I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 7

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 7

Chu Xian remained at Old Wang Five’s place for another half hour, with most of the time spent asking goldfish-related questions.

What kinds of goldfish are more expensive? How do you tell a goldfish’s age? How do you price a goldfish? Etc.


Old Wang Five also wanted to strengthen his relationship with Chu Xian, so he explained everything earnestly until Chu Xian had a foundational understanding of goldfish.

When the twenty thousand RMB entered his account, Chu Xian’s face was full of excitement(1).

If ten goldfish could sell for twenty thousand RMB, then one hundred fish would be two hundred thousand and one thousand fish would be two million! One thousand goldfish wouldn’t even cost him one thousand RMB.

  If Qing Hai City had enough people willing to buy all one thousand goldfish, maybe he could expand his business to sell fish to all of China or maybe even the whole world.

He could become a billionaire just by selling goldfish! At this point, Chu Xian’s heart pumped madly.

He then entered a shop where he bought Scomber Japonicus (Pacific Mackerel) and spent around seven hundred RMB buying 120 nearly 40cm fish.

After purchasing all these fish, Chu Xian decided to add on some 50cm and 60cm fish before leaving, but the largest Scomber Japonicus was only around 40cm so he needed to find some other species of fish.

However, after looking around for a while, he couldn’t find any other type of fish as cheap as the Mackerel.

Chu Xian’s only choice was three RMB for half a kg of freshwater fish.


5 cm of freshwater fish was half a meter, and a half meter long fish was about 3kg, so a whole fish cost almost 30 RMB.

One hundred fish was 3000, and another hundred 60 cm fish would total six or seven thousand RMB.

After all this, Chu Xian bought one hundred small goldfish from a goldfish store.

This time, the goldfish he bought were all over 10cm long.

For the first time, spending seven thousand RMB at once didn’t cause Chu Xian’s heart to ache – when he reasoned that all he needed was to sell three or four more of his remolded goldfish to break even, a smile turned his face into a chrysanthemum(3).




“500 kg of fish – my shop can only fit this much,” Chu Xian thought to himself.

He wanted to buy the 70 cm fish as well, but when he thought of the size of his room (sic), he gave up helplessly.

Also, he had some trouble finding 70 cm-long freshwater fish, so if he wanted fish of that size, he had to buy ocean fish.

However, 70 cm-long ocean fish would normally be around four or five hundred RMB, so a hundred of them would be 50,000 RMB.

Moreover, fish longer than one meter were very rare, and the ones available were all very expensive.

Chu Xian had to find another solution – prioritizing quantity over quality.

For this method to work, the quantity would have to be terrifying.

Chu Xian rented a shipping truck and had other people deliver all the fish to his store.

After unloading the fish, Chu Xian once again closed his door.

Licking his lips, he transformed into a fish and dove into the tank.

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COM Sharp teeth filled his big mouth as he greedily chomped and ate.

Close to 500kg of fish was devoured in half an hour.

A bloody tang filled the room.

In the fish tank remained a black 70cm-long fish covered in blood, its mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth.

Name: Chu Xian Status: Fish (Can Transform into a Human!) Level: 8 (New-Born Little Fish, 70cm!) Combat Power: 25 Passive Talent: Devour – can evolve from eating smaller fish.

Control – can control lower leveled fish.

Big Fish Eat Little Fish System Ability: Remold – can change the shape of self or fish under your control.

(Every transformation will lower your level and the level of the fish you control) After leveling up three times in a row, Chu Xian chose not to power up his bite force.

Instead, he powered up his toughness and strength.

With a level of 8 and combat power of 25, he felt that as long as he was in the water, he could definitely tear apart and eat an adult man if he wanted to.

“From now on, it’ll be much harder to level!” Chu Xian thought to himself as he turned back into a human, but soon he laughed to himself and said, “Anyway, leveling up isn’t so important now.

Right now, making money is most important.

” Glancing at the hundred goldfish in the tank, Chu Xian smirked confidently.

Noting the time, he decided to eat lunch before doing anything else.

Gu Dao Recipe was the most famous seafood restaurant on Gu Wu Street.

It took up five hundred square meters in a three-storey ancient building and had big red lanterns hanging by its front door.

Just a glimpse of the building made one feel like they had been transported back to ancient times.

“Today, I’m going to have a taste of the seafood at this Gu Dao Recipe restaurant everyone is raving about and really treat myself for a change!” Chu Xian said while standing in front of the building.

He had a light smile on his face before he confidently walked inside.

“Welcome, sir.

How many customers will be dining today?” asked an attentive waitress wearing ancient-style clothing.

“One!” answered Chu Xian.

“One customer.

Sir, please follow me,” the waitress said with a gesture, as she led Chu Xian further into the restaurant.

Gu Dao Recipe Seafood Restaurant had single seats, double seats, and private rooms.

Chu Xian sat down and looked over the menu.

“Ze ze, a bowl of rice for 10 RMB and Seawater Vegetables at a minimum of 30RMB,” Chu Xian said while clicking his tongue.

Lightly shaking his head, he ordered a vegetable dish and Steamed Codfish.

The food was served quickly, and as Chu Xian stared at the small plate of codfish, he asked the waitress with confusion, “This little piece of codfish costs me more than 500 RMB? Is it even 500 grams?” “Hehe.

Sir, our codfish are all Deep-Sea Silver Codfish, not farmed codfish!” The waitress laughed.

“Deep-Sea Codfish?” Chu Xian murmured, before taking a bite.

The tender taste was delicious, and Chu Xian couldn’t help but take yet another bite.

“It really is delicious!” Chu Xian exclaimed.

The aromatic rice came in a fan shell, and the Seawater Vegetables were crisp and tasty.

Sighing to himself, Chu Xian began to yearn more and more for the precious fish and seafood in the ocean.

This meal cost around seven hundred RMB.

For Chu Xian, this was an extreme luxury but in his thinking, money only had value if he spent it.

Besides, he already had a plan to earn back the money.

“It’s good to be rich!” Chu Xian couldn’t help but exclaim as his personal waitress escorted him out of the building after he finished his meal.

Just as he was about to reach his shop, a young woman suddenly blocked his way so Chu Xian stopped in confusion.

The girl was slim and tall—almost the same height as him—and had a pair of elegant legs and a head of long, brown hair.

Her natural face was that of an internet celebrity.

With a happy gaze, she extended a deck of poker cards.

“Handsome bro, let’s play a game?” the beauty said with a wink.

Chu Xian was stunned for a second before he noticed another young woman beside the first with a tablet pointed in his direction.

He asked inquisitively, “Are you a streamer by any chance?” “Heehee, I didn’t expect you to know any streamers.

Have you watched streams? The ones in nature?” the beautiful girl replied while giggling in delight.

“I don’t really watch streams,” Chu Xian answered.