Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 60

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 60

“That’s indeed the case.

Don’t doubt it, Professor Siman.

This secret manual is genuine.

” Professor Lei held a cigarette in his mouth and scratched his head.

Professor Lei had already requested permission from the higher-ups on this matter.

As expected, the entire Board of Education was quite shocked.

Thus, they urgently held a research discussion in the high-level meeting room.

Among them, the most excited one was Professor Siman, who had arrived earlier than anyone else.

Thus, this scene happened.

“But, hasn’t the water-type secret manual already been publicly acknowledged to only have incomplete volumes?” “Moreover, even if it’s an incomplete volume, it has been lost for many years!” “How is this possible? A complete secret manual suddenly appeared!” Please Keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M Professor Siman’s face was full of disbelief, but the expression on his face had already proved everything.

The things recorded in this secret manual were indeed valuable.

Even the secret texts were so real.

It was as if this secret manual existed in this world and had never disappeared.

“I can’t answer your question.

Just tell me intuitively whether the secret texts are accurate or not!” Exhaling a puff of smoke, Professor Lei pointed to a place.

Hearing this, Professor Siman picked up the magnifying glass and carefully looked at the mysterious symbol.

Therefore, the two of them squeezed in the smoke and struggled to look at it.

“Oh my god, this is actually real!” After a few minutes, Siman shouted happily.

“That’s right! This is the only water-type secret text that can be deciphered from the incomplete secret manual.

” “The verification method is also very simple.

As long as spiritual power is injected into it, the secret text will resonate.

Of course, this depends on the symbiotic body factor.

” “Generally speaking, when the resonance reaches a certain frequency, it will produce an illusion.

” “What did you see just now?” Professor Lei put out the cigarette and asked expectantly.

“Just a small stream? What I saw was different.

It was a river that had already dried up.

” please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M “No one knows what it means,”Professor Lei said seriously.

“Professor Lei, I don’t have to refute you.

Just a secret text that has been deciphered doesn’t seem to explain anything, right?” “Although there are a total of 13 secret texts recorded on it, we can’t examine the other secret texts.

We can’t judge them at all,” Professor Siman said.

He, who had always been very meticulous, would not judge that this was a complete Water Element Secret Manual just because of a coincidence.

For now, besides describing some things, the Water Element Secret Manual also had a very important composition.

That was 13 secret texts.

The information in the secret texts was the core of the secret manual.

It could also be said to be the core of power.

Because from the only Water Element Secret Manual that had been deciphered, that secret text contained endless water resources.

It could also be seen as a stream of water.

This stream of water was an eternal existence.

This stream of water could also nourish all things.

After comprehending this secret text, one would obtain the inheritance contained within it.

Ordinary people could also enjoy the nourishment of this inheritance.

That was, every time they injected spiritual power, they would activate the secret text.

It was also known as inspection.

However, there was a clear gap between inspection and obtaining the inheritance.

This gap could be called a chasm.

The ability to inspect the secret text could only obtain 10% of the ability.

Moreover, it needed to be inspected every time before it could be activated.

Obtaining an inheritance meant that the ability belonged to you.

Not only could it be 100% activated, but it also didn’t need to be inspected.

The activation speed would be greatly increased.

However, the difficulty of comprehending the secret text was extremely high.

According to the current statistics, there were less than 10 people in China who had completely comprehended the secret text.

“Gentlemen, why are you looking for me?” A magnetic and penetrating voice came from the door of the meeting room.

The two professors who were still arguing immediately stopped and looked back in surprise.

“Dean, you’re finally here!” “I want to show you something very precious and rare!” “You’ll definitely be shocked!” Professor Lei’s eyes were shining as he picked up the notebook and handed it to Andy.

“Dean, I have examined this notebook.

It is definitely authentic.

However, I can only examine the secret text that has already been deciphered.

I don’t know whether the remaining 12 secret texts are real or fake.

” “Please judge it, Dean.

” Andy nodded and an aura surged out of his body.

A gentle and soft wind surged out from god knows where.

The notebook took off from Andy’s hand and floated in the air.

Then, the notebook automatically flipped to the next page.

For a moment, there was a rustling sound, and the entire conference hall was filled with this sound.

At this moment, a few professors and teachers had also arrived.

These were all high-level figures of the education committee and also leaders.

When they heard that the dean was going to inspect the secret manual here, they rushed over.

They rushed over in a hurry.

Seeing this scene, everyone tactfully walked over to their seats and sat down.

They looked at Andy’s examination.

When the notebook flipped to a certain page, it suddenly flashed with a golden light.

“This is the 09 Sequence Secret Text of the Water Element Secret Manual!” An elder with a head full of white hair suddenly opened his mouth.

This kind of extraordinary academic research was so deep that even the spiritual energy emitted could accurately determine the source of this spiritual energy! It was the 9th secret text in the Water Element Secret Manual! “That is the never-deciphered 09 secret text, the legendary ability that can instantly vaporize the vast ocean!” “This secret text has a terrifying offensive ability!” “I wonder how the Dean is doing with his inspection?” “If it’s true, then this discovery is too important!” “It will definitely shake the entire China, and even… the entire world!” Discussions continued in the conference room.

The golden light was also stunned by Professor Lei and Professor Siman.

One had to know that this level of inspection was not something they could achieve! Even an A grade Transcendent would not be able to inspect the secret text to such an extent.

The appearance of the golden light was the resonance between the elements, and only the Human Ceilings could do so.

This level of inspection and activation could reach as much as 80% of the complete inheritance! The golden light continued to emanate.

Reaching a certain level, the notes actually emitted light blue ripples.

The ripples rippled as they passed through the bodies of the professors in the meeting hall, continuously creating ripples.

Wherever the ripples went, an incomparably clear stream of water flowed over.

The dreamlike feeling of a fairyland continuously assaulted their field of vision.

It was completely impossible for them to know.

They only knew now that an incomparably comfortable feeling spread throughout their bodies.

The expressions of these few elders changed, and they immediately felt that their bodies had undergone some changes.

It was like a dry field suddenly experiencing heavy rain, constantly nourishing and changing.

For people of their level… It was basically impossible for them to have the space and opportunity to advance.

But now, it was like water in a water bottle that was about to overflow or even spurt out.

The impulse to break through the shackles at any time shocked them.

What kind of power was it that could resonate with their bodies!? After an unknown amount of time, the golden light faded.

The meeting room returned to its original state.

It was as if nothing had happened.

If not for the physical changes, they would really think that it was just an illusion.