Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 26

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 26

Chu Kong was blushing on that side, but he didn’t hide from me.

Slowly, he walked towards us.

I drank a cup of wine and looked at everyone’s expression.

Xinyun leaned closer to me with a look of panic.

Chu Yi was more nervous than I.

Quietly, he went over to Xinyun’s side as if he’s afraid that when Chu Kong get here, Chu Kong’ll kill her.

The expressions of the maids behind Chu Kong were resentful.

Only Chu Kong seemed indifferent.

With a raised chin, he stood proudly before me.

His face was a bit pale.

Presumably the pregnancy let his body become a little weak.

I touched my chin.

Under such circumstances, how should the dialogue of the princess and the general be like? I agonized over it without result.

I saw Chu Kong sitting beside me.

He pointed at Xinyun’s hand, which was holding me and said: “Let go.

” Her voice wasn’t loud, but her tone was arrogant and didn’t let anyone disobey it.

Fire seemed to have caught Xinyun’s hand.

With a “putong” sound she kneeled down.

Tears were in her eyes.

She looked at me pitifully.

At this point, I still haven’t figured out how general Chu will react, so I was pretending with an inscrutable look and continue to drink.

I was waiting for Chu Kong to clean up this mess.

Chu Kong also picked up a cup and poured wine.

The maid behind him immediately said: “Princess, you’re pregnant.

You shouldn’t drink.

” Chu Kong quietly played with the cup of wine for a while.

Then he put the cup on the table and pushed it to Xinyun’s side.

“I’ve forgotten that I was pregnant.

That being the case, Xinyun lady can drink this cup of wine on bengong1‘s behalf.

” Xinyun shivered.

Her eyes were frightened.

I suddenly remembered that this was no difference from getting wine from the royal family2.

But I also know that although Chu Kong is arrogant, he won’t murder someone casually.

This wine must be because he wants to tease her…… So I also opened my eyes and excitedly looked at Xinyun.



” .



Chu Yi was more impatient than I.

I waved to shut him up.

Xinyun looked at me as in asking me to help her.

I also stared at her.

She seemed to know that I won’t open my mouth to save her.

She gritted her teeth, grabbed the cup of wine, raised it and drank all the wine.

She closed her eyes and waited in fear for a long while.

But nothing happened.

She opened her eyes in more horror and glanced quickly at Chu Kong.

“Qingling princess, you……” “What about ben gong?” Chu Kong smiled: “What about ben gong, you can only endure it.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Xinyun hung her head.

Her fists were clenched.

The surrounding turned silent.

Chu Kong’s finger was tapping on the table.

His head was looking down so I didn’t know what he’s thinking.

I felt that staying silent like this is also not the answer, so I let Chu Yi sent Xinyun off.

Chu Kong and I sat for a while, and then she let the maids wait outside.

After everyone left, I raised my thumbs: “You did the things very much like a princess.

That arrogant look, cheche…… Forcing a woman like that, won’t you feel guilty?” I suddenly remembered the first time I went to the netherworld, the pink dressed lady who stood beside Chu Kong.

I thought really hard and finally I remembered her name.

I teasingly said to Chu Kong: “Did you ever treat that Yingshi immortal like that?” Chu Kong’s eyes lightly swept over me: “Yinshi, would not make that disgusting expression like her.

” Listening to him protecting a woman and remembering that after he wanted to make me a eunuch, he’ll go back and watch stars with her, my heart suddenly felt unhappy.

I put the cup on the table and said: “I think that there’s nothing wrong with Xinyun’s expression.

Being weak can reap many benefits.

” Chu Kong looked sideways at me and raised a brow: “Do you really think of yourself as a man after receiving a shell?” I didn’t want to argue with him about this, turned and looked at the sky: “Well, todays’s autumn, the weather is nice.

” Chu Kong laughed coldly: “I was busy inside and outside investigating; someone felt that he is the owner, was bored and sat here drinking.

 Eating men and women alike3, your life is really good.

” I protested: “First, I didn’t see myself as the owner and also didn’t eat men and women alike.

Second, I also earnestly went to find out our surroundings.

” “Oh, then tell me what you’ve found out?” I put a solemn expression and seriously said: “The cook of the general manor used too much time to cook.

” I took a dessert on the table.

While I took a bite and said with disgust: “I really don’t know how the general and the princess can bear it till now.

I’m trying to find a fault and dismiss him.

” Chu Kong’s lips trembled.

Unrestrained, he flung the plate with the dessert and thrown it in the pond to feed fish.

“Good for nothing.

