Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 67

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 67

In the Water Training Hall.

Ye Feng had already been chased up by the three people behind him.

Moreover, an extremely unfriendly aura suddenly appeared, and it was even much stronger than these three people.

It suddenly appeared behind Ye Feng.

‘Am I too tempting? I actually lured out a D+ grade,’ Ye Feng mocked himself.

The four of them formed a circle and surrounded him.

But Ye Feng did not panic at all.

He turned around with a determined look in his eyes.

“What are you guys trying to do?” When everyone heard Ye Feng’s question, they immediately burst into laughter.

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)C0M The leading man laughed and said, “What are we trying to do? Do you not know how tempting the credits on your body are?!” “Moreover, the rules of the test don’t say that you can’t attack humans!” The four people all looked disdainful.

They looked at Ye Feng as if he was a fish on a chopping board.

He was at the mercy of others! “Cut the crap.

We just received news that Big Brother is in some trouble.

” “We need to pack up and run over to support him!” the leading man said as he released his aura and released a terrifying pressure.

This was the power of a D+.

‘Big Brother? Could it be that there’s someone behind them?’ Ye Feng immediately knew what was going on.

But he quickly guessed it.

After all, he did not have any enmity with anyone.

If he had to find someone… It would be Lei Jia, that completely spoiled brat.

Perhaps it was because of the punch he had given him in the training hall that made him bear a grudge.

With his financial strength, hiring a few underlings to hunt him down should be quite easy.

Even though he was able to come to Cloud Mist Academy to participate in the rookie assessment…Most of those here were members of prestigious families.

These people controlled almost 80% of the resources in China.

It was only natural that they could enter a better Academy.

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)C0M However, there were also some people from poor families who relied on their innate talent to survive until now.

For example, Ye Feng was one of them.

A huge monkey gradually appeared behind that person.

It kept transforming, its arms were long, and its eyes were red.

A bloody mist surrounded it.

This pressure made the people around them unable to withstand it.

‘The symbiotic body is actually a gibbon.

’ Ye Feng looked at the other party indifferently.

The symbiotic body of an ape was very fast and very agile.

Most importantly, its attack power was not weak.

One had to know that in the world of martial arts, speed was the only thing that could not be broken.

This type of symbiotic body perfectly explained what was called speed and attack at the same time.

‘Looks like it’s better not to fight them head-on.

’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

He already had a plan in his heart.

After all, the reason he came to this place was all within his own plan.

Suddenly, the opponent’s spiritual power surged abruptly, and a huge hand reached over.

That hand carried a scarlet blood mist.

That force was very powerful.

The moment it reached over, there seemed to be an irresistible force that restricted Ye Feng’s movements.

“It still has the ability to intimidate?” Ye Feng muttered and released the spiritual energy on his body.

Both of them were D+ grade, but Ye Feng was at perfect D+ grade.

Through the aura that the other party revealed, he could at most be considered to have just stepped into D+ grade.

Ye Feng released his spiritual energy to increase his speed a little more.

Then, he turned his body.

He directly dodged the huge hand that was about to reach him.

The man was stunned and shouted, “This is impossible! My pressure can suppress the opponent’s ability to move.

” “You didn’t even use your skill, and you didn’t summon the symbiotic body!” Ye Feng didn’t pay attention to him when he was shocked.

His figure flashed again.

This time, he stepped on the edge of the cliff.

If he retreated any further, he would be in the air.

‘This is the place.

As long as I cross this sea area, the land is on the other side.

’ Ye Feng looked into the distance.

The point where he started was extremely unfriendly.

Not to mention creatures, there was not even food.

If he wanted to obtain better development, he could only leave this d*mn place.

To be honest, Ye Feng was not confident about crossing this place.

But when he was looking for this direction, he had already asked the system.

The result was that there was an 80% chance of successfully crossing! “You guys can continue to play.

I won’t accompany you anymore!” Ye Feng sneered.

His body was in a free fall movement.

He allowed his body to fall straight down.

In the audience stands, countless people saw this scene and their jaws dropped in shock.

“F*ck! What is Ye Feng trying to do?!” “This is a rhythm where he doesn’t care about his life.

If he can’t beat them, he can beg for mercy.

Why did he jump down? It’s only a dead end at such a high altitude!” “It’s a pity that such a young genius has fallen! If he could pass the assessment, he would definitely be the most dazzling existence this year.

” “It’s indeed a pity.

However, the second most popular Giant-Toothed Shark, Huang Haoyu, is also pretty good.

Let’s go and take a look at him.

” “There’s also the dragon-type symbiote that has always been quite popular.

Do you guys know him? His name is Chen Hao.

He’s now firmly at the top of the list.

” When everyone already felt that Ye Feng had no chance, on the largest screen,Ye Feng’s body suddenly underwent a huge change! “What is this? A Slime!” “This is a f*cking water element Slime!” The sharp-eyed audience had already seen the ability that Ye Feng had released.

This was to transform himself into countless water element Slimes.

Thus, he escaped a calamity! This method was truly ingenious! At the scene, Ye Feng had already successfully divided himself into countless Slimes through simulation.

Moreover, it was a water element Slime.

Such a large-scale Slime, in an instant, a black mass blotted out the sky and covered the earth.

Like a torrential rain, it poured into the sea.

“F*ck, what bad luck! It’s raining all of a sudden!” “This rain is really strange.

Why isn’t there a single drop of rain falling here?” On the cliff, the four looked at the torrential rain in front of them and were very confused.

According to the rules, to defeat the other party, they had to take the wristband from his hand.

The wristband was a clock communication tool that everyone participating in the assessment had.

Only by snatching the wristband and transferring the credits to their own hands could they be considered to have completed the plunder.

In other words, they still had to search for Ye Feng’s corpse.

Little did they know that Ye Feng had already disguised himself as a water element Slime and entered the deep sea.

At this time, he had already disappeared without a trace.

“Are you guys stupid? That was a Slime Storm just now! That was Ye Feng’s skill! If I’m not mistaken, he has already escaped from this place!” the gibbon symbiote shouted angrily and only reacted at this moment.

He could not help but glare at the three of them.

Those few people reacted.

They also gritted their teeth as they looked at the place where Ye Feng had disappeared.

“What did you say? That storm was actually summoned by Ye Feng!?” “F*ck, this is really f*cking unlucky.

He actually managed to fly away with the fat in his hands!” “That guy can actually summon such a large-scale Slime Storm.

We’ve really underestimated him.

If we meet him again next time, we definitely won’t give him a good ending!” “Heh, he dared to escape from the safety zone of the starting point.

He will naturally die a terrible death without us taking care of him!” These four people were not the only ones who were attracted to this scene.

In the audience stands, many people had originally thought that Ye Feng would definitely be cold.

But when they saw this scene, they were instantly stunned.

On the screen, the sky was filled with raindrops falling down, looking extremely like a raging rainstorm.

One could discover that this was not rain, but motherf*cking Slimes! This wasn’t an ability that a human could do! “F*ck! This is f*cking awesome! I didn’t expect Ye Feng to have such a trick up his sleeve!” “How awesome! Even popular characters have some skills!” “Alright, now we know what his symbiote is.

Trash Slime, it’s up to him to turn the tables!” “Oh my god, this is a Slime Storm! This guy’s strength has already reached D grade and above!” “What the f*ck?! What did you say?!!” Teacher Andy’s eyes flashed with a hint of uncertainty.