Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 33

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 33

I looked at the sword in my hand.

With my ability now, I wouldn’t even be able to beat the weakest of them.

I looked at left and right and found a crossbow not far away from me.

My heart felt happy.

I quietly went to it and picked it up.

Here the fight is going on like drums.

Suddenly a black shadow cast over my back.

My heart went in shock.

Immediately I turned.

Without thinking I shot an arrow.

It went straight into the person in black’s crotch.

His eyes behind the black cloth widened.

He shook loudly.

I am afraid I can’t be tired now.

He fell down covering his crotch.

My heart felt that this move is out of desperation, but still too insidious.

I busily apologized to him, but the person lying on the ground didn’t move anymore.

The air was silent for a moment, then a woman’s voice shouted: “Capture her! She is Qi country’s princess Qingling!” I turned and looked.

It’s the small person who is commanding.

He……is actually a woman.

And her voice is inexplicable familiar.

I thought for a moment and realized: “Xinyun!” I didn’t have the time to savor the feeling, when I felt pain in my neck.

My eyes began to close from dizziness.

This is bad, I thought.

This time I’m really going to the netherworld to kiss Yanwang! Will Chu Kong come look for me? Finding that I am missing, will he be panic stricken like Lu Hai Kong? Suddenly I want to see his expression when he is in disarray.

Such a prideful person and besides, he cares about face; even if he need to fake it, he’ll act like he’s calm.

Not to mention he didn’t need to go into chaos because of me.

We both know that we will not “die”.

When I woke up again, my whole body was unbearable cold.

Although the period has finished, this cold makes me feel bone piercing uncomfortable.

I rubbed my arm and looked in four directions.

I wondered where this forest is.

The snow on the ground was swept.

A bunch of people in black were sitting together.

They didn’t light a fire.

No one spoke.

They were silent with their eyes closed.

I looked at the iron chain at my feet and gently moved a little.

The sound of the chain immediately woke of a few people in black.

Even when they were sleeping, they didn’t take off the black cloth covering their face.

Only exposing their eyes, which were staring at me coldly.

I pouted and whispered: “Can the fire not be lit? It’s so cold.

” “Do you still think that here is the capital of Qi country, your royal highness,” a female voice ridiculed me.

“If you wanted to be warm, you shouldn’t have followed Chu Qinghui to the battlefield.

” I looked and saw Xinyun sitting on a dead tree behind me.

She’s now completely different from when she was seducing Chu Qinghui in the capital.

I said: “I didn’t want to come.

” If it isn’t because Chu Kong wanted to go to war, I wouldn’t be kidnapped to here.




“That Chu Qinghui actually let you follow him to the battlefield?” Xinyun’s tone changed.

She jumped of the dead tree and stood in front of me.

She lifted my chin.

“What did you use to let such a man lose his head like that……” I thought for a moment and continued to carry on my good quality which is honesty: “With the body.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM We swapped soul and shared a body.

In this lifetime, there’s no secret between me and Chu Kong.

Xinyun stiffened.

Her face turned pale and she let out an ugly smile.

She moved her lips close to my ear: “You are taking advantage of your mouth.

You’re making me feel bad.

I will pay you back tenfold.

Pay Chu Qinghui back tenfold.

” Her hand touched my throat very dangerously.

“After all you like him, he likes you.

You two will not be together.

” I looked at Xinyun for a moment: “You like Chu Qinghui.

” Xinyun stared at me for a long time.

Her eyes are full of hatred: “Princess is joking.

Didn’t you already know about this matter a long time ago?” “But you are a spy of Wei country.

” I felt that when Chu Qinghui was alive, his love life was really pitiful.

The two women who love him are on his enemy’s side.

If he didn’t know it’ll be alright.

But once he knew; these two women who willingly went to him; he can’t eat and can’t touch.

It’s something that’ll let people have a sour heart.

But this general didn’t seem to be someone who plays the cards reasonably.

First, he got Xinyun pregnant, then he also got the princess pregnant…….

“If this is how it is.

” She grabbed a bunch of my loosened hair and twisted them lightly in her hand.

“If I can’t have him, you also can’t have him.

Now I’m not afraid to admit that Chu Qinhui didn’t let me get you the bowl of abortion medicine.

I just wanted you two to hate each other.

Looking at you stabbing the dagger into his heart and then poisoned yourself, do you know how happy I was? Unfortunately, you two didn’t die.

” Don’t feel unfortunate……the princess and general have been played to death by you.

Finally, the knot in my heart is solved.

So the general has been stabbed by the princess.

Presumably, Xinyun let princess Qingling drink the abortion medicine in the name of Chu Qinhui.

The princess must’ve felt unwilling.

When the general came to visit her, she killed him.

It must’ve been the dagger in my chest when I woke up.

The princess must’ve used all of her strength to get it stuck in my chest.

The general is a powerful man and someone who knows martial arts, was stabbed to death by a weak woman.

He……must’ve been willing.

