Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 38

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 38

Zihui really brought me to the flower house.


I looked at the five store wooden house.

On the balcony there were glamorous flowers filling the platform.

I pointed at it and asked Zihui: “Is this the flower house which you talked about? Isn’t this where the people in town go for sacrifice?” Zihui smiled: “This is also known locally as a flower house.

A Xiang lady doesn’t want to go inside and take a look?” “I want to hear Chu Kong’s words from his heart.

” “Why hurry, a Xiang lady? When Chu Kong go back to the inn and don’t see us, he’ll come looking for us.

I asked the waiter to tell Chu Kong that we are here watching the stars.

” Zihui raised the jar of wine: “Before he gets here, let’s drink a few cups of wine, alright?” I wondered: “How do you know that he’ll go back to the inn?” Zihui winked at me and smiled playfully: “If I didn’t know that, wouldn’t it be a waste for Chu Kong to give me his heart?” I was silent for a moment, and then my gaze fell on Zihui’s chest.

I stared at it for a while.

I took the jar of wine and said: “Everyone wants to live.

I can understand what you were feeling at that time.

Although pursuing something that happened in the past has no meaning; Chu Kong don’t say it and I also don’t bother to say it, but Zihui, you have to remember that this heart is stolen from Chu Kong.

You set a trap for us when I was stupid.

I won’t allow that to happen a second time.

” “Ah.

” Zihui was silent for a long time and then smiled: “You and Chu Kong are really a perfect match made from heaven.

You know that what you just said, Chu Kong also has said it.

Only this time, I really just want to repay without a second meaning.

” I hesitated.

Zihui turned and jumped on the high balcony.

I looked at the jar of wine in my hand and also jumped to the balcony.




“Let’s sit for a moment,” Zihui patted place beside him.

I sat down and let my feet dangle outside.

I unplugged the jar of wine and inhaled the scent of the wine.

My spirit immediately lifted up.

“Good wine, where did you buy it?” “This isn’t bought.

” Zihui looked up at the stars.

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COM “Many years ago I’ve been to this small town.

This wine is made personally by me.

I wanted to take it out and drink it on the day I marry.

” My mouth just touched the opening of the jar.

After I heard that, my throat suddenly felt like its choking.

I bore with the pain and put down the jar of wine.

I looked at Zihui and saw him laughing.

He said: “Drink, I can’t get married anymore.

”I thought back to the female soul and asked: “Do you really not have a deceased wife? You don’t know a Luo?” Zihui continued to smile: “In this life, I only loved one person, but that person even if I’ve given her my heart, I didn’t get that person.

The day before we got married, she took my original heart and ran away.

” He narrowed his eyes and looked at the distant stars.

He said seriously: “I didn’t marry, don’t have a wife and also don’t know a Luo.

” But that woman called a Luo knows Zihui.

Looking at his face, those words couldn’t come out of my mouth.

The sweet wine drifted into my nose.

It’s a fresh and sweet taste; as if it traveled through time and space to tell me the longing of the person who made the wine.

I handed back the jar of wine to Zihui: “The first gulp of this wine that has been hidden for so many years must be from you.

The flavor now must be different from the flavor then.

” Zihui hung his head.

He laughed with a bitter meaning: “Don’t need to taste it, I already know.

” “Hehe, in the middle of the night, a man and a woman alone in front the flowers and under the moon, talking and singing together and also having the same thoughts.

Very good, very good.

” From behind came a strange laugh.

I turned and saw Chu Kong standing there.

The crimson whip in his hand seemed violent.

Zihui turned and looked at Chu Kong once.

Then he turned again, looked at me and said: “The wine has a surprise.

” After saying that, he grabbed my hand, he raised his hand and the jar shoved into my mouth.

The sweet wine instantly went into my mouth…… A piercing pumping sound can be heard.

Zihui barely escaped Chu Kong’s whip.

He smiled with squinted eyes: “Stars, you two go see it.

I want to go back and sleep.

” After saying that, he waved and disappeared in the night.

Because of the wine, I’m choking.

I clutched my chest and coughed.

After a moment I felt a warmth slid down from my throat to my stomach.

Then it came back up and stunned my head……Wait, wait, what did Zihui say? The wine has a surprise? He prepared this wine for the day he marries.

In that kind of scenery, what kind of wine should be drunk? Even with only my hairs, I know what kind of wine! But this is used by the local people of this small town, ah! He also wants I and Chu Kong to be wild wild wild…….

wild……together?! Chu Kong didn’t know what I’ve drunken.

He’s still blaming me: “You really forget fast.

That lifetime, you fell into his trap, now you want to fell into his trap again, isn’t it? A little gift and a small favor can buy you.

Very good, really well done!” Sweats slowly began to form on my forehead.

This situation is really bad, ah…….

Seeing that I didn’t speak for half a day, Chu Kong squatted down beside me: “You really……What’s the matter with you?” His face was serious.

His hand touched my forehead.

In his eye, there’s a hidden anger.

“What tricks did that guy play again?!” “There’s a drug in the wine.

” At first, I wanted to deceive Chu Kong and then run.

But this mouth seemed like it lost control and those words blurted out.

Even covering can’t be done.

Chu Kong picked the jar of wine.

He asked himself: “What kind of drug?” “Spring……” I stretched my hand and covered my mouth tightly, but my mouth doesn’t let it be controlled.

