Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 116

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 116

“Moreover, he has swallowed a Dragon Seed.

This kind of Dragon genes have a huge impact on him.

Thus, when he was in the explosion just now, not only was he unharmed, but the spiritual energy in his body was also about to erupt at any time.

This means that he is about to participate in this battle!” Professor Siman was also thoroughly angered and blurted out all his thoughts.

“Don’t you forget that he possesses the Sea Stone Trident.

How powerful this weapon is, does it need me to explain it? It can be said that in this opportunity, no one has an advantage over Ye Feng!” Hearing Professor Siman’s analysis, everyone nodded one after another.

Toward Ye Feng’s strength, everyone had witnessed it for themselves.

Even though the other party was a B+ Blue Drake and was incomparably powerful, and it was an incomparably huge challenge for Ye Feng, if he forcefully endured through this challenge, it would also be an extremely great opportunity for him.

The gains would definitely allow Ye Feng to advance once again! When Professor Lei heard this, he was slightly stunned and opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

Teacher Andy spoke, “According to the rules, the assessment will not automatically close at the beginning.

The only way to stop the assessment is through two methods.

” “Either the assessment will automatically stop when the one-month period is up, or one person will obtain a full score of 1,000 points.

” With that said, Andy’s gaze swept across the entire audience.

An invisible force instantly swept across the entire audience, like an ordinary breeze blowing past.

However, everyone felt a voice from their hearts.

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)C0M “Wind Element Secret Text, Sequence 01 Whisperer, activate!” Everyone sighed when they heard this.

Although they didn’t want the newcomers to take such a huge risk, the rules were set here, so they could only do so.

Even if the elders in the judges’ seats all stopped, the old fellows from the other departments would still object.

After all, the old-fashioned views of Cloud Mist Academy were deeply rooted, and these people who held great power were usually these old fellows.

And Andy was only the dean, the spokesperson of the Academy.

The specific power was scattered among the various departments.

These old fellows from these departments had also become the driving force for the advancement of the extremely complicated and enormous Cloud Mist Academy.

After all, this rule was set by the first session of Cloud Mist Academy’s dean.

From then on, it had always been used and never been broken.

Even if there was a new batch of freshmen assessments and a future Human Ceiling, there would still be no pause.

That person was Andy.

At that time, a super beast tide had occurred.

All the students who had participated in the assessment had died in battle.

Only Andy was left.

However, the assessment still did not end! Andy calmly watched the live broadcast.

The elders in the judges’ seats did not speak anymore and quietly watched the live broadcast.

In the screen, Ye Feng swayed his body.

Because of the continuous explosions, the battle between the Blue Drake and the guards had already swept across a large area.

Ye Feng’s place had long become one of the main areas of their battle! Suddenly, the Blue Drake’s tail swept out and ruthlessly struck one of the guards.

The powerful body formed from water elements shattered with a loud bang! A shocking crack directly penetrated the entire body of the guard, and countless blue auras instantly gushed out from the wound.

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)C0M The guard’s face was filled with shock as he struggled to get up.

The remaining four guards also quickly gathered their strength, and a giant hand formed from the power of water flow directly intercepted the Blue Drake.

If the speed was a little slower, that guard might have died on the spot! This was a guard with a B- grade cultivation! Just one strike from the Blue Drake was enough to kill him on the spot! This gap was widened in an instant.

“This, how is this possible? We are actually not a match for the Blue Drake!” A few guards’ faces were filled with disbelief.

Their strength had reached B- grade.

Moreover, they were all bodies made of water elementals.

They had the advantage of spiritual power, and there were five of them! This number should not be inferior to the B+ grade Blue Drake, but it was the truth! They were simply not a match for this Blue Drake! The water elementals could allow them to avoid most of the damage, which was also their confidence.

This ability could greatly increase their defense, and even increase some damage… At the same time, there was a certain chance for them to recover from their injuries.

However, they never expected that they were actually not a match for the Blue Drake.

In fact, they were even heavily injured.

They simply could not accept such an outcome! “We are not reconciled!” The five guards shouted in unison.

They were all extremely unwilling to accept this.

After all, the difference in strength between them and the Blue Drake wasn’t too big.

It was just a split-second difference that pulled the difference between them to the heavens and the earth! This was the true strength of the Blue Drake.

Not only could it break through the defense, but it could also launch a group attack! After all, water bullets couldn’t only hit a single target.

Moreover, their battlefield was at the bottom of the lake.

This was all water flow, and the ability of the Blue Drake was based on water flow.

In other words, as long as they were in a water area… Then they would be its target! The Blue Drake glanced at them, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of its mouth.

Its body suddenly flashed, and in an instant, it arrived beside a guard, and fiercely pulled out its huge tail.

The Water Elemental Guard did not even have time to react before its entire body was sent flying, and a large amount of spiritual energy splashed out from the water! To these Water Elemental Guards, spiritual energy was the source of their life, which was also their blood! If their spiritual energy was exhausted, their life would also come to an end.

This was a body that was different from a human’s body of flesh and blood.

Ye Feng was quite familiar with it, so when these guards sprayed out a large amount of spiritual energy, he still did not want to waste it and absorbed a wave.

However, the battle situation was very dangerous, so Ye Feng was still considering whether or not to make a move.

Originally, the guards and the Blue Drake were in a balance of power.

However, when one of the guards was seriously injured, the balance of power advantage would tilt.

Naturally, the Blue Drake’s side was stronger! While Ye Feng was hesitating, the Blue Drake’s figure flashed again, and it moved again! The other three guards were shocked when they saw this.

Their strength was not weak, and if they gathered their strength to fight against the Blue Drake, they still had a chance of winning.

But now that they lacked a guard, their strength could no longer pose a threat to the Blue Drake! Four B- grades were not a match for it, so one could imagine how terrifying the opponent’s strength was.

“It has entered a berserk state.

If the five of us are killed, we will no longer have the strength to fight it.

Therefore, one of us has to escape this place!” The four guards roared and hurriedly ran in all directions.

The Blue Drake snorted coldly.

Its body flashed as it chased after one of the guards.

The guard’s face was pale as he ran with all his might towards the distance.

Unfortunately, the boiling waters here had an effect on his speed.

Furthermore, with the control of the Blue Drake’s will… It was extremely difficult for them to move.

Under the terrifying pressure of the Blue Drake, countless water currents became extremely sharp.

This was similar to a water blade.

As long as they passed by, they would be scratched! Countless incomparably sharp water blades smashed the body of this guard until it was riddled with thousands of holes.

Large amounts of water element spiritual energy continuously flowed out.

His body became weaker and weaker.

In the end, he could not hold on any longer and was bitten by the Blue Drake.

This guard’s body was directly split into two halves.

On the other side, that guard’s head was also smashed into pieces by the Blue Drake’s claw.

His entire body exploded.

Out of the five guards, four had died in just one move, leaving only one.

Moreover, he was currently heavily injured, and was already at the end of his rope.

His gaze as he looked at the Blue Drake was filled with thick fear.

His body could not help but tremble, and he simply did not have the courage to continue charging forward.

In the face of absolute terror, no matter how high one’s cultivation level was, there would always be something that one feared in the depths of one’s heart!