I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 30

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 30

He had to get used to the rapid increase in all his physical abilities, so Chu Xian spent the afternoon in his room acclimating to the changes.

By the time he felt comfortable in his body, it was already late in the evening.

He guessed that his strength had almost doubled; forty-fifty kg should be easy enough to lift.

The next morning, Chu Xian drove back to the fish market.

This time he didn’t come to buy fish to level up; this method of leveling wasn’t sustainable.

Just yesterday he’d spent more than a hundred thousand RMB.

“Yo, little bro! You’re back!” As soon as he walked into the market, a shop owner greeted him enthusiastically.

Yesterday Chu Xian had bought all his fish, and he assumed Chu Xian came to buy more.

“En, hey boss.

I’m not here to buy fish today!” Chu Xian nodded while walking over.

“Boss, let me ask you something.

Do you know where I can buy or rent a fish farm?” “Fish farm?” The shop owner looked at him with astonishment.

Yesterday he bought all his fish, and today he wanted to buy a fish farm.

He really was a rich guy.

“Little bro, you want to buy a fish farm? The fish farms by the sea have pretty much all been rented out, and if you want to buy one from them, you’ll need to spend at least a million.

” “No, not like that.

” Chu Xian said, waving his hand—he still couldn’t afford coastal or offshore fishing farms.

“Boss, I’m talking about the small ones used to farm ornamental fish.

” “Oh.

You mean the fish farms for special fish.

There are lots of this kind of fish farm.

Over in the FT area, there are many fish ponds and fish farms.

Just a sec little bro, I’ll ask someone for you.

” The shop owner nodded enthusiastically and led him inside.

“Hey Old Wang, do you have any fish farms available?” the boss asked at a shop that sold abalone.

“Fish farm? Why do you want to buy a fish farm? What, you want to steal our business?” the shop owner named Old Wang asked as he laughed.




“Why would I want to steal your shitty business? Do you have any or not?” The boss laughed.

“Yes of course I do.

Zhao Kua Zi is going to move in with his daughter and now he wants to sell his fish farm.

If you want to buy it, you can ask him,” Old Wang answered.

“En, Okay, give his phone number.

The old b*stard’s hard times are finally over.

He has a good daughter,” the boss said, taking out his phone to dial Zhao Kua Zi’s phone number.

“Yo little bro, let me ask for you,” the boss said to Chu Xian.

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COM “Okay.

” After a few minutes, the shop owner looked at Chu Xian and smiled.

“Little bro, Zhao Kua Zi has a fish farm, but the area isn’t too large.

He does use it to farm ornamental fish though.

Do you want to see it?”   “En? He uses it for ornamental fish too? That’s great.

Please give me shop owner Zhao’s phone number.

” “Okay, sure!” After taking down the phone number, Chu Xian said a few sentences of thanks to the shop owner and called to make an appointment with Zhao before driving down to the fish farm in FT area.

The fish farms in FT area were part of a larger aquaculture area; this area was one of the top centers of fish farms in all of Feng Hai province.

Altogether, the farms in FT area farmed tons of fish every year and sold them all over the country.

In FT area, there was a big lake called Feng Tai Lake which connected to the sea; the entire lake was divided up among people who farmed all kinds of seafood.

Surrounding Feng Tai Lake were all kinds of big and small fish ponds.

Due to the nature of the surrounding water, they were pretty much all seawater fish.

The whole compound stretched further than the eye could see.

Chu Xian followed the shop owner’s instructions and arrived at the fish farm where Zhao Kua Zi met him.

He was a middle-aged man, about fifty.

He came over to greet him enthusiastically.

“Little bro, are you the one who called?” Zhao Kua Zi asked with a big smile on his face as he glanced at his expensive car.

“That’s right.

Boss Zhao, can you show me around your fish farm?” Chu Xian nodded and offered a cigarette.

“Of course! My fish farm was just renovated last year, and the equipment inside is very new.

If it wasn’t for my daughter asking me to go to her house, I wouldn’t want to sell it!” Zhao Kua Zi said while walking.

Chu Xian smiled silently and followed him inside.

Because Zhao Kua Zi used his farm to farm ornamental fish, there was a large canopy on top.

The inside was about five mu (1), divided up into small ponds; the ponds were indeed as new as he said! “What do you think? It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? Although it’s not big, it’s enough for raising ornamental fish,” Zhao Kua Zi said.

Chu Xian nodded, and the duo left the fish farm.

Outside were other fish farms separated by wire netting.

“Shop owner, how much for all of this?” Chu Xian looked around for a bit and asked with some anticipation.

Zhao Kua Zi saw his expression, and his own face lit up with happiness.

He opened his mouth and said, “750,000 RMB.

The equipment on my fish farm are all completely functional, and if you want to farm ornamental fish, you can just keep everything as is.

” Chu Xian shook his head at the price.

“Too expensive.

You know the price and market of ornamental fish right now.

The area is too small.

” “Umm…” Zhao Kua Zi saw his frown.

“Then what you do think is a fair price?” “700,000 is good.

” Chu Xian thought for a while.

Seven hundred thousand should be a suitable price.

“If boss wants to sell it to me, I can pay 700,000 RMB.

If not, then I’m afraid I’ve wasted your time!” Zhao Kua Zi thought for a bit then nodded, “Okay, seven hundred thousand.

” “Deal!” Chu Xian smiled and turned to look at his new fish farm.

Although it wasn’t big, he was just using it as a cover anyway.

He didn’t care about its size, and the surroundings were very nice.

Fish farms stretched further than the eye could see and the landscape was dotted here and there by fish jumping out of the water.

It was nice.

They made an appointment to sign the contract later that afternoon.

For now, Chu Xian bid him farewell and left.

As Chu Xian left, he was suddenly stunned by a familiar face.

The man saw him at the same time, and immediately, his face revealed a look of hatred (2).

This young man was the one and only sports car owner from the accident a couple days ago, and beside him were five or six young men.

“It’s you!” The sports car young man glared at him with clenched teeth, walking over slowly.

The young men at his side were stunned for a moment before they followed.

“Heh, it’s you.

What a coincidence!” Chu Xian looked at him in surprise.