Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 73

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 73

‘They look menacing.

They come with ill intentions.

’ Ye Feng looked at the Murloc army that was just inches away and his expression was still very calm.

But Cloud Mist Academy that was far away in the horizon was not calm.

In the audience stands, countless people stared at Ye Feng’s large screen and did not even dare to take a deep breath.

Ever since Ye Feng discovered the Murlocs, everyone’s gazes were all focused on Ye Feng’s side.

After all, this was the Murloc race! This was an ancient race that existed in the ancient times.

Now that the veil was lifted,Ye Feng naturally won the most traffic.

“F*ck, Ye Feng is in trouble this time! The Murlocs have been known for their ferocity since ancient times.

Transcendents below B grade would have their skin peeled off in the past!” “Awesome, why is Ye Feng always able to encounter so many strange things?! 666!” “Oh ho, this is completely over.

The Murlocs are a race that existed in ancient times.

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)C0M “This time, he is definitely going to fall.

One Murloc is still fine, but there are more than 20 of them, and Ye Feng is only one person! If it were me, I would have died hundreds of times!” “Hey, that’s because your strength is low.

Ye Feng is at least on the first rank.

How can he sit firmly on the first rank without any strength?!!” “How f*cking awesome.

If he’s fine this time, then Ye Feng will have to ascend to godhood!” The audience discussed animatedly.

Most of them did not think highly of Ye Feng.

But there was also a small portion of them that felt that Ye Feng had the strength to fight.

But when they asked where the confidence came from, they were all stunned.

That’s right.

Ye Feng had almost never participated in a battle from the beginning to the end.

Even if there was a battle, it was only because the same kind of people was pressuring him.

Ye Feng had almost never taken the initiative to fight.

Looking at the live broadcast of others, they were all fighting with creatures or fierce beasts.

Only Ye Feng’s screen was incomparably quiet.

But now, Ye Feng’s live broadcast screen was clearly the one that was the least quiet.

Because what he was facing was the Murloc race! And Teacher Andy, who held a high position in the judge’s seat, had an extremely indifferent expression.

His eyes were also emitting threads of light.

This freshmen assessment, as an internal assessment of Cloud Mist Academy, was able to maintain the entire live broadcast.

It was all thanks to Teacher Andy’s ability.

That was the Air Detection Eye.

In the Water Training Hall, there were countless of such surveillance eyes scattered, which also supported this live broadcast.

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)C0M Different from the people watching the live broadcast, TeacherAndy could more intuitively feel the ever-changing aura of the scene.

It was as if he was in the scene.

After all, Teacher Andy also had the ability to teleport to that place.

Therefore, what he felt was different from the audience, and he could understand Ye Feng’s current realm better.

Think about it.

Facing more than 20 Murlocs with a terrifying aura alone, all of them were strong and healthy.

The shortest one was more than two meters tall, and the tallest one could even reach four or five meters tall! The aura they produced was enough to suffocate people.

Not to mention the leader, who was a C- grade powerhouse.

“This child is not bad.

He is calm in the face of danger and can be nurtured.

” Teacher Andy said these words calmly.

The people in the judges’ seats were shocked.

“Dean, are you sure?!” “Don’t tell me you want to award him your exclusive scholarship?! The title of the Dean’s personal student?!” Professor Siman was so scared that his glasses fell off.

On the other side, Professor Lei laughed out loud.

“I told you, this kid won’t let us down!” “Professor Siman, don’t be unconvinced.

This kid is facing an enemy that is several times stronger than him.

Even you and I can’t do it without changing our expressions.

” “Also, did you see that he was able to awaken the power to control the flow of water just by crossing the river?” “In my opinion, what he awakened was the water elemental ability!” “That’s why he has a trump card to confront the many Murlocs.

Or perhaps, he has a bigger secret on him.

These are things that you and I don’t know.

” “Haha, Professor Siman, you have to admit this.

Sometimes, newbies are much better than us old guys!” Professor Lei was extremely proud.

He looked at Professor Siman again.

It was as if he was showing off that he was the one who discovered this student first.

“Hmph, you only taught him a harmless lesson.

He’s not even your student yet.

Look at how proud you are!” “And don’t forget, what’s that kid’s symbiotic form is.

The Slime!” “Ever since humans awakened their symbiotic form, he’s the most useless one!” Professor Siman poured a bucket of cold water on Professor Lei.

“You don’t understand.

There are mutations in symbiotic forms too.

What if he underwent a major mutation? Anyway, I’m happy to meet a genius!” “Moreover, he will always be my student.

You just wait and see!” Professor Lei retorted.

“He is indeed outstanding enough, but I’m looking forward to his performance in the future.

” Teacher Andy threw out a sentence, ending the quarrel between the two old men.

The few old men who looked down also looked at Teacher Andy gratefully and let out a long breath.

Finally, their ears were clear! Ye Feng, who was still hiding in the river, saw a type of Murloc that had already appeared on the surface of the water and did not plan to continue hiding.

After all, the river region was the best place for Murlocs to display their skills.

On the contrary, Ye Feng was not that familiar with it.

If they were to fight in the water, it would probably be difficult.

Although he also had the water element Slime in his body, just the combat strength of the water element Slime was not enough to fight against them.

‘Other than the leader, who is high enough in level, the rest are just small fries,’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

He was waiting for the Murlocs to get close to him so that he could jump out of the water at any time.

‘So, if I really want to fight, I should avoid the heavy stuff.

I should first use [Mimicry] on the leader and then deal with the small fries in the surroundings with my main body.

’ ‘Finally, I should concentrate on dealing with the leader!’ ‘I’m now at perfect D+ grade, and I have quite a number of Slime ability sequences.

If I throw out all my skills, it’ll be enough to make that leader suffer!’ ‘Even if the plan deviates, and I can’t beat it, why can’t I run?!’ Ye Feng had already planned the battle plan.

Although the plan was very good, Ye Feng was also afraid that there would be some mistakes, so he called out the system, ‘System, help me analyze if my plan is feasible!’ Almost instantly, the system replied, [Ding, the plan is feasible!] [Escape Probability: 49.

9%, Victory Probability: 50.

1%!] The system even gave the probability of victory and defeat! Ye Feng looked at the victory and defeat ratio that appeared before his eyes and immediately frowned.

‘What’s going on? It’s actually 50-50!’