Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 29

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 29

Three months later; it’s now midwinter.

Wei country has sent a decree declaring war to Qi country.

At this time, the emperor and the empress dowager were fighting very intense with each other.

Before going sending the troops, the emperor summoned me to the palace again to appease and intimidate me.

I thought that since he said so, I will not be able to slip from the battlefield.

Back to the general’s mansion, Chu Kong was gnawing on a roasted chicken while he said bitterly: “Damn Wei country, why start war in midwinter, causing xiaoye to run here and there in this weather.

Xiao Xiang Zi, go, go fight a battle or two with them.

Abuse them a little before running away.

” While I was wondering what things I need to bring with me, I was dissatisfied with him.

“You’re not the one who needs to go on the battlefield.

You only know lip service.

If you want to abuse them, go abuse them yourself.

” Chu Kong bit in a large piece of meat and mumbled vaguely: “Who says xiaoye isn’t going?” My eyes lit up and I stared at him.

“Do you want to impersonate me and go on the battlefield in my place? Princess Kong, after becoming a woman you’ve become more human.

” Chu Kong faintly glanced at me once.

Suddenly he sneered obscurely.

Then he continued to bite into his chicken.

Surprisingly, he didn’t refute me, but it disturbed my mind.

A few days after that, I didn’t even get to see the shadow of Chu Kong.

I still didn’t see him on the day of departing.

I began to worry.

I wasn’t worried about him.

I was worried about myself.

Only the Gods will know what game he’s playing again…… On the day of departing, I drank blood wine with the emperor on a very long table.




I was wearing a heavy armor and riding a warhorse.

The warhorse staggered a little and shook its head.

I think that I wore too much armor…… In front of the citizen of the capital who came to see me off, I led the horse and left the capital.

I heard that this general Chu was very brave before he died.

He also has good war tactics.

Every war he battled in, even if he was at disadvantage, he still can win.

Wei country feared this general Chu considerably.

Of course, on the way to the frontline, I have suffered many assassination attemps.

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COM It’s just in this hard life of this lifetime, when being poisoned Chu Yi will block it for me.

When being assassinated Chu Yi will block it for me.

He really is a human shield.

My ‘gold’ armor will also block it for me.

Every time a killer is near me, I didn’t move or run.

I sat there firmly.

When the killer is about to give me a deathly blow, no matter if it’s his head, shoulder or abdomen, the first thing that’ll fell is his big sword.

Over time there were rumors about the general being unbeatable.

The rumors in the army were saying that the general is really powerful and that he cultivated a golden hard body that won’t go bad.

The mortals don’t know……I, this general’s golden hard body is not unbeatable, but it’s really hard to run away with this body.

The biggest problem which I received from the assassination attempts was Chu Yi watched more carefully over me.

All day long, he was beside me with that wooden face.

It became really difficult to escape.

Day after day the frontline gets nearer.

Every day I was so anxious that I was sleepless at night.

This night, the army camped on the outskirts.

I was sitting in a tent with a headache.

Suddenly I can hear Chu Yi’s voice yelling: “Presumptious! Who’s underling are you? How do you dare to sneak into the general’s tent.

An assassination attempt again? I waited for half a day and still didn’t hear a sound.

My heart was anxious.

I walked out of the tent.

I saw Chu Yi holding a skinny soldier.

His eyes looked coldly at Chu Yi.

Seeing that I came out, his eyes fell on me.

His brows raised slightly and his lips moved: “Xiao Xiang Zi.

” I also raised an eyebrow.

I didn’t expect Chu Kong to dress like a soldier and mix into the army.

But why didn’t he come to look for me after so many days? Why did he come today? I coughed and said: “Soldier, what do you have to report?” In the sunlight, Chu Kong’s face us a little pale.

He deliberately lowered his voice and said hoarsely: “General, it’s a life threatening information.

” I nodded: “Come in and talk.

” Chu Yi refused to release him.

“General, this is probably wrong……” “No harm.

” I waved my hands and took Chu Kong with me into the tent.

It’s just that this isn’t like the general’s mansion.

When talking, it can be heard on the outside.

I let Chu Kong come to the desk.