” He evaluated me like that and then said solemnly: “Did you see that this Xinyun is not simple?” I was surprised and busily let the desserts in my mouth slide down to my stomach.

“How complex can she be?” “Think with the little brain that you have.

If the arrogant princess really decided to perish together with the general, do you think that she’ll leave Xinyun alone? This woman is still alive, so I relentlessly researched her.

Sure enough, someone is manipulating her from behind.

” “Who?” Chu Kong shook his head: “What I can find now isn’t much.

But you must be careful around this woman.

” Chu Kong touched his chin, narrowed his eyes and said: “With the power I have now I couldn’t find out much about Xinyun.

The previous general climbed from the soldier’s position to the general’s position must be a smart man.

He must’ve also detected something strange about Xinyun’s origin.

Then why did he love her? Did she really befuddle his mind……” I touched the cup and said with speculation: “Can it be…….

that the general didn’t like Xinyun that much as it seemed to outsiders?” And also he didn’t hate the princess that much as it seemed to outsiders…… Chu Kon frowned and thought for a while.

Then he scolded: “These troublesome mortals, all day they only know how to create a mess!” I scratched my head and said: “I really want to go to the netherworld and ask them what happened!” Feeling sad for a while, I sat down and the pavilion quieted down.

The autumn wind blew.

I whispered: “Pregnancy……how are you feeling?” Chu Kong voice seemed to have disappeared.

I continued to ask: “Did your belly grow bigger? Why do I feel that nothing is happening to you, ah……” I thought that after hearing those words, Chu Kong will get angry.

I didn’t think glanced at me and said: “What should happen? Say it, let me listen to it.

” I raised my fingers one by one and counted: “The whole body feels tired, loss of appetite.

” “A little.

” “The breast hurts, nauseous and vomiting.

” Chu Kong shook his head: “No.

” I wondered: “Didn’t your belly grow bigger?” “How would I know if it got bigger,” Chu Kong asked me.

“Would xiaoye touch a woman’s belly when he’s bored?” “But now this is your body!” I pouted: “Do you think is cool to need to lift up the small jiji (you all understand what this is XD) when I go to the toilet? I, a virtuous lady need to do this every day.

What’s wrong with touching your belly every day to see if the child is well?” Chu Kong narrowed his eyes: “Do you think it’s easy to be a woman? The chest is painful like a heavy iron ball.

Every day I still need to walk with a straight back.

It’s really tiring.

” “Nonsense! Do you think I haven’t been a woman before?! It wasn’t so exaggerating.

” Chu Kong raised an eyebrow and was quiet for a while.

Suddenly he said smiling: “En, I think you’ll never know my sorrow.

” I clenched my fists.

This bastard……what does he mean….

Chu Kong suddenly stood up and picked the jug of wine on the table.

“This afternoon, I’ll go and test that weak expression can reap benefit Xinyun lady.

The wound on general is still not healed.

Reward this wine to others.

” He walked out of the garden.

I stared at the empty table.

This pregnancy of Chu Kong is strange.

I’ll go and ask a doctor, let him gave her some medicine that’s good for a pregnant woman…….

Princess is busy doing things outside, the general need to make him feel at peace on the inside.

After all, we have a working relationship now.

After the meal, I went to the physician who lives inside the manor.

Physician Zhang is a middle-aged man.

He seems a little trifling and he seemed to be afraid of death.

From the moment I entered his room, he has been shivering.

I asked while frowning: “Did you recently go to check the princess’s pulse?” Physician Zhang shivered uncontrollably: “Answering the general, since the last time the princess…….

was poisoned, she no longer lets me check her pulse and the medicine also has been returned.

” “Nonsense, “I shouted angrily.

“Forget about the princess being capricious.

You helped her and did not report to me!” If it delayed Chu Kong’s labour, I fear that I no longer can see this kind of adventure! Physician Zhan was scared and kowtowed: “General, forgive me! General, forgive me!” I saw him shivering pitifully and let him stand up to answer.

I told him the symptoms that Chu Kong has told me.

I haven’t even asked him when he knelt again with a “putong” sound.

His body is now shivering more powerful.

I wondered: “I didn’t bully you.

What are you afraid of? Stand up.

” “I don’t dare! I don’t dare!” Seeing him like that, I got angry and snapped: “Stand up! Say everything you know!” Physician Zhang attached his head on the floor.

With trembling voice he said: “I……I think that this symptom of the princess, I fear……I fear that in princess’ belly is a stillbirth.

” I blinked.

I didn’t get the meaning f those words.

“Say that again.

