Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 98

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 98

“Very good.

After mimicking, I can be considered to have a clear understanding of the affairs of the Murlocs.

Although I don’t have any methods in my mind to merge the divine artifacts.

If I listen to my heart and merge them naturally, I can probably achieve twice the result with half the effort!”Ye Feng muttered and waved his hands.

A blue light instantly covered the surroundings.

The light dissipated as if a force was pulling Ye Feng into it.

When Ye Feng opened his eyes again, he discovered that he had appeared in an indescribable space.

This was a scene that Ye Feng had never seen before.

This place was like a long river of history, and Ye Feng was one of the spectators.

This long river continuously flashed and played history.

Ye Feng focused his attention and looked over.

He found that what was recorded in it were all the history of the Murloc race.

From the ancient times, the birth of the Murloc progenitor, to the explosion of the Murloc race, which gave birth to the later heroes fighting for supremacy, until Old Blind the Prophet appeared, and then the battle between the two tribes, until now.

The history of the Murloc race spanned almost all the periods of human history.

Almost wherever there were humans, there was already the history of the Murloc race.

Ye Feng did not know about this before, but now he understood it, he became even more obsessed with it.

History was like a lantern, flashing continuously.

Then, in the long river of history, a divine artifact, the Sea Stone Trident, appeared! Then, the entire long river transformed into a few figures.

The moment these figures appeared, the aura they produced immediately suppressed Ye Feng tightly.

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)C0M This power appeared in the form of pure spiritual energy.

With an unrivaled power, it completely locked onto Ye Feng.

At this time, even if Ye Feng wanted to activate the power in his body, it would be useless.

After all, this power was countless times stronger than Ye Feng.

This ancient power, even if Teacher Andy was present, he would probably be severely affected by this power.

Ye Feng was a little surprised, but this power seemed to be examining Ye Feng, and after a while, it disappeared.

And the figures that appeared also disappeared.

Ye Feng understood that these figures were all the previous owners of the Sea Stone Trident! And these owners had all died.

Otherwise, such a powerful divine artifact like the Sea Stone Trident wouldn’t have been given to him.

And the pure spiritual body formed by these figures was the soul hidden in the Sea Stone Trident.

At this time, Ye Feng should have entered a space formed by these souls.

As for the use of this space, Ye Feng could not help but find out.

However, within it, Ye Feng saw quite a bit of the history of the Murlocs.

The content here was almost the same as the murals in the Murloc Palace, but there were more additions that appeared here.

“This place actually contains a world?!” Ye Feng saw the river of history continuously flash, and a scene suddenly appeared, causing Ye Feng to be greatly shocked.

Although it was only for a moment, it left a deep impression on Ye Feng because what was recorded in it was related to the Water Element Secret Manual! “Could it be that the appearance of the Water Element Secret Manual has something to do with the Murloc race? Or perhaps, the origin of the Water Element Secret Manual is actually a part of the history of the Murloc race!” Ye Feng was shocked by his crazy thoughts.

If that were the case, then this discovery would be incredible.

Almost everyone knew what kind of existence the secret manual was.

It was the most powerful existence in the entire symbiotic system! The Ceiling of Human Combat Power was precisely the secret manual that completely controlled a certain part of it.

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)C0M Therefore, the existence of the secret manual was also the goal that everyone pursued their entire life.

It was practically a perfect combination of power.

Whoever mastered it would be awesome.

It was just like a businessman who directly picked up the start-up capital of a listed company on the ground.

Others would spend their whole life to slowly earn it, but you directly went out and picked up money that others could not earn in their lifetime! Therefore, this was also the reason why so many fanatics went after the secret manuals and secret texts.

When Ye Feng still wanted to continue exploring, an extremely powerful force instantly blasted Ye Feng out, instantly pulling his spirit back to reality.

Ye Feng looked at the harpoon in his hand with a blank expression, not knowing what period had happened.

Perhaps he was repelled by it? Or perhaps Ye Feng had violated some kind of rule, causing him to be unable to continue exploring.

Ye Feng shook his head.

No matter what, what he held in his hand was a complete Sea Stone Trident.

It was enough with it! Ye Feng paid extra attention and began to carefully study the Sea Stone Trident in his hand.

“On this trident, there is a trace of the Murloc race’s bloodline!!” The Murloc race was the strongest race in the ocean.

The blood of this race was the purest gene of the Murloc race, and the power contained within it was extremely terrifying.

Ye Feng felt that the bloodline contained within this trident was extremely rich, as if it was condensed from the purest blood of the Murloc race.

Ye Feng tried to use his perceptive ability to fuse with this harpoon, but he found that it was completely useless.

Ye Feng tried once and found that it was ineffective, so he temporarily gave up on this idea.

Now, the more important thing was to level up his origin! He believed that as long as he was willing, he could completely absorb the power within at any time, and it would even improve himself.

Ye Feng felt that the changes in his body were gradually turning peaceful, and he knew that the last wave of upgrades had finished.

‘Since that’s the case, then let’s proceed with the origin upgrade!’ Ye Feng smiled faintly and sat up straight, placing the Sea Stone Trident in front of him.

When Ye Feng’s perceptive power touched the trident, it instantly shone with boundless light, and an incomparably huge force charged over.

It was like an extremely refreshing wind that carried the smell of the ocean.

In a short while, Ye Feng felt that his body had started to undergo a drastic change once again! This force seemed to contain the most mystical thing in the ocean.

Ye Feng only needed to absorb a little bit of it before he felt that his entire body was filled with endless power.

He even faintly felt that his strength was increasing at an extremely fast speed.

It was as if at this moment, his entire person had transformed into a star of the ocean.

‘This power is indeed mysterious.

I wonder what realm it can be raised to?’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

Although Ye Feng had only just come into contact with the Sea Stone Trident, he could still sense its mysteriousness and power.

‘This power is really very mysterious.

I’ve only casually absorbed a little bit of it now, and it has already made me feel this extraordinary effect!’ ‘In that case, if I absorb all the energy into my body now, I’m afraid that I’ll experience a huge transformation!’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

But now, Ye Feng did not dare to try it rashly, because he was worried that this process was too dangerous.

‘Fortunately, there’s still some distance to go before I level up.

Let’s ignore it for now.

I’ll first consolidate my current strength,’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart and began to circulate the energy in his body.

Ye Feng’s cultivation method was different from others.

This was the best cultivation method that the system had deduced was suitable for him.

Hence, his cultivation speed was also many times faster.