I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 21

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 21

The surrounding people saw the accident and gathered around, pointing at the big scar on the side of the sports car.

Chu Xian looked coldly at the angry young man storming towards him and angrily said, “Do you even have eyes? You hit me while I was minding my own business; what right do you have to be so arrogant?” “I hit you? Are you deaf? Did you not hear anything coming from behind you? Are you an idiot? You don’t know how to dodge?” the young man said angrily as he pointed at him.

Today he’d taken a new girl on the sports car for a spin, and when he saw Chu Xian driving so slowly, he stepped on the gas to show off the roar of the engine, thinking that the loser on the moped would definitely get out of the way.

To his surprise, the loser acted like he couldn’t hear and there was no time to brake before he rammed into him.

When he saw the moped skid for more than five meters he broke out into a cold sweat, but when the young man stood up like nothing happened, he decided to storm out angrily.

“Do you have brain damage? Do you think you own the road? I was riding on the right side and you hit me, yet you’re still trying to put the blame on me?” Chu Xian couldn’t help but curse this arrogant and shameless young man.

“I hit you, so what? Is there anything wrong with you? I’ll pay your medical bills! Is your garbage moped broken? I’ll buy you a new one!” The young man jabbed his finger at Chu Xian and kept talking, “But my car was scratched by you! Are you going to pay for that? “Pay for it?” Chu Xian laughed.

“Are you sick? You hit me and you want me to pay for your car?” “Why didn’t you move out of the way when I honked the horn? How else would I have hit you if it weren’t for you not moving out of the way? Don’t you know how to drive on the side? Ah?” The young man yelled furiously, “Look at my car, it’s worth more than a million! It’ll cost me tens of thousands just to repair it!” “F***, is your brain broken?” Chu Xian looked at this young man and began to call the cops.




“Calling the police? Good!” The young man looked at him coldly.

“Brother Qing, don’t be mad!” The beauty walked to his side and held his arm, comforting him in a low voice.

“I’m fine.

He’s just a stupid, suicidal idiot!” The young man glanced at Chu Xian with disdain and took out his phone to make a call himself.

Meanwhile, cars jammed behind them and some of the drivers came out to look at the sports car and the dirt-covered Chu Xian with faces full of sympathy.

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COM “What happened to this brother? Car accident?” “En.

Apparently, this sports car hit the young man on the moped and was damaged heavily! Now the owner of the sports car is asking the young man to pay for the damage!” “Eh, hitting others and then asking for payment? What a psycho.

That young man shouldn’t have stood up, he should’ve just laid on the ground and f**ed this guy over.

” “This road is already so narrow.

Apparently, the car used its horn but the young man didn’t move so this accident happened.

” “It’s still the sports car fault isn’t it, since he’s the one who rammed the other guy?” “Who knows? If he hit him directly then there’s no doubt, but since he hit him from the side and there are no cameras on this road, who can tell what really happened?” “This kind of accident is troublesome.

I don’t know what the police will say!” More and more people gathered around, pointing at this and that, but very soon a couple of policemen rushed over on mopeds.

“Out of the way, out of the way.

Don’t gather around and stop traffic!” a middle-age man with sunglasses said to the crowd.

“Police bro, I’m the one who made the call!” Chu Xian walked up to the policeman.

“En, okay.

” The middle-aged policeman nodded and looked at the sports car.

He said to the young man, “Move your car away and don’t block the road.

” The young man nodded and moved his car slowly to the side of the road.

“You called the police? What happened, explain!” the middle-aged man asked Chu Xian.

“Yes, this is what happened.

I was riding in front and then he suddenly hit me from behind, knocking my moped over there, and now he wants me to pay for the damage to his car.

This whole thing is all his fault yet he dares to ask me to pay up; such shameless trouble-making,” Chu Xian replied honestly.

“What’s your loss? A moped? How much? I’ll pay you now!” the young man said with disdain, as he walked over.

“Okay brother, you said you were riding in front and his car hit you from behind?” The policeman asked Chu Xian as he gestured for the young man to stop.

“Yes!” Chu Xian nodded.

“What do you say? Is he telling the truth?” the policeman asked the young man.

“What truth? I obviously honked my horn and drove from behind.

Suddenly, his moped came over and hit me all by himself!” The young man pointed at his car.

Chu Xian’s mouth twitched and furiously glared at the man.

“Did you rent this car? Is that why you’re being such an idiot? If you hit me just admit it! Or can you not even take responsibility for yourself?” The young man’s face turned black, “Kid, clearly you hit me yet you still don’t want to take responsibility? Do you know how much my car is? Why would I lie?” “F***, so f***ing shameless!” Chu Xian couldn’t stop himself from cursing.

“Okay! Don’t argue!” The middle-aged man was beginning to have a headache.

He looked carefully at the sports car and wrinkled his forehead.

The car was scratched, and whether the car hit the moped or the moped hit the car was hard to determine, especially since there was no camera on the road.

“What’s up Brother Cheng? Is it hard to determine what happened?” Two young police came up to him.


” Middle-aged police nodded at them.

“Did anyone see what happened?” The middle-aged man asked the crowd.

The people looked at each other but no one said anything.

The policeman frowned but wasn’t surprised.

“Since no one can judge what happened, shouldn’t both of them take some responsibility?” one of the younger police officers said.

The middle-aged policeman nodded.

“You’re both responsible, so you should both take responsibility.

” “I acknowledge that I have bad luck and I’ll pay for your moped, but you have to pay for my car’s damage!” The young man pointed at Chu Xian.

“How about this: Both of you take a step back.

You can take your car to your insurance company, and you can fix your own moped; since none of you got hurt, this can be resolved peacefully!” the middle-aged police officer said.