Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 105

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 105

His name was Carter, and he was a man from the Western regions.

As a heaven-sent genius, his IQ was extremely high.

He had an imagination that no one else had.

At the same time, he also had a very meticulous thinking ability.

Regarding Ye Feng’s sudden appearance, his analysis had a beginning and an end.

In this team, he played the role of a military advisor.

Although he did not have much combat strength, because his thinking was better, he naturally stayed in the team.

“Humph, so what if he is a high-level powerhouse? The surface of the lake seems to have no fluctuations, but in reality, there are undercurrents surging under the lake, and danger is everywhere! It’s not like you guys don’t know this.

We almost died on the shore!” The brawny man with a large bone knife on his back spoke disdainfully.

He stared in Ye Feng’s direction.

“And he’s now on the surface of the lake, at least a thousand meters away from the shore! This distance, in the eyes of those underwater creatures, is simply a delicacy served on the table!” Hearing the muscular man’s words, the man with ragged clothes on his body immediately replied, “Brother Gang, although what you said is right, I know him.

He’s from the same high school as me.

” “His ability is not bad.

It’s still very troublesome.

To be able to descend from 10,000 meters above the ground, even you wouldn’t be able to do it!” After saying that, a cold gaze stared at him, causing the ragged-clothed man to break out in cold sweat.

As if he knew that he had said something wrong, he immediately covered his mouth.

The brawny man who was called Brother Gang was called Liang Gang.

He was a warrior and was very good at close combat.

He also relied on fighting to gain points from creatures.

Now, he was ranked 11th on the leaderboard.

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)C0M This group of people shared their points by killing large-scale creatures.

Their points were almost the same, except for the ragged-clothed man.

Actually, this man was called Li San.

He was also a warrior, but because his weapons were too outdated and his physique was relatively weak, as a result, others were not willing to team up with him to hunt creatures.

Only Liang gang took him along because they were both Chinese.

Carter suddenly thought of something and immediately said, “I do have a plan that can draw it out…” The reason why their team was hiding here was mainly to hunt a creature in the lake.

It was said that that creature could help them obtain a huge amount of points.

Not only did it attract them, but it also attracted a lot of people.

They came to the area of the lake to prepare to hunt.

“Humph, why are you still bringing up a bullsh*t plan at this time!” Liang Gang’s face slightly changed as he cursed.

He turned to Li San and continued to ask, “By the way, didn’t you say that you know that person? Why didn’t you tell me the situation earlier!” Li San laughed bitterly when he heard that and explained in a low voice, “I wasn’t sure before… After all, he came down from the sky…” “Then what kind of symbiote body does he have!??” Liang Gang asked.

This was something he was more concerned about.

Moreover, the strength of a symbiote body was basically indirectly formed by a symbiote.

Just like a Giant Dragon symbiote body, the symbiote would definitely be very fierce.

For example, the fourth-ranked Chen Hao was a Giant Dragon symbiote.

Even if he was badly injured, it could basically stabilize the top five on the list.

“Uh… It seems to be a Slime?” Li San tried hard to recall.

In his mind, he could only see the image of Ye Feng directly dominating the first place on the list and then starting a massacre at the No.

88 Training Hall.

When Liang Gang heard that… He was stunned for a second and then laughed out loud.

“What? It’s actually a trash Slime?! Hahaha, don’t tease me.

If I knew earlier, I would have rushed up and grabbed him to ask what exactly happened just now!” “To be able to fall from such a high place and not die, I thought it was strength, but I didn’t expect it to be luck! Haha, it’s simply hilarious!” “But since that’s the case, our mission will be easier to carry out.

We’ll wait for him to step into the center of the lake and lure that guy out!” “We’ll be like a mantis stalking the cicada and an oriole following behind!” Everyone nodded.

As the team leader, Liang Gang was also the strongest, so everyone listened to him.

“Wait, who did you say it was?!” Carter interrupted everyone’s laughter and looked at Li San with a very serious expression.

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)C0M “Ye Feng, he’s in the same high school as me…” “What the f*ck!? Ye Feng? First place on the leaderboard!!!” Li San also came back to his senses and suddenly realized something was wrong.

“What? He’s the first place on the leaderboard, Ye Feng?!” Hearing this, Liang Gang’s face, which was originally smiling, suddenly changed, and his eyebrows were twisted.

“Although he is Ye Feng, it is not impossible to use him as bait.

Most importantly, he does not know what is hidden in this lake area!” Carter pondered for a long time before speaking.

“Moreover, his strength is not weak.

If that fellow appears and he comes to restrain it, the success rate of our harvest will be even higher!” It seemed that it was not impossible to do this.

It was just a pity that with Ye Feng as bait, they would lose another student.

But what was all this in order to obtain the qualification to enroll in Cloud Mist Academy! After swimming for a distance, Ye Feng’s perception also obtained some things, and they were not far away! ‘There seems to be an extremely strong energy here?!’ Ye Feng was somewhat shocked.

His gaze looked over.

Other than the boundless lake, there were also a few flying birds that flew past.

‘Could it be that it was emitted by some treasure?’ Ye Feng guessed in his heart.

‘Then let’s see what’s around here first?’ Ye Feng pondered for a moment and decided to continue exploring! This energy to Ye Feng was a kind of magic that he had never felt before.

Moreover, it had a very close relationship with the water element! If he could obtain this energy, Ye Feng’s water element Slime could obtain a new round of advancement! As Ye Feng went deeper, he gradually saw the extremely mystical plants around him.

These plants were very strange, exuding a faint misty blue color.

At a glance, it was as if he was in a psychedelic dream filled with blue tones.

Not only that, these plants were also flickering with faint fluorescent lights, displaying the aura of life.

These plants seemed to possess life! ‘What a beautiful world!’ Looking at such a magical scene, Ye Feng could not help but sigh.

‘If I remember correctly, this should be a plant called the Sea Soul Grass!’ After learning the name of this plant, Ye Feng could no longer remain calm.

This was because this large area had so many of such plants growing! Most importantly, the Sea Soul Grass was not just an ordinary plant.

It had extremely high medicinal value.

The root of the Sea Soul Grass could be used to refine the Sea Soul Star.

This was an extremely rare refining crystal.

It was usually used for extremely high-end medicine and was also a rare treasure.

The stem and leaves of the Sea Soul Grass could be eaten directly.

Not only could it increase one’s mental strength, but it could also greatly transform one’s mental state.

Regardless of whether it was the root or the stem and leaves, they were sold at an extremely high price in the Heavenly Bazaar.

Usually, a single Sea Soul Grass could be sold for an astronomical price! Furthermore, it was often sold out and was often priceless! Most importantly, the number of Sea Soul Grass was extremely small.

Even in the entire Zhutian Mall, the number of Sea Soul Grass sold did not exceed 100 stalks! And now, in front of Ye Feng, there were actually all over the place.

With a casual glance, there were at least 10,000 stalks! The more Ye Feng walked forward, the more alarmed he became.

Although he had heard many people mention the Sea Soul Grass, he did not expect that there were actually piles of Sea Soul Grass growing here.

The quantity was simply too large, it illuminated the entire area like a dream.

‘I’ve really struck it rich!’ Ye Feng thought excitedly with a look of joy on his face.

What he needed the most right now was a precious resource like the Sea Soul Grass that could be used for cultivation, and there was actually a piece of it here.

It was simply a heaven-sent resource!! He was being chased by the heavens to the point of being fed to his mouth! This was definitely an unexpected surprise!