Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 90

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 90

With a loud bang, Fitz rushed to Joseph from a distance of 100 meters in the blink of an eye.

The harpoon emitted an extremely sharp killing intent under Fitz’s spiritual energy.

With a wave of its hand, waves of aftershocks blasted out! When this aftershock was sent out, the few Royal Guards were sent flying several meters away on the spot.

Their faces were filled with shock, and their bodies trembled! Even if it was just an aftershock, they, at their level, were unable to withstand it.

What shocked these Royal Guards even more was that the Murloc King, Ye Feng, wasn’t affected at all.

Instead, he stood calmly on the spot and watched the show.

Logically speaking, not only could this shockwave produce a huge shockwave, but it could also restrict the opponent’s ability to move to a certain extent.

After all, to withstand a shockwave, not only did it require a high level, but it also required a lot of spiritual power to withstand it.

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)C0M Even if one was an expert, if their reaction was a little slow, Fitz would be able to use the harpoon in its hand to directly pierce through its opponent and take their life! Joseph’s expression remained very calm.

It did not seem to be affected.

Just as Fitz was about to stab it with the harpoon… The spear in its hand also reacted very quickly.

With just a block, another rumbling sound of impact could be heard! Seeing this, Fitz turned around and went in another direction.

The harpoon in its hand whistled as if it was emitting the roar of a whale.

It was a very long sound that went straight for the soul.

It seemed to be able to summon the evil in the deepest part of its heart.

Joseph was also affected by this, and its body’s speed was obviously reduced.

In a moment of carelessness, the harpoon exploded with a powerful impact that sent Joseph flying dozens of meters away! “So powerful!” Everyone was shocked.

Not only were the Royal Knights present, but the Swamp Villains were also scared silly when they saw Fitz making a move.

Just a single impact was enough to send Joseph flying dozens of meters away! One had to know that Joseph’s level was C-, and Fitz’s level was close to C+.

In a battle between the two, there was already a huge disparity in strength.

However, Joseph could still use its super strong battle experience to continuously restrain Fitz, preventing it from succeeding.

However, at the same time, Joseph was also under tremendous pressure.

Moreover, if its reaction was half a beat slower, it would lose its life.

This was like an elephant trying to stomp an ant to death.

The ant’s speed was fast, and its various defense attributes were maxed out.

And although the elephant’s attack was powerful, its speed was slow.

This was also the reason why Fitz had not been able to win.

But everyone could see that up until now, Joseph had yet to use its true strength! In other words, if Joseph attacked with its full strength, its strength might be on par with the C+ level Fitz!!! please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M Ye Feng observed from the side and could roughly understand Fitz’s attack style.

It was mainly by relying on the huge amount of damage and continuous attacks to suppress the opponent until the moment of death.

This kind of brainless, violent attack could almost instantly kill opponents below all levels.

But unfortunately, it, Fitz, was facing his old friend, Head Knight Joseph!!!! This also meant that this battle was a difficult bone to gnaw on.

“That’s right, Joseph.

You’re still as strong as you were back then, but I’m not the same person I was back then.

The feud between us ends here and now!” Fitz snorted coldly, and an incomparably enormous spiritual energy was suddenly released from its body.

The enormous amount of spiritual energy caused Ye Feng to be slightly startled.

One had to know that having a large amount of spiritual energy also meant that one could release more powerful skills and also be able to fight more violent battles.

Think about it.

Under the same level of circumstances, the other party’s spiritual energy content was far less.

When the other party attacked with a few skills, they would already be unable to deal any damage.

But under the situation where one’s spiritual energy content was extremely large, there was only one sentence that said that one could fight many times more skills than the other party.

“If you are poor, you can hit him accurately.

If you are rich, you can cover him with fire!” And Fitz was the one who covered with fire! When this spiritual power was released, the world seemed to have changed.

A vast ocean appeared out of thin air on the originally flat ground.

This ocean was also rolling waves, instantly engulfing everything in the vicinity.

“This is the domain created by my skill, Spirit Exploding Shark.

Hehe, in my domain, no one is my match!” Fitz laughed fiercely, and violent power surged in its body.

As it spoke, a shark with violent power all over its body charged towards Joseph, as fast as a ghost!!! Ye Feng felt his center of gravity slowly rise, and knew that he was really in a domain that was filled with water.

This was the first time Ye Feng had encountered a skill that could release a domain.

Moreover, just releasing this skill required an incomparably huge amount of spiritual energy.

This was something that Ye Feng had never seen before.

Moreover, being in Fitz’s domain, his various abilities seemed to have a restriction that prevented him from fully releasing them.

This feeling was very strange, but Ye Feng had the water element Slime subsidiary body that had just awakened [River Spirit] in his body.

The restriction seemed to have been weakened and did not have much of an effect on Ye Feng.

In the blink of an eye, the Spirit Exploding Shark appeared in front of Joseph.

It opened its mouth that was filled with fangs and was about to devour Joseph.

Its sharp teeth flickered with an extremely terrifying cold light.

In such a domain, the fear in one’s heart and the limitations of one’s abilities would be greatly increased.

Joseph took out its spear.

Just as the Spirit Exploding Shark was about to bite it, it waved its spear.

The shark’s body that was originally stretched out suddenly curled up, and a huge wound appeared on the belly! If it had reacted a little slower with its spear, Joseph would have died on the spot! Although this was a domain, it was also a water domain.

This was an environment that the Murlocs were most familiar with.

The domain that Fitz released increased its strength and Joseph’s various aspects.

Especially its speed and reaction ability.

“Not bad, you can actually counterattack! But don’t forget! This is my domain!!” Fitz roared angrily, the huge wound on the Spirit Exploding Shark’s body suddenly healed, and once again, with an unstoppable momentum, it tore towards Joseph.

When the Spirit Exploding Shark charged over, the huge momentum caused the surrounding water temperature to rise rapidly! At the same time that the water temperature rose, it also caused Joseph’s mobility to drop greatly.

Moreover, the water seemed to have lost its temperature.

The effect of the two heavens of ice and fire made Joseph have no choice but to change its plan of counterattack.

It quickly activated its spiritual power and placed the spear in front of it.

A protective membrane suddenly appeared on its body.

Since it could not counterattack, it would max out its defensive ability! When Fitz saw this scene from afar, it revealed an evil smile.

“Hehe, Joseph, you still don’t understand what I mean! This is my domain.

This time, you can die in peace!” In the next moment, Joseph’s expression changed.

The Spirit Exploding Shark charged over.

In the first instant, it actually did not bite it but disintegrated instantly.

An incomparably huge explosion exploded with Joseph at the center! Ye Feng frowned and summoned a Slime to block in front of him.

The huge impact, carrying a force that could destroy everything, swept out in all directions! Ye Feng was the first to feel that the water temperature around him was actually boiling! ‘The power of this explosion can actually boil water.

It’s simply terrifying!’ Ye Feng sighed in his heart.

He originally thought that the summoning domain had already consumed a huge amount of spiritual energy, and he thought that Fitz would engage in a battle within the domain.

He did not expect that the skills would be released one after another.

This was simply not something that an ordinary person could measure! Ever since Ye Feng stepped into the symbiotic domain, he had seen many people with terrifying strength.

But to be able to fight like this, Fitz was the first person that Ye Feng felt a little strange.

C+ grades were truly unscrupulous!