The two words that I thought in my heart came out of my teeth and went into Chu Kong’s ears: “Spring…….

drug……” Chu Kong was startled.

His body suddenly turned soft and he sat beside me.

He looked coldly at me in silence.

I covered my mouth and swallowed.

I nervously waited for his response.

I never thought that after he was silent for half a day, he’ll ask me: “Then……then what do we do?” Chapter 38 p2: Aside from you helping me, what else is there to do?! I was roaring in my heart, but didn’t expect that those words would slip out of my mouth again: “Of course, you need to help me!” The air was silent.

I and Chu Kong’s warm breath formed white mist in the cold air.

We stared at each other for a while and finally I looked away.

I slapped my mouth a few times.

Shouldn’t have say it, ah! Why can’t I control it?! Can it be……my eyes fell on the jar of wine in Chu Kong’s hand.

Chu Kong suddenly trembled.

He put the jar on the wooden table.

The wine spilled out.

With “gululu” sound it rolled down the five store house.

I looked up at Chu Kong and saw that he walked a few steps back with a sun-like transparent red face.

“Help, help?” I didn’t know what kind of images he formed in his mind.

His voice was really hoarse.

His shy appearance, made my ears feel hot.

I touched my face to calm myself down.

“Don’t first think so deep.

Maybe this wine has something else.

” I don’t know if Chu Kong has heard those words.

I only saw him stood up quickly with his back to me.

I heard him took a few deep breaths and then he said really quickly: “Let’s go back first.

If there’s really no other way…….

you go roll in the snow.

” Hearing his words, I felt that the focus isn’t on what Zihui put in the wine anymore.

I looked at his back for a while, then the words in my heart blurted out again: “I say Chu Kong, Do you really like me?” Chu Kong’s back stiffened.

He was silent for a long time before he said: “Otherwise……you go roll a few more laps in the snow.

I’ll guard you.

I won’t let others look at you……” I saw my own clenched fists clench and release several times.

A bunch of silent fires flared in my heart.

I tried to hold and hold it back.

After hearing those words from Chu Kong, they broke out.

I stood up and walked to the front of Chu Kong.

Chu Kong looked up at the stars and didn’t look at me.

I reached out and grabbed his collar.

“Chu Kong, let’s lie down and talk, alright?” Chu Kong looked stunned for a moment.

My hand put more force and my foot tripped his foot.

Of course, Chu Kong didn’t guard against me and stumbled straight onto the wooden platform with a “zhi ya” sound.

Obediently he lay on the platform.

I sat on his belly, tugging at his collar and condescending stared at him.

“No!” Chu Kong’s face was so red that blood is almost coming out.

His stared in the distance and said sternly: “Even if the drug is really strong, you need to hold it.

” While he is saying that, he struggled to get up.

I grabbed his forehead with one hand and pressed him down, letting his head be glued on the wooden platform.

This time, I may have caused him pain.

He frowned.

His right hand grabbed the hand that was holding his collar.

My heart hurted.

I blurted out: “I like you.

” This sentence made Chu Kong go in shock.

He stared at me with big eyes.

The dark sky is filled with stars as if to not let me find my own shadow.

I also didn’t speak and didn’t know what to say next, but the troubled thoughts in my heart leaked out: “Although you are violent and don’t understand how to be gentle.

Occasionally, you will also want to beat me.

You look a little childish.

Your temper is not calm and your mind isn’t so good.

Also you totally don’t understand a woman’s mind.

When you’re angry you don’t know how to give in.

Your moods are really hard to grasp…….

” Chu Kong’s eyes that were originally stunned, changed with my words.


” I want to shut my mouth, but those words seemed to have opened a certain door in my brain that can’t be closed.


I just spoke honestly.

I think Chu Kong is proud guy.

He can’t say it, then I’ll say it.

He doesn’t dare to be straightforward, so I can only be brave……then, forcing him to open his mouth, forcing him to say it.

“But! I still want you! We’ve already kissed, already hugged and at one point we even touched each other’s body! Today, you want to obey, you have to obey.

You don’t want to obey, you still have to obey!” I grabbed his collar and fiercely pulled at it.

“Say it! Say you like me! Hurry and honestly admit it!” After saying all the storms in my heart, I looked at the dazed Chu Kong.

Suddenly helplessly thought: obviously I came to hear his words from his heart, but he hasn’t even spit one word out and I’ve already said so much myself, really…….

putting the cart before the horse.

“You, get up.

” I didn’t know how long we were silent; suddenly Chu Kong said those words.

I didn’t loosen: “You admit first!” “I say for you to get up first,” Chu Kong shouted angrily.

I am also angry: “You admit it, I’ll naturally get up!” “Really a thing that doesn’t know when she’ll die or live!” His words hardly left, I suddenly felt my body being dumped.

After spinning, my back was against the cool wooden platform.

My eyes were full of Chu Kong’s face and the stars in the sky.

I saw his hot red ear.

I felt his hot breath on my face and heard him say through gritted teeth: “Xiao Xiang Zi, remember this well.

You forced me!” My lips felt warm.

A wet slippery stuff got into my mouth.

In this moment, this kiss with a unique strength of a man, almost completely drained the breath out of my life.

This thing……actually dared to say, I forced him? In all this hot and crazy thoughts, one thought made me a little calmer.

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