Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 54

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 54

“Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture?” The stall owner was stunned for a moment and then asked, “Is it that elementary Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture?” Ye Feng nodded.

With a thought, he took out a bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture and handed it to the stall owner.

The stall owner took it and frowned for a long time.

“Brother, I’m not saying that this Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture is only suitable for the early stages.

Although we are all new students, there’s no need for us to take such a low-level medicine, right?” The stall owner laughed awkwardly.

Although this was a Freshman Trading Party, and most of them were new students, they were not ordinary freshmen.

They were freshmen from Cloud Mist Academy.

Every year, the prospective new students who were selected to enter Cloud Mist Academy to participate in the freshmen assessment were basically the most outstanding people in this batch of China.

Moreover, Cloud Mist Academy was one of the Five Great Academies in all of China! This level of influence, as well as this threshold, was already not something that an ordinary person could enter.

Although he was a quasi-freshman, his level would not be in the low-level realm.

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)C0M Naturally, he did not need this kind of medicine that was only used in the early stages to stabilize.

Ye Feng naturally knew the other party’s concerns, and then he opened his mouth to explain.

“I can feel that your spiritual energy is empty.

You must have entered a major realm, right?” “Or perhaps, you are looking for a new opportunity to advance recently?” Under the detection of [Perception], Ye Feng could clearly sense that the other party’s body was surrounded by an indistinct aura.

It was very empty.

It seemed like it was ready to condense, but in reality, it was constantly dissipating.

Therefore, Ye Feng boldly speculated that the other party had either just advanced or was stuck at a bottleneck.

The next reaction of the stall owner also directly confirmed this matter.

“D*mn, Brother, what do you do? You even know that my spiritual energy is empty?” “I’ve been cultivating excessively recently, causing my spiritual energy to be empty.

I’ve also been stuck at the bottleneck of advancing.

” “But I’ve been unable to find any opportunities, so I wanted to come to the party to try my luck.

” Ye Feng smiled and said, “So that’s the case.

Then this Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture suits you the best!” “Ah? What do you mean? Isn’t this an ordinary Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture?” “To me, it shouldn’t have much effect, right?” The stall owner was also confused.

He was only empty of spiritual energy.

Why did he need such a low-level Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture? Hearing this, Ye Feng patiently began to explain.

“Whether you successfully advanced or in your current state, your foundation is unstable.

And this potion, besides stabilizing the symbiotic body, also has a calming effect.

” “This is the core function of this Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

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)C0M “If you take it now, your aura will rise again.

Breaking through the bottleneck is just around the corner, isn’t it?” Hearing Ye Feng’s words, the stall owner immediately beamed with joy.

“Is that so? Hearing you say that, my spiritual energy has been impetuous recently.

I also suspect that this is caused by my unstable foundation!” “Since that’s the case, then let’s exchange!” “How do you feel about using one bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture to exchange for this incomplete volume of the secret manual?” Ye Feng smiled.

“I’d be happy to!” Hearing the stall owner’s words, Ye Feng immediately laughed out loud.

Using only one bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture to exchange for it, of course he would be more than happy to do so! This was a huge loophole! Even if it was just an incomplete secret manual, it was still several times higher than the value of the items Ye Feng obtained previously! Because he had the [Analysis] sequence! In the eyes of others, it might only be a remnant secret manual that was waste paper, but in Ye Feng’s eyes, this was a rare and complete secret manual! ‘Looks like Brother Bai didn’t lie to me.

Sure enough, there are surprises everywhere at the party!’ Ye Feng secretly said in his heart.

“Although, I still have to say that the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture can’t help you break through! Don’t blame me if you don’t succeed!” Ye Feng said jokingly and handed the potion to the stall owner.

“Haha, it’s fine.

I naturally know this.

It’s just a support!” “Thank you, Brother.

When I successfully advance, I’ll be the first to thank you!” The stall owner took the medicine and laughed.

Ye Feng nodded and put away the remnant secret manual.

After thinking for a while, he took out two more bottles of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

“Since we’re so fated, I’ll give you two more bottles!” “I see that your foundation isn’t stable.

If you take more, the effect might be better.

” Seeing that Ye Feng took out two more bottles of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture, the stall owner was stunned.

“Damn Brother, this medicine of yours is free, right?” “Why do I feel like I’m trading at a loss!” As for why he gave a few more bottles later, Ye Feng naturally had the thought of taking advantage of it.

He felt a little guilty, so he gave a few more bottles.

Looking at the stall owner, Ye Feng only smiled and did not say anything.

“I look forward to your smooth advancement!” Then, he threw down a few words and ran away.

