I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 34

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 34

“Oh? Working for yourself? That’s pretty cool,” Wan Kun said while feigning surprise.

Glancing back at him, he said, “Senior Brother, you’re getting along pretty well! Have you bought a car and house yet?” “I bought a car,” Chu Xian said with a smile.

“Ah? Then why isn’t Senior Brother driving? What car did you get? Is it as good as Bei Feng’s BMW? This Series 5 BMW cost more than five hundred thousand.

Ay, I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford one!” Wan Kun said with a sigh.

“Hehe, it was only five hundred thousand.

Wan Kun, if you work hard, you’ll be able to afford one in no time,” Zhang Bei Feng interjected.

“Senior Brother, you’re a boss now.

Your car must be pretty good!” “Hehe, it’s okay!” Chu Xian said with a small nod.

“You’re getting more and more shameless! You talk about a moped as if it were a luxury car!” Xiao Ying whispered into Chu Xian’s ear and pinched him.

Chu Xian winked at her, saying, “I’m not bragging—I’ll take you for a ride tomorrow!” Bei Feng glanced disdainfully at Chu Xian’s reflection in the rearview mirror.

He didn’t realize Chu Xian was so thick-skinned and shameless – he hadn’t heard what Xiao Ying said, but Chu Xian’s “whisper” was loud and clear.

Wan Kun looked over at Zhang Bei Feng with an expression that said: this c*** is so good at pretending that it’s even hard to mock him.

(1) Bei Feng wiggled with his eyes and Wan Kun could only continue gritting his teeth.

With a small nod, he said, “Senior Brother.

I heard from some of my classmates that you’re not doing so well? What’s up? You didn’t get into Golden Dragon Group when you applied, and now your business isn’t doing so well? Are they BS-ing?” .



Chu Xian was surprised for a moment by Wan Kun’s straightforwardness, but quickly a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

He replied, “Heehee, I wasn’t doing so well before, but lately I’ve made a bit of a comeback.

” Zhang Bei Feng laughed and said with mocking sincerity, “Then Senior Brother needs to work harder! If Senior Sister Xiao Ying is going to be a teacher at the school, you’ll need a house in Hai Qing, and they cost at least a million!” “That’s no problem—we can just rent or take a loan!” Xiao Ying said, taking Chu Xian’s hand in her own.

Her words warmed Chu Xian’s heart.

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COM “You can’t talk like that! You’ll need a house when you marry, and you’ll need a car too.

If you have kids, the pressure will be even higher! Xiao Ying, if you don’t start thinking about all this now, you’ll regret it later! And even if you don’t think it’s a problem, your family will!” Wan Kun said to her.

Xiao Ying frowned silently.

“Ah, I’m so jealous of Brother Bei Feng.

He’s so young but he already has a nice car, and he’ll inherit his family business.

He’ll be spared a decade of struggle!” Wan Kun continued.

“Hehe, that’s nothing.

You don’t need to be jealous Brother Wan Kun—if you want, you can come work at my family’s company.

I can guarantee a higher salary than anything you’ll find elsewhere.

We’ll be brothers even after we graduate!” Zhang Bei Feng said to Wan Kun.

“Really? That’s amazing!” Wan Kun said excitedly.

“I heard your family’s company is worth more than ten million, and the number is growing every day!” “It’s not bad.

The market value is about thirty million, and the prospects are great.

It’s a time for rapid development.

Oh, right—Senior Brother, if you want, you can also come work for my family’s company; six to seven thousand a month isn’t a problem, and the salary can only grow in the future when the company benefits get better.

We’re schoolmates – there’s a lot of room for you to rise in the company!” Zhang Bei Feng said with a turn of his head, smiling at Chu Xian.

His expression of attentiveness and kindness really seemed likeable.

Xiao Ying seemed slightly moved as she turned to look at Chu Xian.

“Not bad!” Chu Xian was impressed with their performance and suddenly understood how deep the tricks and schemes of city men were.

If he didn’t have experience from reading about showing-off and face-slapping plots in novels, he might even feel grateful to Zhang Bei Feng for the job offer.

Out of nowhere, Wan Kun humbled himself while propping up Zhang Bei Feng, setting a vivid comparison and hinting at the large gap between Bei Feng and Chu Xian in front of Xiao Ying.

Then Zhang Bei Feng pretended to reach out a caring hand like a king giving food to a beggar—this not only showed his warm heart but also propped him up even higher.

This scheme was really complex and detailed! Not bad, not bad.

Chu Xian looked at Xiao Ying.

He smiled lightly and said, “We’ll talk about this in the future; these days my business is pretty good.

” “Hehe, that’s fine.

I’ll give you my number later, and you can call me when you need me.

You’re welcome in my family’s company anytime,” Zhang Bei Feng said.

He examined Chu Xian’s acting and mockingly applauded in his heart.

“En,” Chu Xian replied calmly with a hint of disdain on his lips.

Chu Xian didn’t say anything else.

Wan Kun changed the topic and started chatting with Bei Feng again.

All they talked about were fancy cars and luxury items while glancing at the back from time to time.

Xiao Ying leaned on Chu Xian and said in a small voice, “We’ll take on the world together once I start working!” “Leave the fighting to me,” Chu Xian said confidently, looking calmly at Bei Feng and Wan Kun.

The car quickly arrived at the resort parking lot.

The group got out and waited patiently for the others to arrive.

Liu Zhi and Jing Wen’s [XY’s roommate] group arrived shortly after.

“You can all wait here for the others; I’ll go get our tickets first!” Liu Zhi said as he approached them.

“Liu Zhi, I’ll go with you,” Jing Wen immediately piped up and followed Liu Zhi to the service area by the entrance.

By the time they got their tickets, everyone had arrived.

Liu Zhi addressed the group and shouted, “Okay, line up and we’ll enter in sequence.

” The line of people walked through the ticket area and into the building.

Bei Feng led the way, gestured to the big “Welcome” and said, “Everyone, see this? Aren’t the goldfish and Koi Fish very beautiful?” “Wow! The goldfish are so pretty!” “Displaying the fish like this is brilliant! It’s so pretty!” The group of people gathered around.

“Yes, and these fish aren’t just ordinary fish.

Do you know how much they’re worth?” Zhang Bei Feng paused dramatically.

“Four million.

These few fish are worth four million!” “Four million! Unbelievable!” “Heavens, how luxurious!”