Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 126

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 126

“F*ck, it’s actually a Human Ceiling of combat power’s guard?! Awesome, why are all the characters that God Feng meets so awesome?!” “F*ck, didn’t you guys hear that? He’s just a guard, and he already knows how to break the seal.

Fortunately, God Feng was smart enough not to let him say it, or else it would have been a big deal!” “Are you guys stupid? The entire live broadcast has definitely been tracked by the China Symbiote Organization.

All of their conversations will become their main focus.

” “Wow, a bunch of awesome God Feng.

He actually met a guard from the Water Elemental Human Ceiling by accident.

Doesn’t that mean that he encountered such a great opportunity!” In the judges’ seats, the faces of the elders were still dark.

Although they were very experienced, they were still a little nervous when faced with such a situation.

After all, this person who disappeared was the Ceiling of the water element! There were only five Human Ceilings in total.

Now that one person had mysteriously disappeared, wasn’t that a big deal?! How powerful was the other party to actually be able to make one of the Human Ceilings disappear?! However, no matter what, they also knew that there must be some complicated connections behind it.

Although their information and status were not low, they were not qualified to ignore such matters of top-notch experts.

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)C0M The elders all looked at Andy.

After all, if there was only one person who was qualified to talk about this matter, it would be Andy, the Wind Elemental Human Ceiling! Andy also noticed that many people were looking at him, so he moved his mouth, he said indifferently, “I’m not sure about this matter either.

Brother Walter has indeed been looking for Dragons to kill for nearly a hundred years, and he has been absent from the upper management Symbiote Organization meeting for the past hundred years.

” “We have long been used to this kind of thing.

He is such a person.

He has been unrestrained all his life and will go wherever he wants to go.

” After saying that, Andy stopped talking.

As for more information, he could not say it yet.

For example, which region did Walter kill the Dragons, or which type of Dragons he killed, and what he obtained.

These were all top-secret, and once they were told, there would definitely be major forces heading to this region to search for treasures.

In order to prevent such unnecessary things from happening, Andy did not continue speaking.

When the elders heard this, they did not receive any important information either.

The reactions of the audience were not focused on the disappearance of Great Wizard Walter.

After all, when Great Wizard Walter and the Dragon disappeared, it was rumored that the Dragon-Slaying Wizard, Walter, had used his life to completely seal the Water Elemental Dragon King! This included what Ye Feng had learned and various versions of history textbooks.

Moreover, this matter had already happened for more than a hundred years.

Even if there was a slight turn of events, it could still break the seal that used his life.

However, in the past hundred years, no one had heard of the deeds of the Dragon-Slaying Wizard, Walter.

This matter had become a consensus that had been passed down from mouth to mouth.

Moreover, the textbooks had been published in such a manner.

This had deepened everyone’s understanding.

For the past hundred years, they had been praising Walter’s super fearless spirit.

His will had always been the basic ideals and beliefs of all the wizards.

However, Yi’s words not only shocked Ye Feng, but also the entire audience.

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)C0M “Actually, the truth is the opposite! During the battle that year, Walter and the Water Elemental Dragon King fought for countless years and exhausted their last bit of strength.

In the end, the Water Elemental Dragon King was seriously injured and escaped to the depths of the sea to recuperate.

” Yi paused for a moment.

He continued, “And our master, the Dragon-Slaying Wizard Walter, was not only released by the Water Elemental Dragon King…” “He was sealed by a secret technique…” Ye Feng was also shocked when he heard this.

Was that really what happened? The other party was the guard of the Dragon-Slaying Wizard, so Ye Feng naturally believed what he said.

However, the Ceiling of the first generation of water-type humans’ combat power, such top-notch battle strength, was sealed by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

Then how terrifying was the strength of that Water Elemental Dragon King!? After two days of battle, Ye Feng also knew the power of the Dragon race.

Just the Flood Dragon, a sub-dragon of the Dragon race, was already enough to choke others, not to mention a true Dragon! If it was a true Dragon race, even if it was the lowest level Dragon, it could cause a devastating blow to humans, not to mention that Walter was fighting against one of the kings of the Dragon race, the Water Elemental Dragon King! Ye Feng did not know how powerful it was, but he knew that it was definitely not something to be trifled with! While Ye Feng was thinking, Yi moved his mouth and continued, “Not only that, the Water Elemental Dragon King also released some kind of secret technique, multiplying a large number of sub-Dragons to guard this place.

” “The Blue Drake you encountered just now was one of the many sub-Dragons…” After Yi finished speaking, Ye Feng was speechless.

“There are so many of them?!” Ye Feng’s heart immediately turned upside down.

Although he did not dare to believe it, this also indirectly showed how powerful this Water Elemental Dragon King would be if it was at its peak! Just by using a secret technique, it could reproduce so many powerful sub-species.

Any one of them would be a huge disaster for mankind, and it was also a very troublesome opponent for Ye Feng.

Moreover, there were quite a number of these sub-Dragons! “Us Water Elemental Guards are the last guards of Dragon-Slaying Wizard Walter.

Moreover, when Walter is in danger, we will be awakened.

” Yi’s expression was very complicated.

The water elemental fluctuations on his body were also becoming more and more intense.

It could be seen that his emotions were also very intense at this moment.

After all, his master had been sealed by the Water Elemental Dragon King and was still missing.

Even if they found him, the strength of the guarding sub-Dragons was not something they could compare to.

No matter how they looked at it, everything seemed to be a dead end.

However, Ye Feng’s arrival was equivalent to giving them a glimmer of hope.

After all, they had personally seen Ye Feng kill a Blue Drake with his bare hands! Moreover, it was a sub-Dragon that was extremely close to a true Dragon.

To be killed in such a manner, one could imagine Ye Feng’s strength.

In fact, he was not weak either! Although the Water Elemental Guards’ cultivation level was around B- grade and Ye Feng’s was only C+, from a certain point of view, Ye Feng’s strength was even stronger than theirs by half a point! It was not weaker than their B- grade at all! “Are there only five of you Dragon-Slaying Wizard’s guards?” Ye Feng asked.

Although their strength was not weak, after all, there were not many of them.

If the sub-Dragons carried out a group attack, then they would definitely perish.

‘If Walter only summoned so few Water Elemental Guards, then are they used to guard something?’ Ye Feng secretly guessed.

This number of Water Elemental Guards was actually not weak either.

Furthermore, they were all B- grade powerhouses.

However, one had to consider that the other party was the Water Elemental Dragon King.

The number of sub-Dragons that it used secret techniques to breed was very large.

Just the five of them as guards, what kind of danger could they use to defend against? Just as Ye Feng was still wondering if there was some big treasure around, Yi moved his mouth and explained.

“Actually, we have quite a lot of brothers.

There were originally 800 guards, but after a long time of constant fighting with these sub-Dragon species, there are only five of us left now,” Yi sighed.

He turned around and looked at his remaining four companions.

Hearing this, Ye Feng suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

After all, he could imagine that this number was indeed not enough to resist the sub-Dragon’s attack.

A little more might be better.

But he did not expect that there would actually be a full 800 guards at the beginning!