Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 82

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 82

“Although our tribe’s warriors don’t have the advantage in numbers, we have complete equipment.

We can use our tactical advantage to suppress them.

” “Moreover, our palace is easy to defend but hard to attack.

It’s completely possible to pin them down!” As the Head Knight spoke, it called for someone to take out a map.

Ye Feng walked over to take a look.

This was a map of the entire river region.

The information recorded on it was very detailed.

The area of influence of the [Swamp Clan], the area of influence of the [Waterfall Clan], as well as various geographical signs, were all recorded clearly.

The Head Knight pointed to a place and said, “This is our stronghold.

” Ye Feng looked over.

There was a large waterfall, which was the location of the Murloc Palace.

This waterfall was very large, which was why it was able to open up such a grand palace.

Moreover, the concealment was also very good.

With such a large waterfall range, it would take a lot of effort for the [Swamp Clan] to find this place.

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)C0M Moreover, the Murloc Palace was heavily guarded everywhere.

In addition to their own technological capabilities, laser harpoons, exploding bows and arrows, beam spears, and so on.

This confirmed what the Head Knight had said.

The Murloc Palace was easy to defend but hard to attack.

However, the [Swamp Clan] was not weak either.

Ye Feng noticed that most of the [Swamp Clan] that were circled on the map were located outside of the river region.

They were located in a place that had never been a river.

More than half of them were swamps, which was also where the [Swamp Clan] lived.

Compared to the river region, although this swamp region was never big, Ye Feng knew from the Head Knight that the [Swamp Clan] had a huge advantage in numbers.

The last big battle was a few years ago.

At that time, the [Swamp Clan]’s advance troops had sent out as many as a hundred people.

The majority of them had almost a thousand people behind them! And what was the most important thing? They were of the same origin and were all descendants of Old Blind.

Be it in terms of body size or body structure, they were all similar! This meant that the side with more initiative had the advantage in numbers.

The reason why the [Waterfall Clan] was still able to hold on was because the [Waterfall Clan] contained many resources and the technology they developed was also able to crush the [Swamp Clan].

However, the two were only 50-50.

As the [Waterfall Clan]’s decline worsened, the [Swamp Clan]’s influence surpassed the [Waterfall Clan].

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)C0M It was no wonder that the Head Knight looked at Ye Feng with anticipation.

Hearing the Head Knight’s explanation, Ye Feng replied, “Oh.

” He simply couldn’t be bothered with the trivial matters between the Murlocs.

Wasn’t it just two tribes fighting each other? They both had the same ancestor.

Was there a need for that!? “So, Wuhu King, what do you think?!” Not only the Head Knight, but everyone present looked at Ye Feng with burning eyes.

They all wanted to hear something from him.

Even if they had to charge into the battle and not return until they died, they were willing.

For the sake of the tribe, they would not hesitate.

“Can I say that I love peace and don’t want to fight?” “Actually, fighting is not good.

We all come from the same origin, so it’s not good to fight.

” “If we can settle this peacefully, we don’t need to fight, right?” Ye Feng enunciated each word and observed everyone’s expressions.

As expected, he instantly became very stunned.

The Head Knight paused for a moment and said, “Actually, it’s not that we want to fight…” “Oh?” Ye Feng frowned slightly.

“It’s the [Swamp Clan].

They have been provoking us and constantly fighting for the territory that originally belonged to us.

” “According to the scouts at the front, we have one more day before they attack.

” The Head Knight sighed and continued, “They have formed many combat units for this and gathered a large number of warriors.

” “We cannot turn a blind eye to this battle anymore.

We must retaliate!” The Head Knight’s eyes were very determined.

It looked at the crowd and finally, its gaze fell on Ye Feng.

“They will only stop when they are hurt! If we continue to tolerate this, our home will be gone!” “If we fail, the tribe will be enslaved and we will become their slaves.

We cannot accept this humiliation.

Even the Prophet cannot accept it!” “They are already considered rebels.

They are the rebellious bones left behind by the Prophet.

This time, we must ruthlessly eliminate them!” “Wuhu King, please give the order to lead us to eliminate all foreign enemies!” This time, the pressure once again came to Ye Feng’s side.

Hearing this, Ye Feng was also in a difficult position.

He originally did not want to be involved.

This was a war between two tribes.

Once the war started, blood would definitely flow like a river.

But hearing the Head Knight’s complaints, Ye Feng’s heart was also filled with anger.

From the beginning to the end, they all approved of him.

Moreover, they believed that Ye Feng’s appearance was the confirmation of that prophecy.

The title of ‘Son of the Prophecy’ had already fallen onto Ye Feng.

Everyone in the [Waterfall Clan] believed this.

Ye Feng’s appearance was definitely the hero who came to save them! Looking at everyone, Ye Feng felt his head throb.

He was clearly still participating in the freshmen assessment! And now, he inexplicably entered the Murloc tribe’s inner circle and even made such a scene.

Ye Feng could imagine that other students were still in various regions, constantly fighting and collecting points.

The treasure chests that were scattered all over the place would always be discovered by them, and they would also receive a large amount of points.

And he was still dealing with the internal strife of the Murlocs! At the same time, everyone in the audience was also numbed by what they saw! “Why does God Feng keep talking to the Murlocs! Does anyone know this language? Can someone translate it?!” “I’m numb.

I don’t understand it at all!” “I seem to understand a few sentences.

It seems like the Murlocs are asking God Feng to take them on an expedition together.

There seems to be great danger!!” “What the f*ck? Are you serious? Great danger? Is there an invasion coming? This is going to be a good show!!” “Awesome, God Feng.

Not long ago, he was being hunted by his companions.

In the blink of an eye, he has become the king of the Murlocs.

As expected of God Feng.

F*ck!” Everyone in the judges’ seats was engrossed in watching.

They had completely forgotten that the audience did not understand the Murlocs.

Andy saw this and silently recited a few words before waving his hand.

A breeze blew past.

The live broadcast of Ye Feng and the conversations inside gradually became very familiar to the audience.

In the end, they could completely hear what they were saying! “Dean, did you use a secret technique just now?” Professor Lei was like a deaf patient who had suddenly awakened his hearing.

He listened to the sounds coming from the screen.

Originally, he could only understand part of the Murloc language, but now he completely understood it.

Teacher Andy nodded slightly.

“Wind Element Secret Text Sequence 01, Whisperer.

” This was a secret technique that could understand all languages.

It could also speak any language.

It could even talk to living and dead things without any problems.

This was the strength of this secret technique.

It could communicate with the undead, talk to the past, and divine the future! Teacher Andy’s secret technique allowed everyone present to hear the Murloc language.

This made them exclaim in satisfaction! After a wave of excitement, their gazes focused on Ye Feng’s live broadcast.