Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 56

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 56

Li Ruyan gave a few more instructions before hanging up.

‘It went quite smoothly.

Now it’s time to see how the layout is.

’ ‘I’ve been walking for quite a few days too.

I don’t know how the situation over there is.

’ Ye Feng thought.

After all, there was the ant colony tribe that he had personally established over there.

It was also him who had personally created a steel-like kingdom.

In the past few days, he did not know how the tribe had developed.

However, the tenacious vitality of the ant colony did not make Ye Feng worry.

Moreover, after teleporting over, he could also borrow the power of the ant colony to build a plantation.

In this way, Ye Feng’s business would be endless.

Lack of money did not exist! Thinking of this, Ye Feng opened Zhutian Mall and found the chat box of the white rabbit lady.

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)C0M [Estimated delivery within a day.

] After sending the message, Ye Feng took out the teleportation device.

It was already 4 o’clock in the morning, but the excited Ye Feng could not fall asleep at all.

“Now that I know the location, I can use the teleportation device to teleport myself over!” “But, how do I use this thing?” Looking at the palm-sized teleportation device, Ye Feng was also confused.

Ye Feng did not know which button he pressed, but two windows suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Please enter the starting position…] [Please enter the target position…] “D*mn, is it so convenient!” Ye Feng was also dumbfounded.

As expected of the teleportation device of a large corporation.

It could be awakened so easily.

“The starting position, let’s choose this place!” Ye Feng said and chose the spot.

After confirming, the device directly changed from red light to flashing orange light.

Moreover, the device was directly embedded into the ground.

The device in Ye Feng’s hand was basically the lowest level.

It could only fix a position and was not allowed to be changed after that.

Even if he could only choose one position, Ye Feng did not care anymore.

After all, he would have to live in this dormitory for the next few years.

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)C0M Moreover, establishing a teleportation channel was the most important thing.

“Next, it’s time to establish the target’s position.

” Ye Feng opened his phone and copied the long string of numbers into it.

“Alright, next, I’ll try to see what the situation is like!” Ye Feng pressed the button and it flashed.

By the time Ye Feng opened his eyes again, he was already surrounded by lush shrubs and bushes.

“D*mn, it really succeeded!” Rubbing his eyes, Ye Feng looked around.

He did not expect that he would really be teleported here! “It really did not consume a single bit of spiritual energy.

Is this the teleportation device? So powerful!” Ye Feng sighed and released his perception at the same time.

In the training hall, in the primitive forest.

It was actually daytime here.

Looking at the bright sun in the sky, Ye Feng already roughly knew which corner of the Earth this place was located in.

But knowing it didn’t have any effect.

After all, he could directly teleport through the teleportation device! Since the last time he appeared in the training hall, Ye Feng’s strength was still stuck at E grade.

And it hadn’t been long since then.

When Ye Feng came here again, his level had already entered D+ grade, and he could step into the C grade at any time! Very quickly, his perception was released to the maximum.

All the areas in the entire forest were completely covered! Ye Feng also did not choose to stay for a long time.

After all, this was an existence that was used as a training ground.

Ordinary people were not allowed to enter.

If it wasn’t for his teacher’s blessing, Ye Feng might not have been able to find this place in his entire life.

Ye Feng walked in this direction.

That was the ant colony that he had established previously.

This forest was so big.

If he were to completely rely on his perception to search for the Spirit Fruits, then his actions would be too slow.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, but with such good resources like the ant colony, why not use it? Moreover, there wasn’t any official surveillance in the forest.

“The ant colony that didn’t arrive first can still be so prosperous after I leave!” Beside a swamp, Ye Feng lay on top of a giant tree and looked at an ant colony stronghold not far away.

It was originally just a small stronghold.

Now, it had been upgraded to a huge stronghold castle that was heavily guarded.

Although it didn’t look too big on the surface, as Ye Feng’s perception seeped in, he was very clear about the situation underground.

This scale could be said to be a new ant colony! Before he left, he divided the entire huge ant colony into three parts.

Marshland Stronghold, Miasma Stronghold, and Forest Stronghold.

These three strongholds each had a commander-in-chief.

They restricted each other and supported each other.

It was equivalent to having three big forces inside.

Ye Feng was able to carry out such a detailed division of the forces.

Naturally, he had his own intentions.

This way, he could better perform his duties and also avoid the situation of civil war to the greatest extent.

“I’ll go down and take a look at the situation.

” Thinking of this, Ye Feng directly activated his ability [Mimicry]! After turning into an ant, Ye Feng appeared in the stronghold.

When he was seen by a Worker Ant, it hurriedly reported to a Soldier Ant that was standing guard nearby and immediately reported to the inside.

Not long after, a Soldier Ant that was much larger than the other ants walked out.

Looking at the imposing manner, it was obvious that it was the commander of the stronghold.

“Not bad, its level has actually evolved to E- grade!” Ye Feng sighed.

One had to know that the average Army Ant’s grade was usually at F+.

In the entire forest, it could be considered as the dominant species.

After all, such a large ant colony was basically all at F+.

Although their level was not too high, one had to consider this order of magnitude.

Tens of thousands of them… This power could not be underestimated.

After a simple exchange, Ye Feng gave a rough idea of his intentions.

In a short while, a clear blueprint appeared before Ye Feng’s eyes.

It was probably the distribution of the Spirit Fruits.

“There are still quite a number of them.

” Ye Feng beamed with joy.

Looking at the densely packed dots on the map, he estimated that there were at least 100 fruits distributed.

“Although there are not many fruits, considering the quality of the Spirit Fruits and the unique geographical environment here,” Ye Feng said,”even if they are picked, they can be planted later.

” “Of course, it’s better to leave the planting to the ant colony.

The purpose of my visit this time is to pick 10 Spirit Fruits back.

” Thinking of this, Ye Feng ordered the marshland commander because the ant colony in this stronghold was too large.

Soon, 10 red fruits appeared in front of Ye Feng.

“Flame Fruits, not bad!” “Such rich spiritual energy content, that white rabbit lady will definitely like it very much!” Ye Feng put away the Flame Fruits and instructed the commander to plant some seeds.

Although no one had experience, they had to try it first.

The Spirit Fruit was also extremely difficult to plant, but Ye Feng did not plan to open another land to plant.

At least, the conditions did not allow it.

Ye Feng planned to continue planting on the original Flame Fruit vine.

As for the situation, he would wait for the next time he came.

Moreover, he had the system, so Ye Feng basically did not have to worry about planting and cultivating.

Ye Feng gave a few simple instructions and prepared to leave.

After all, the time here was the same as the outside world, so he could not stay here too long.

The longer he stayed, the more likely it was that something would go wrong.