He walked into the fish farm and saw that the floor and sky-blue decorations were damaged and smashed, and all of the beautiful aquariums were broken.

The place was a mess.

“Young Master Chu.

” The middle-aged designer, Mr.

Li, greeted Chu Xian as he came in and immediately walked to his side.

“This morning, our workers came and found that the lock had been broken and everything inside had been smashed!” Chu Xian nodded with a clouded and unpleasant expression.

These were the last few days for the renovation and all the necessities had already arrived.

It would’ve taken only three or four more days to finish the installation.

“Young Master Chu, the damages are at least seventy thousand!” Mr.

Li said with a frown.

“I know,” Chu Xian replied, taking a deep breath and walking over to the police.

“Policemen brothers, have you figured out who did this?” “Hard to tell!” a policeman said as he looked around before turning to Chu Xian with a sympathetic look.

“There are no cameras and no evidence, so…” The cop didn’t finish his sentence, but Chu Xian understood.

His things had been smashed and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Move aside, move aside!” An arrogant voice suddenly sounded out and some of the crowd moved aside.

“I must say, brother.

What happened?” .



A young man said with a mocking tone.

Chu Xian looked at him and his eyes flashed coldly before he said, “So it was you.

” “Haha, bro.

Don’t try to frame me without any evidence; I can sue you for slander!” Qin Zhiyu said and turned to examine the surroundings with a proud look.

“Tsk tsk, such a fancy place all smashed up.

These aquariums must have been several thousand each.

What a shame, bro.

I don’t know what bad things you did, but you should be careful!” “He probably slept with another man’s woman; why else would this have happened to him?!” one of the sidekicks said with a laugh, but before he even finished speaking, he noticed Qin Zhiyu and the others were staring at him with dark expressions.

(1) “Eh.


You must’ve done something bad; why else would this have happened to you?” the young man repeated awkwardly.

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COM Chu Xian smiled coldly and walked menacingly toward Zhi Yu.

“What do you want? I’m telling you, the police are right here!” Qin Zhi Yu said, backing away from Chu Xian’s ugly expression.

The policemen frowned and looked on but said nothing.


You didn’t dare to act like a man and instead used these cowardly, despicable methods.

Very good!” Chu Xian said with mockery.

“Since you want to play, let’s play!” “Kid, what are you saying? I, Qin Zhiyu, am an upright and just man.

What despicable method did I use? Don’t slander me!” Zhi Yu exclaimed with a glare, but then he smiled.

“You should be careful in the FengTai district.

I don’t care what background you have, but even if you’re a dragon, you’ll lay down for me, and even if you’re a tiger, you’ll sit! You can’t afford to play with me.

This is just the start!” “That’s right, kid.

What happened today is just …” “Shut up!” Qin Zhiyu said, glaring at the young man who stepped forward to speak.

“You idiot!” “Eh.

Brother Qin, I spoke out of turn,” the young man said as he shrank back and realized the cops were still there by the side.


Just wait and see if I can afford to play or not!” Chu Xian said with a cold look and turned to Mr.



Li, keep working and replace all the broken things!” This…” Mr.

Li said hesitantly.

“This is not a problem.

Just seventy thousand–I can waste this much.

Even if things are smashed again, I can still afford it!” Chu Xian said with a cold laugh.

“Ok!” Mr.

Li replied, nodding in response to his slightly tyrannical and insane talk before turning to the workers.

“Collect all the damaged things and buy any replacements needed.

Let’s keep working.

” Qin Zhiyu was stunned by Chu Xian’s domineering words then he said gloomily, “Kid.

Good luck!” “Hehe.

Good luck to you as well!” Chu Xian said with an evil smile.

“Son, I hope you get some cameras set up around here, or else we can’t do anything even if you know who the culprit is,” a middle-aged cop reminded Chu Xian as Qin Zhiyu and the others left.


I understand.

Thank you very much, brothers,” Chu Xian replied, nodding as he offered them some cigarettes.

The cops waved their hands in refusal and left.

The crowd of onlookers murmured in low voices, pointing here and there and glancing at Chu Xian with sympathy.

Chu Xian lit a cigarette and walked over to the onlookers with a smile, offering some cigarettes, asking, “Brothers and sisters, can I ask who those young men were?” The expressions of the bystanders were awkward, and after a long silence, an old man glanced around and said in a quiet voice, “Son, I’ll warn you cause you’re new to these parts.

Don’t mess with them! You should resolve whatever trouble you have with them as soon as possible!” Chu Xian frowned and said, “Uncle, can you be more specific?” “I’ll tell you the important points.

That kid in black is Qin Zhiyu, and he’s the son of a boss who owns a fish farm here.

” The old man pointed at the lake.

“The farm with the largest area and the best location belongs to them, and they’ve owned it for at least five or six years now.

I won’t say anymore; you should know better than to mess with them here at Feng Tai.

” “En,” Chu Xian replied.

He saw the old man’s hesitation and knew he was afraid, so he thanked him gratefully.

“Thank you for your warning.

I understand.

” “En.

As long as you know.

Don’t be impulsive, son.

” The old man nodded before leaving with a wave.

The crowd gradually dispersed.

“I never thought his family owned a farm on the lake; no wonder he’s so arrogant.

This Qin family is clearly pretty sketchy.

” “Since it’s come to this…!” Chu Xian smiled wickedly, looking out at the farm in the distance.