I handed him a brush and asked: “What do you have to report?” While Chu Kong spoke “a matter of life and death”, he wrote on the paper “there’s another child in my belly.

” CHapter 29 Part 2: I was shocked and looked dumbfounded at Chu Kong.

I forgot to answer him.

Heavens, after he lost the child, I really didn’t touch her! Can it be that in this short three months he……he has found a man outside? I instantly feel my face become green with anger.

But when I think carefully gain this is really bizarre.

This celestial star Chu Kong is……is really one of a kind? So when he finally has a woman’s body, he couldn’t wait……this really is something unexpected.

Seeing that my expression is weirder by the minute, he wrote: “Cut all those messy imaginations of yours.

” Chu Kong wrote seriously again: “Only half of the fetus came out that time.

” I was surprised again.

Does this princess get miscarriage only by half? Chu Kong glared at me and wrote: “This body is weak.

” After receiving one big news after another, Chu Kong made me completely speechless.

I was frozen for a moment.

Then I stooped down and opened his hem without a word.

I saw a red mark which is slowly expanding on his blue undergarments.

I froze for a moment and then a thought flashed through my mind.

I asked: “Does it hurt?” He answered immediately: “Hurt.

” I nodded and stood up.

I whispered in his ear: “I think your period has come.

” “Pu,” Chu Kong shivered and turned his head.

His expression was like he is lost.

I patted his shoulder.

“This is really normal.

You should get accustomed to it.

” Chu Kong squatted while clutching his stomach.

I saw that he was in shock.

I was soft-hearted for a moment and dragged him to my bed.

I went out of the tent and said to Chu yi, who was guarding outside my tent: “Bring me some clean clothes and bring me some cotton and thread.

” After hearing what I said, Chu Yi looked at me strangely.

It took a while before he nodded and hesitantly did he leave.

I didn’t know why he was like that and swept my gaze across the soldiers.

They also gave me an awkward look.

I turned, looked at the tent and saw that the fire inside the tent made Chu Kong’s figure appear on the tent.

I clearly saw him rolling on my bed.

Instantly, I understood what the expression of these people meant.

This, how can I explain this…….

I touched my nose and waited for Chu Yi to bring the things that I needed.

Then I went inside the tent and put the fire out to put an end to their imaginations.

I let Chu Kong change into the clean clothes.

In the dark I sew a piece of cloth with cotton inside for him.

Chu Kong lay on the bed with a pale face and said softly: “You women really don’t have an easy life.

” I always have a healthy body, so I never knew the pain of periods.

But this time Chu Kong actually said such a sentence, I felt that this pain must be more painful than death.

I probed with my hand in the quilt.

I rubbed his belly and said softly: “It’s good that you know.

See how you can bully me in the future without a guilty conscience.

” “Why can’t I?” Chu Kong said with a righteous voice: “Now I’m the woman.

” I pressed his belly: “You’re really thick-skinned.

” I rubbed his belly for a while.

I also began to feel sleepy.

I stepped into the bed and lay next to him.

I said vaguely: “When will we run away? After a few more days, we’ll be at the frontline.

” “I said I want to abuse Wei country a little for letting xiaoye suffer.

Not letting them pay me back, I’ll be sorry for all this body’s pain.

” I sighed: “It’s not Wei country that has let you to have your period.

Why do you bother with these mortals? Quickly run away is the important issue now.

” “I don’t want to.

” My mouth twitched.

In my heart, I felt that Chu Kong is really obsessed.

Sure enough…….

tomorrow I’ll abandon Chu Kong and run away alone.

His period came, so I think he can’t play any sort of games.

But a plan will always not keep up with the changes.

The next day, I suffered another assassination attempt.

But this time…….

the one that Wei country sent to assassinate me was a troop of two thousand men.

We are now located in the middle of a forest.

At one side is a mountain; at another side is a cliff.

Beneath is a river.

Wei country wants to ambush us here; we’ll be jumping of the mountain or jumping of the cliff.

I rode on a horse.

Chu Kong rode beside me.

He dodged here and there on the horse.

Not a stone hit him.

My horse is a good horse, but due to its weight, his reaction is always a half beat slower.

I rode on it and also dodged.