” I squatted down and let my ear be beside his mouth.


” “Princess……princess is pregnant with…….

with a stillbirth.

” I listened to it carefully.

I stood up and felt a little dizzy.

Physician Zhang said while trembling gain: “General, general, if we don’t let the fetus come out quickly, it’ll cause great harm to the mother! If it isn’t done properly, the princess will also……” My heart felt cold.

I grabbed physician Zhang’s hand and went to the residence of Chu Kong.

Let stillbirth be stillbirth.

Can’t see Chu Kong go into labor is alright, but if he dies…… My heart felt some inexplicable panic.

If he’s dead, with what will I play with? I hurriedly rushed to Chu Kong’s chamber.

His maid was evasive and refused to tell me where Chu Kong is.

I was so angry that fire was nearly forming.

Suddenly, I remembered that he told me that in the afternoon he was going to test Xinyun lady.

At this time he must be at Xinyun’s.

I grabbed the physician again, let Chu Yi prepare a carriage and hurriedly rushed to Xinyun.

Xinyun lives in a small house on the west of the city.

This was especially arranged by the general.

The carriage stopped in front of the door.

I jumped out.

Suddenly, in the yard I can hear Chu Kong’s gasp: “Damn….


” His voice was tight.

He seemed in unbearable pain.

Chu Yi frowned.

He must be surprised that the haughty and proud Qingling princess will also curse.

And now I’m too busy to care that our identity will be discovered.

I thought that something must’ve happened inside.

I took two steps, kicked the door open and went straight inside.

I was shocked to see the scene inside.

Three men in black were standing inside.

One of them was grabbing Xinyun’s armpit.

She seemed to have suffered light injuries.

Chu Kong was squatting on the ground.

His whole forehead was full of cold sweat.

He was really pale.

A large gorgeous skirt was spread over the ground.

Two maids were lying beside Chu Kong.

I don’t know if they have fainted or if they are on the road to the netherworld.

With my sudden appearance the men were scared.

The three men glanced at each other.

The word “run” fell out, something exploded.

Everywhere was dust.

The Chu Yi beside me didn’t wait for the dust to settle and went to catch up with them.

In a blink of eye, I didn’t know where he went to.

I didn’t have the desire to care about who these people are.

I ran towards Chu Kong.

I patted his face, letting him be conscious.

“Hey, how are you? Injured? Where are you injured?” Chu Kong grabbed my hand tightly.

He couldn’t spit one complete word out.

I listened to each carefully for half a day and still didn’t understand.

He began to roll his eyes uncontrolled.

The broken pieces that came out of his mouth finally gave two relatively clear words: “Given……birth….

” My head was blank for a moment.

I didn’t care about anything else and hugged him.

The wide skirt below him was in blood and blood was still flowing out in and unimaginable speed.

It’s my first time experiencing such a scene; I was scared that I began to tremble.

I said in panic: “Chu Kong this isn’t right! How come you giving birth is like menstruating…….

this isn’t right!” Physician Zhang, who was hiding outside seemed like he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He ran to me and looked at Chu Kong and said in panic: “General, it’s a dead fetus.

The fetus has flown out! Cannot let the princess continue to bleed.

Must stop the bleeding!” Among the panic, I asked: “How how how to stop the bleeding? Blocking it? With what does it need to be blocked? Rolling pin?” The physician hasn’t given me an answer yet, when Chu Kong who I thought has fainted suddenly grabbed my hand.

He stared at me fiercely: “You dare to be reckless……try!” I was so anxious that I’m about to cry.

My eyes were red and my nose is sore and sour.

“Then what do you do.

Does it hurt? What do I need to do? What do you want me to do?!” Chu Kong seeing me like that was a bit surprised: “It’s just….


one reincarnation…….

” How can I not understand what he said? The purpose of our lives in this world is just a reincarnation, but every reincarnation is unique.

If we missed it, it’ll not exist again.

Humans are fragile.

That’s why they cherish it more.

Perhaps I and Chu Kong will never understand the fear of death, but at this moment I knew that he miscarried a life.

Helplessly watching a life slowly went through the passage of human life…… I cannot be unafraid.

I cannot stop trembling.

Gods have little feelings; maybe it’s because there are only a few matters that concerns them.

Comments: 本宫 (Běn gōng): means I.

When someone from the court excluding the emperor refer to him/herself they’ll use ben before their title like ben wang, ben fei, ben jiangjun and ben gong.

When an emperor or someone from the royal family wants to give you a cup of wine, mostly it’s poison.

Chu Kong meant that she likes man and woman.