Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 103

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 103

But after thinking about it, this was a Water Training Hall, so it was normal to have sea creatures.

The entire Water Training Hall was vast, with a total of five regions, and the river was only a small part of it.

The ocean region occupied three of the five regions, namely the shallow sea, the middle sea, and the deep sea.

Ye Feng would naturally explore these regions, but as for when to set out, he was still hesitating.

However, he would set off early the next morning.

The region he was currently in was the River Region, so naturally, there wouldn’t be any sea creatures.

There would be river creatures, and even if there were river creatures, the ones that looked the most like river creatures would be Murlocs like them! “It doesn’t matter.

I will help everyone find a suitable place to live!” After Ye Feng said that, he looked around at everyone.

Everyone nodded in agreement, but some of them still looked worried.

“The King is right.

We have to solve this problem as soon as possible!” “I think we can target the middle sea!” “We can solve the middle sea.

After all, there are many sea creatures there.

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)C0M “But how to lure all these sea creatures over, we need to think about it carefully.

I believe that the King’s strength is enough!” “I don’t think we should provoke those sea creatures.

After all, these sea creatures have extremely high intelligence, and their numbers are very large.

If we really provoke them, I’m afraid that it will be difficult for us to survive!” Everyone was talking at the same time, trying to find a better way to survive.

“Everyone, don’t be too anxious.

I believe that you can leave this matter to me.

Everyone, rest assured.

” Ye Feng patted his chest with a smile and promised.

Ye Feng’s words made everyone quiet down, and also made them believe that Ye Feng could really handle this matter.

After all, Ye Feng’s strength was there, and they did not believe that Ye Feng did not have other methods.

Following that, Ye Feng said a few more words to let everyone cultivate in peace, and then he turned around and left the hall.

Everyone cheered and jumped up, and followed Ye Feng out.

“Wuhu, this time our Murloc clan is going to revive again! Long live the Wuhu King!!” “My King is indeed the chosen one.

Not only can he defeat Fitz, but he can also find resources for us to survive.

Such a king, why don’t we thank him!!” “Wuhu King, you will be recorded in the annals of history.

Our Murlocs will be grateful to you.

As the Murloc King, you are not conceited and lustful.

Instead, you pay attention to the livelihood of us Murlocs.

Thank you so much!” “Wuhu King, if you have any questions, remember to summon us immediately.

Our Murloc Warriors and Royal Knights will be on standby at any time!” Everyone was very grateful to Ye Feng.

Joseph did not stay idle either.

It asked someone to bring a basket of fruits to Ye Feng.

“This is the most famous Spirit Fruit of our Murloc tribe.

Its name is Murloc Spirit Fruit, and it has many uses.

As a source of energy recovery, you must take some with you.

” Joseph handed the basket of Murloc Spirit Fruits to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng looked at these strange fruits.

They did not look like fruits, but at least they looked edible! Looking at the basket of twisted and extremely ugly Spirit Fruits in his hand, if it were not for the powerful spiritual energy emitted from them, Ye Feng would have thrown them away on the spot.

“Murloc Spirit Fruit?” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had heard of this kind of Spirit Fruit.

It should be worth quite a lot! Ye Feng was extremely happy and kept it into his storage space.

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)C0M “Yes, Murloc Spirit Fruit is our holy fruit.

The environment and conditions for its growth are very harsh.

Moreover, it only bears one Spirit Fruit every ten years!” Joseph saw that Ye Feng didn’t understand and immediately explained.

‘So it’s really a fruit!’ Ye Feng nodded.

Joseph continued, “Although the Murloc Spirit Fruit has a huge effect, the process is quite cumbersome.

It must take a long time to achieve the best effect, and this process requires a large amount of blood to feed!” Blood? Ye Feng could not help but be curious and asked, “Why is it blood?” “The juice of the Murloc Spirit Fruit is the essence of fish life.

It is something that fish will never enjoy in their entire life.

” Ye Feng was deep in thought.

No wonder it was so rare! Looking at the few Spirit Fruits in the basket, Ye Feng took all of them.

These were all good things that could not be wasted! After taking the Spirit Fruits, Ye Feng turned around to say goodbye and set off.

Under the escort of everyone, Ye Feng rode the Murloc’s small boat down the waterfall and drifted downstream.

Ye Feng could leave without worry.

After all, he had already instructed that all the affairs within the Murloc clan would be handled by Joseph.

As the Murloc King, he did not need to ask too much.

After all, he was not a Murloc, nor was he a full-time Murloc King.

His current identity had once again reverted to being a member of Cloud Mist Academy undergoing the freshmen assessment! Following the river, Ye Feng opened his wristband and took a look at the rankings.

As expected, Ye Feng’s points were still ranked first on the rankings.

At this moment, his points had already reached an astonishing 360 points.

As for the second place, Huang Haoyu, who was known as the overlord of the seas, his points had remained at 300 points, as if he had encountered some danger.

Ye Feng could see the time when the rankings were refreshed.

Every day at midnight, there would be a wave of refreshing.

However, the last time Huang Haoyu’s points were refreshed was last night.

There was no synchronized updating of points, so there was only one problem.

The wristband had lost its communication function.

It was either in danger or had malfunctioned.

However, with Cloud Mist Academy’s technology, the probability of malfunctioning was not high.

Ye Feng shook his head.

Perhaps he had encountered some danger, but even with the updated data from last night, he still firmly sat in second place.

One had to know that the competition for points was very intense.

The audience’s perception of Ye Feng’s live broadcast might not be very strong.

But when they looked at other live broadcast images, they would find that 80% of the students were still covered in blood.

They were either killing creatures or on the way to killing creatures.

Killing creatures was also one of the most direct ways to obtain points.

Naturally, it attracted a lot of people to fight, but even so, the difference in points was still huge.

Ye Feng’s attention was more focused on the third place because the third place on the points ranking was Su Fei.

After all, they had agreed to form a team at the beginning, but the two of them landed at different locations, and they did not know their exact location.

Therefore, they did not know each other’s location.

Ye Feng was not in a hurry.

Su Fei’s combat strength was not weak.

Although he did not know the exact location, she could still protect herself.

‘It’s a pity that the communication wristband does not have a chat function.

Otherwise, I could ask her where she is,’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

However, he had a plan in mind.

His Slime possessed an extremely high detection function.

Previously, during the first practical combat assessment, he had used the Slime to scatter around to scout.

Moreover, his Slime subsidiary bodies could also share his field of vision with him.

Coupled with his perceptive ability, this way, he could quickly complete the map.

Ye Feng planned to use the same trick again.

With a thought, a pile of small Slimes appeared around Ye Feng.

These Slimes were endowed with the water element attribute, allowing them to move quickly in the river, thus accelerating the completion of the map exploration mission.

“Go!” Ye Feng said softly.

A total of 20 small Slimes jumped down from the small boat, quickly melted into the water, and soon disappeared.