“D*mn! Brother, why are you running away…” In the distance, Ye Feng took out the incomplete water-type symbiotic secret manual, his eyes shining.

This was an A grade secret manual! Although it was a remnant, and others might not be able to use it, he was different.

He had just awakened the [Analysis] sequence.

Even if he could only analyze the text now, it was enough! He could completely start from the parts and deduce all the way to the whole! Moreover, his spending was also very cost-effective.

He had only used three bottles of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture to buy this secret manual.

There was nothing more cost-effective than this deal! Ye Feng put it away and looked around the venue again.

Most of the good things here needed to be of equal quality in order for others to be willing to exchange.

Ye Feng only had five bottles left.

This was the lowest level of medicine; others wouldn’t even be interested in it.

Ye Feng decided to quit while he was ahead and directly left the venue.

He walked for about ten minutes.

Only then did Ye Feng arrive at the dormitory building.

When Ye Feng returned to the dormitory, he saw that Su Bai had already disappeared without a trace.

Needless to say, he must have gone to pick up that girl.

Since there was no one to disturb him, Ye Feng sat down cross-legged on the bed and took out the incomplete secret manual.

“I can use my analytical ability to take a look!” After saying that, Ye Feng willed and a strong feeling entered into the incomplete secret manual.

“Immerse myself in the analysis!” At the same time when the ability was activated, the incomplete secret manual was originally only two or three pages and was in tatters.

But at the moment when the spiritual power was injected… The incomplete secret manual seemed to come to life.

Those words kept appearing in front of his eyes, and a very gentle and calm stream of water gushed out.

For a moment, Ye Feng’s entire body was enveloped within it.

The light blue ripples that were reflected from the surroundings made the entire room seem as if it was in a real ocean.

Those words appeared and flickered at times.

But in the next moment, countless words appeared instantly.

In Ye Feng’s mind, it was as if an old man was continuously reciting.

As the speed of reciting increased, those words also continuously flickered and appeared, surrounding Ye Feng.

The consciousness within them was also continuously absorbed by Ye Feng! ‘Is this the ability of the [Analysis] sequence?!’ ‘It’s actually so terrifying.

Just by relying on a few pages of content, it was able to completely analyze this secret manual!’ Looking at the number of words, Ye Feng continued to absorb them while sighing in his heart.

This level of completeness was already close to completing the secret manual! He even managed to analyze a theory that was even more perfect than completing the secret manual! ‘Such gentleness.

This incomplete book actually has such a perfect compatibility with me!’ Ye Feng was extremely surprised, but then he thought about it.

Didn’t his Slime perfectly match the water attribute!? As he continued to absorb the secret manual, Ye Feng also started to cultivate naturally.

Around his body, from light blue waves, with the gathering of spiritual energy, it instantly turned into an extremely clear azure blue! As the spiritual energy gathered, that azure blue gradually formed a small whirlpool.

Within the whirlpool, unlimited spiritual energy continuously poured in! The moment the spiritual energy reached its peak, Ye Feng’s consciousness suddenly went into a trance, and he was instantly pulled into nothingness.

“You, why did you enter this place?!” Within the nothingness, a huge figure appeared.

Ye Feng was forced to be unable to stand by the powerful pressure.

‘The Slime’s main body actually became stronger?’ Ye Feng sighed, the body before his eyes completely appeared.

This nothingness was the spiritual world within his body.

And that huge figure was the Slime’s main body! The difference was that this time, after entering the nothingness, the Slime could actually speak? He had entered once before, but at that time, the Slime wasn’t big and it couldn’t speak either.

As for before, he felt that it had completely changed! It had become… a few times stronger! Hearing the Slime’s question, Ye Feng opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything.

Suddenly, Ye Feng’s vision went black.

His consciousness was shattered by the huge impact.

While it was collapsing, with the support of Ye Feng’s extremely strong physical attributes, his mental power quickly condensed again.

This surge of spiritual power wasn’t huge, but the impact on Ye Feng’s mind and body were extremely huge! [Ding! Congratulations, Host! The water-type symbiotic body secret manual has resonated with the Slime and obtained the water-type inheritance!] [Congratulations, Host, you have unlocked a new form, Water-Type Slime!] [Your water-type ability has received a huge increase!] [Your ability, [In-Depth Analysis] has evolved into [Epiphany]!] [Your ability, [Deconstruction Analysis] has evolved into [Immersive Reading]!] The system finished speaking.

Ye Feng immediately felt an incomparably powerful force.

It was directly injected into his body! A feeling of his mind rippling continuously swept through his entire body!