I dodged the big stone, but there’ll always be small stones that hit my head.

Not long after I was dizzy; my reactions also turned slower.

Suddenly I feel a shadow over me.

I looked up and saw a gigantic stone coming straight towards me.

My mind was blank.

I think that this time, I’ll really turn into a minced meat and go to the netherworld to kiss Yanwang.

In a split of moment, a horse hit my horse.

I felt that someone crashing on my body and I fell of the horseback onto the ground.

The giant stone flew across of me, but it almost touched my leg.

I stared blankly at the person lying above of me.

A little dumbfounded I said: “Chu Kong, you in a woman’s body, how did you throw me off the horseback……” Running away alone is now really hard ah…….

Chu Kong grabbed my collar and cursed: “You’d become more stupid, ah! Do you really want to go kiss Yanwang’s cheek?!” I was about to explain that I really couldn’t move, but I haven’t even opened my mouth when the ground suddenly shook.

I was surprised.

The color of Chu Kong’s face also changed.

“Not good, the giant stone put pressure here.

” He stood up and hasn’t stabilized his body yet, I felt the ground shake again.

My whole body rolled down.

I looked down and that down; there is the river.


I might as well just get crushed by the stone; it’ll be a quicker death….


My hand felt tight.

I turned and saw Chu Kong lying on the ground and grabbing my hand.

His face was pale.

All the pain showed on his face.

“You……fucking you….


so……so heavy!” Sorry, the heavy thing is the golden armor…… “Let go,” I said.

“You don’t need to die with me.

” I am always a person with a good heart.

In front of death, I don’t want to drag a scapegoat with me.

After all, in this lifetime Chu Kong treated me pretty well.

Both of us got along harmoniously.

There’s no need to die together here.

Chu Kong gritted his teeth, but still grabbed me tightly.

My heart fluttered.

Seeing this man with the delicate face, my heart somehow began to beat chaotically.

Suddenly a sentiment crossed my mind.

So this lifetime’s play of the little wife chasing the husband is like this, ah.

So the feeling of the little wife chasing the husband felt like this, ah.

So, even knowing that he’s Chu Kong, I’ll still have moments where I can’t control my heartbeat, ah…… The golden armor is really heavy.

Chu Kong’s body has been dragged down the cliff with me.

With a “putong “sound we fell into the river.

I felt the cold water against my body.

I was dragged by this heavy armor directly into the river.

Suddenly, I thought that Chu Kong is still on his period.

He……must be really in pain now.

My neck felt tight.

A slender arm grabbed my head.

I felt someone pulling me to the surface.

But this armor is really heavy and dragged both of us to the bottom of the river.

Chu Kong who came to save me fiercely slapped my face.

He seemed to be very angry.

All the way down, I firmly stood on the river ground.

I dimly felt Chu Kong anxiously getting rid of my armor.

When I was about to lose consciousness, I subconsciously opened my mouth to breath, but I gulped some river water.

I subconsciously wanted to struggle.

Bubbles formed into my mouth and I gulped more water.

In this confused moment, I felt warm lips on my lips.

Warm breath went into my mouth.

My mind cleared a lot.

At the same time I felt my body turned lighter.

The heavy armor fell on the ground, making the sand go flying.

Chu Kong grabbed my collar and swim to the surface.

His moves were a little slow.

He must…… also be almost out of breath.

My gaze is fixed on the moon on the surface of the river.

I suddenly felt something grabbing my feet.

I don’t know from where an aquatic plant grabbed my leg.

I was shocked and began to struggle.

Chu Kong hasn’t reached the surface yet.

He turned and looked.

His face turned pale.

Suddenly the aquatic plant which was grabbing my leg began to pull me down.

I wondered, this isn’t right…….

this feeling is obviously a living thing pulling me down…… I looked back and saw the plant which was grabbing me turned into a chain.

It wrapped around my whole leg.

It pulled me again.

I was totally unable to resist it and it pulled me down.

My eyes widened in horror and I looked at Chu Kong.

At that moment it pulled me with more strength.

I was severely pulled down.

My head slammed on the ground of the river.

In this darkness, I felt someone grabbing my hand tightly.

Regardless of the turbulent flow, he didn’t let me go.