Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 114

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 114

Such a creature was already an overlord on land, and in the water, it was like a fish in water! Therefore, Ye Feng had to be careful.

Once he discovered that this creature was about to break through, he had to leave.

Otherwise, what awaited him was death! “Awooo!!!” Just as Ye Feng was thinking, a roar came from ahead.

Following that, endless waves appeared in front of him! Ye Feng could clearly see that the enormous creature was emitting endless power! ‘What’s the situation?’ Ye Feng was shocked.

He realized that the Blue Drake was not heading in his direction, so he ruled out the possibility of it discovering him.

But something seemed to have attracted the attention of this Blue Drake?! Ye Feng hurriedly activated his perception and hid his body very well to avoid being discovered.

As his perception permeated, Ye Feng finally understood the reason for the berserk action of the Blue Drake.

It turned out that several blue guards had appeared in front of the Drake.

There were a total of five of them.

These guards were all made up of water elements, and they were very huge.

The five guards added together were about the size of one Blue Drake.

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)C0M And these guards were all explosive in their battle strength, surging with monstrous and violent battle strength.

Such a violent aura was not the slightest bit weaker than the Blue Drake! No wonder this Blue Drake would let out an angry roar! Not only that, Ye Feng also sensed danger from the aura of these blue guards! ‘These guys are probably B- grade! Or even higher!!!’ Ye Feng was shocked.

One had to know that this Blue Drake was at least B+ grade, and although the five guards were lower in rank than the Blue Drake, they had the numerical advantage! With five B- grade strength, there was still a chance to encircle a B+ grade powerhouse! At least, they were evenly matched!!! ‘Good heavens, I can actually see such a scene!’ Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart.

When these two groups fought, it would definitely be an earth-shattering existence! And just as Ye Feng was thinking, the Blue Drake had already rushed in front of the five guards.

The Blue Drake struck out, and the terrifying force instantly shook the void, as if even this water region was about to churn, raising huge waves.

“Roar!!!” At this moment, one of the guards roared angrily.

His figure instantly disappeared from Ye Feng’s sight, and he instantly leaped into the air.

The incomparably violent water elemental energy instantly poured onto the Blue Drake’s body! This kind of instantaneous attack directly stunned Ye Feng.

Compared to his [Ultimate Spiderweb], his was still a little immature! ‘If only I could obtain his speed, then I would practically have no opponents!’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

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)C0M Ye Feng returned to his senses and looked over.

Incomparably boundless energy from the other side bombarded the Blue Drake’s body.

A guard was able to reach such strength.

What exactly was there that could allow a guard of this level to guard it!? For a moment, whether it was Ye Feng or the audience watching the live broadcast, they were all suspicious.

They were all wondering if this represented some sort of mystery? However, no one spoke.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

This was because the battle in Ye Feng’s live broadcast was too shocking! Fighting against five guards! If it were not for Ye Feng, most of them would not have seen such a scene in their entire lives.

Even some of the elders in the judges’ seats had never seen such a scene before.

They were all deeply shocked! After one of the guards launched an attack, the other four guards followed suit and attacked the Blue Drake from four different angles.

Such a brutal attack was hard for even the powerful Blue Drake to resist! The two collided and released a terrifying shockwave.

The shockwave instantly swept out in all directions.

Ye Feng was quite far away, so he was safe.

However, the surrounding environment was a bit tragic.

Under the influence of the strong shockwave, the nearby waters churned crazily.

Whirlpools were formed one after another, and reefs were raised.

Even the riverbed and the peaks on the side were directly shattered! That kind of destructive scene made people tremble in fear! ‘So strong…’ Ye Feng frowned, his mind somewhat moved.

He had never thought that a mere collision would produce such an effect! This kind of battle was too exciting! Who would have thought that a freshmen assessment would actually be drawn into a battle between B grade experts! Moreover, one of the sides was the Blue Drake that was about to break through! Although the five Water Elemental Guards’ attacks were very fierce, amidst the billowing dust, the other side flickered with an even more tyrannical power.

‘It’s actually unharmed!?’ Ye Feng was shocked.

That was the combined attack of five Water Elemental Guards! Moreover, their cultivation was still B- grade.

The strength released from the combined attack was not the slightest bit inferior to a B+ grade! It might even surpass the strength of a B+ grade! However, how was it possible that… There was no damage at all!? Ye Feng felt that it was very strange.

He also retreated some distance back.

He could feel that an incomparably tyrannical aura was about to be released at any moment! ‘If the Blue Drake attacks with its full strength, those guards probably won’t be able to hold on for long!’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

After all, he also had the water elemental energy in his body, he could also clearly sense the current situation of the other five Water Element Guards.

This could also be considered a kind of innate connection between people of the same origin.

He could know the situation between people with the same water element power.

Most importantly, these guards were obviously on the defensive side.

After all, they had no intention of taking the initiative to attack.

On the contrary, when the Blue Drake saw these guards, it seemed to have gone mad.

‘Perhaps I can get some useful information about this area through these Water Elemental Guards.

Moreover, they are of the same kind as me and possess intelligence.

They should be quite easy to talk to!’ Just as Ye Feng was about to do something, the Blue Drake suddenly appeared, bringing with it rolling waves.

An unprecedented aura suddenly attacked! This power was extremely violent and even had a vacuum effect.

Ye Feng instantly felt a little suffocated! ‘What’s going on?!’ Ye Feng was a little shocked.

He summoned a Slime subsidiary body and formed a jelly-like shape.

Ye Feng hid inside.

Because of the Slime’s special attributes, it also gave Ye Feng a very powerful defensive ability.

Although he was not afraid of these attacks, he did not have any oxygen.

This was something he did not expect.

If he could not breathe without oxygen, wouldn’t he be suffocated to death?!! ‘A huge power was instantly generated and even tore through space, causing elements like air to be annihilated.

How powerful!’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart, his gaze becoming incomparably complicated.