The princess killed the general and lost the child.

She must’ve been in despair and took the poison.

I sighed in my heart.

If I and Chu Kong have drunken the soup of oblivion, didn’t change genders and being reincarnated in the princess and the general’s body, from small we’ll have this bad fate.

It’ll get more tangled up when we grow up.

This really is a play of pitiful love.


we changed this love play into a comedy.

Heavenly emperor Lee, I’m really sorry.

My scalp felt a pain.

Xinyun tugged at my hair.

She smiled at me coldly: “But it doesn’t matter, letting you feel life is more painful than death is also a good choice.

” Looking at this lady playing with fate, I sighed.

I believe that every person’s heart has a good and honest side.

Only when it grows crooked will it become like this.

But didn’t life force it to become like this? I order to coordinate with her, I carefully made some recommendations: “Light a fire first, otherwise you haven’t played enough, I’ll already be frozen to death.

” Xinyun stared at me for a moment: “You seem different from before.

” Naturally, a princess carrying the honor of a country won’t bow to anyone.

And I……in order to see Yanwang a bit later, will not care about temporarily lowering myself to someone.

“Get ready, we’ll be going,” Xinyun shouted the order.

I saw the group of people in black getting up quickly and formed a row.

Xinyun looked at me with indifference.

In the bottom of her eyes there’s sarcasm.

“Princess Qingling is feeling cold.

Maybe she’ll feel better walking with us.

” I looked at Xinyun.

Suddenly I have the impulse to drag her to the road to the netherworld with me.

This lady’s heart is too evil.

Let’s go back and recycle her soul.

Following this group of Wei country’s spies is a hardship.

The days are cold.

Fire can’t be lit in day or night.

Day and night we need to hurry.

Every day there’s only a little time for resting.

Originally the princess’ body is already in a bad state.

Now it has gone through such hardship.

First catching a cold then I began to vomit blood.

My eyes couldn’t see things clearly anymore.

My feet felt so heavy that it’s difficult to lift them.

Unless I was being bound by a rope and dragged on the ground, I wouldn’t be able to move the slightest.

Xinyun is determined to leave me in the wilderness full of snow.

At this point I’m hoping she just kill me with one blow.

It’ll be more comfortable.

Even if I struggle, I wouldn’t be able to live more than twenty years.

I didn’t know how much time has passed.

My body is already numb to cold and pain.

I opened my eyes and saw the sunlight.

I closed my eyes and saw the road to the netherworld becoming clearer.

Between life and death, I seem to see a man anxiously running towards me.

Death penetrated me.

I crossed the road and then…… I felt a fierce slap.

He shook me.

“Open your eyes! See what happens when you dare to close your eyes!” Damn you……was there a hero who saves the beauty like the way you do? Let’s not talk about you being late, but you’re also rude.

“I’ll take you to go see a physician.

” Chu Kong lifted me.

He took two steps and scolded: “I told you that you’re not allowed to sleep in the snow! Not allowed to close your eyes in the snow!” After those words left his mouth, my heart felt empty.

My soul disappeared for a moment……So I closed my eyes in his embrace.

The road to the netherworld opened in front of me.

No soul collector came to lead the way.

I didn’t hurry.

Without the chains, without the cold and pain of torture, I stood quietly beside Chu Kong and silently stared at him.

There are many stubbles on this general’s face.

The chasing of the last few days made him look a little haggard.

His body was stiff.

His hand touched the princess’s neck.

I thought, he wouldn’t be able to feel the pulse.

Chu Kong obviously knows I wouldn’t “die”.

But that expression in that moment made me suddenly remember Lu Hai Kong from many years ago.

That boy’s sadness hid in my heart, but Chu Kong took it out inadvertently.



” Chu Kong gritted his teeth.

I didn’t know if he was cursing me or himself, but I can hear in his voice the hidden injuries that I can’t ignore.

What kind of bad memories brought snow to him? I sighed and was about to embark the road to leave when suddenly Chu Kong said: “If you’re still here, listen very well.

” I honestly stopped and listened.

“This debt, I’ll get it back for you.

” I nodded.

This is a must.

If Chu Kong doesn’t abuse Wei country a little, then he’ll be sorry to me.

He nipped the corpse’s lips.

“Also when you go to the netherworld, you’re not allowed to kiss Yanwang’s cheek.

” I twitched my mouth.

This is not something I can decide on.

If Yanwang force me what can I do? Chu Kong embraced the corpse for a while.

“You’re not allowed to kiss.

Remember to wait till I get down.

” You must be kidding! When he comes to the netherworld, it’s certainly after twenty years.

Do I need to wait for him for twenty years down there? I…….

I should just first run away…… Before embarking the road to the netherworld, I turned and looked at Chu Kong’s lopsided back once; Lonely and desolate.

It doesn’t seem like his always straight spine; Stubborn and yet trying to be brave.

I suddenly felt that perhaps waiting for him twenty years, thirty years, it’s no big deal.