Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 58

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 58

Ye Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

Could it be the Five Great Human Ceilings of combat power? If this was the case, then Ye Feng would be in high spirits.

Ye Feng had always regarded Teacher Andy as his idol.

And being able to come to Cloud Mist Academy to participate in the freshmen assessment, he was truly happy from the bottom of his heart.

After all, Teacher Andy was the principal of this academy! That man who coexisted with the air! “Hey, do Transcendents really exist? I mean, other than Teacher Andy, there are other Transcendents?” Su Fei, who was sitting at the side, saw Ye Feng, who was suddenly excited, and asked curiously.

But unexpectedly, Ye Feng shook his head and said in a low voice, “Even Teacher Andy doesn’t often appear in front of us, let alone others!” “That’s not a big deal.

I’ve heard that every one of the Five Great Human Ceilings has great power and boundless spiritual power.

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)C0M “Or they have some kind of mission!”Su Fei continued.

Although Ye Feng was Andy’s fan, he really didn’t know about these things.

But thinking about it, it was very easy to prove.

Because right now was the early phase of the spiritual energy recovery, countless creatures and demons were gradually awakening.

Even the ancient fierce beasts were gradually awakening.

Just based on what Ye Feng knew, those fierce beasts were all A grade, and the lowest was only B grade.

If these fierce beasts caused a disaster, that would be the scariest thing.

An A grade fierce beast, the damage caused was quite shocking.

There had been reports overseas that a B grade fierce beast had massacred a small city! At that time, this news caused a sensation.

The destructive power of an A grade fierce beast would be even more terrifying! “Listen, the teacher is starting to speak.

” The teacher cleared his throat and continued speaking.

“You should have heard of it before.

The dean of our academy, Teacher Andy, is an existence on the level of the Five Great Human Ceilings.

” When the teacher mentioned Teacher Andy’s reputation, there were still a small number of students who did not know about it, so they clicked their tongues in admiration.

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)C0M Professor Lei’s gaze moved, and he continued, “Of course, other than Teacher Andy, our school has produced a very powerful Transcendent in the past.

The most outstanding graduate was even praised as Teacher Andy’s successor!” “However, unfortunately, that outstanding graduate no longer had any trace during a mission last year.

Until now, there has been no trace of him…” Hearing this, Ye Feng’s expression changed.

He actually… disappeared? This attracted Ye Feng’s curiosity.

An existence that was comparable to Teacher Andy’s was also far stronger than an ordinary person.

In Ye Feng’s view of the world, a Transcendent like Teacher Andy could easily destroy the world.

His strength was also not something that ordinary people could guess.

And that outstanding graduate, the successor of Teacher Andy, actually disappeared just like that?! ‘What exactly happened to cause such a powerful Transcendent to disappear without a trace until now?’ Ye Feng thought this way.

Could it be that he met an existence even stronger than him? ‘Stronger than him, and seems to be a legendary Transcendent…’ ‘There are only four legends other than Teacher Andy from the Five Great Human Ceilings… Although they are scattered all over the world, they shouldn’t be fighting each other, right?’ Ye Feng had more guesses, leaning towards higher-level creatures.

But what exactly was the situation, and who knew? Ye Feng was also more curious about Teacher Andy’s successor.

After hearing Professor Lei’s concept, he did not think that legends could be passed down.

While thinking, Professor Lei also continued to explain.

“That’s right, everyone knows that the Four Great Legends correspond to four elements, right? Wind, fire, water, and earth.

” “And the Four Great Legends are the symbiotes that control these four elements.

” “Elemental symbiotes, everyone probably doesn’t have much of a concept.

According to the conventional division, the common symbiotes’ ceiling is the divine-level symbiote, and the elemental symbiotes are existences that are above the divine-level symbiotes!!” Ye Feng naturally knew about the divine-level symbiotes, such as Giant Spirits, Divine Dragons, Angels, and so on.

These were the highest level of origin symbiotic entities that humans could fuse with.

However, this was the first time Ye Feng heard of the term elemental symbiotic entity, and Professor Lei continued to explain.

Ye Feng also knew that elemental symbiotic entities did not have a physical body.

For example, Teacher Andy wasn’t an air symbiote entity.

Air could be seen everywhere, and it was even the most indispensable element of nature! In other words, spiritual energy was equivalent to condensing on the basis of air.

However, Teacher Andy was not that powerful and could not control the world’s spiritual energy.

Otherwise, in the world where spiritual energy was restored, Teacher Andy would be a god-like existence! “After a legend falls, the elements will be redistributed and a new heir will be chosen.

In other words, the elements can be passed down through the ages.

” “For example, the current water-type Human Ceiling has been passed down to the fifth generation.

” Ye Feng listened very seriously and took out his notes, the water-type secret manual.

‘Water-type element? There should be some explanation on it.

’ ‘Also, when I cultivated yesterday, I don’t know which lineage the inheritance I received came from.

” ‘Of course it can’t be the original inheritance of water-type elements.

Otherwise, with my level, how can I be a Human Ceiling?’ ‘I think rather than a Human Ceiling, the floor is more like it…’ Ye Feng mocked himself and flipped through it seriously.

Originally, the records on the incomplete secret manual were those ancient characters mixed with some foreign language notes.

If it was an ordinary person, it would take most of the time to translate them into words that they could read.

But with the help of [Analysis], Ye Feng was not worried about this problem at all.

And what he was reading now was the text that had been processed by him.

They were all very simple and easy to understand in vernacular.

The ancient scripture that was very obscure before was also very easy to understand.

On the top, Professor Lei spoke while Ye Feng was reading the notes very seriously and repeatedly, memorizing the main points, afraid that he would miss any point.

“The author of this secret manual is actually the first-generation water-type Ceiling?!” Ye Feng was reading and suddenly shouted excitedly.

His voice was not loud, but it reached Professor Lei’s ears accurately.

Professor Lei frowned and looked at Ye Feng sharply.

“It’s over.

Professor Lei’s eyes are so scary.

Why did you suddenly shout?” “He’s coming over!” Su Fei, who was beside him, was frightened by Professor Lei’s imposing manner and kept reminding Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled bitterly.

“I’m sorry…” Su Fei waved her hand.

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry.

Professor Lei is coming!” As soon as she finished speaking, Professor Lei was already standing in front of Ye Feng.

The moment his eyes swept down, Ye Feng felt a pressure falling from the sky, and his head hurt.

“Reading extra-curricular books in class?”