Waiting For You Online - Chapter 211

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 211

He Jin and Qin Yang strolled around in a circle, discussing where to go.

Qin Yang suggested, “go to the Magic Star Mountain and kill some mobs, we can make Dumpling level up by the way.

” He Jin raised his hand and agreed.

The family of three immediately headed to the land of monsters.

The monster level of Magic Star Mountain was quite high.

The reason why they were called little monsters was just because they had a very cute name, called “Little Monster”.

This place was originally a place for system missions of level 90, but when the game improved the system baby settings, it added some additional attributes to them, that is, after killing the “little monster”, it would drop the “monster” for the demon baby to take as “meat chunks”, which could accelerate the growth of the demon babies.

He Jin hasn’t been online in the past three years, and Qin Yang rarely did as well.

That’s why Dumpling had stopped growing.

Although it was still the first system baby of the game, and it has a brilliant record and incomparable potentials, its real level was already lagging behind.

At this moment, with two dear fathers to kill the monsters, Dumpling was very excited.

He screamed to amplify the move, and his ferocious nature was exposed.

When he was free, he even picked up the monster meat that his father had dropped earlier, and started eating it furiously.

He Jin found it a bit unacceptable, he sighed, “will the real Dumpling like eating raw meat too?” Qin Yang, “of course not! It’ll be charged.

” He Jin froze, he almost knocked on his head.

He found it to be too realistic and couldn’t differentiate it from the reality.

The family was happily chatting and killing monsters.

He Jin suddenly felt a shock from the earth, his eyes were red and he screamed.

They were being attacked! In a blink of an eye, Qin Yang already flew in front of him and whispered, “go to the back.

” .



He Jin knew immediately what he was talking about.

Three years ago, to prepare for the battle, they had to adapt to each other’s way of fighting for more than half a year.

Qin Yang wasn’t trying to act like a hero, but he was letting He Jin to watch from behind and see whether there’s any need to add blood.

However, He Jin was surprised that even Qin Yang’s ranking had lowered after three years, he was still pretty powerful.

How come they’d get attacked even though they were just there to brush a few monsters? Who would be so reckless? “You’re finally online!” He Jin fixed his gaze and saw the person who’s talking had red lips and white teeth, he’s holding a long whip and wearing a golden robe which fluttered in the wind… Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM On the top of his head, his name was clearly shown – “Flowing Gold”.

No way! Is this the “Flowing Gold” that ranked the first at the moment? Could it be a coincidence or did they do it on purpose? “Master, come and take this trick!” Without waiting for Qin Yang to reply, Flowing Gold immediately started hitting his whip.

When a new master met the old one, even if he had to lose in their PK, his momentum had to win.

It looks like that he’s determined to win this battle! Qin Yang pulled his sword.

He had always been cold in the game.

He didn’t say much and never escaped.

…But for He Jin, he found it very pretentious of him, especially after knowing his true colors! (=_=) The two immediately started fighting, and they were struggling vigorously in front of each other.

After losing a third of their blood volume, He Jin noticed that Qin Yang began to lose and he frowned.

Dumpling, who’s called back by He Jin, also squinted his eyes into two thin lines.

He looked very nervous, as if he was worried about his father being bullied.

He Jin was eager to move.

He wanted to reach out and rescue several times, but he could also sense that Qin Yang was trying to fight with Flowing Gold openly.

It seemed unjust if he added blood for Qin Yang in secret.

When he was anxious, Qin Yang whispered to him and urged, “wifey, give me a mouthful of milk.

” He Jin almost crumbled to the ground, “…can we add blood here?” Qin Yang said with determination, “of course! This is a wild battle!” He Jin used the husband and wife skill somewhat unhappily.

After seeing the blood level of Qin Yang increasing, He Jin thought that there’s no more need for him to fight.

Qin Yang was like fighting an enemy with two bodies, and he would surely win.

However, the next turn came out of He Jin’s surprise, and he suddenly saw a green figure in the middle of them, acting like lightning while joining the battle.

And apparently, that person was with Flowing Gold! Could it be that there were two people in the first place?” He Jin was filled with anger, and he was ready to be transformed into a beast and help Qin Yang.

At this critical moment, Qin Yang interrupted again, “wifey, do you still have the gyokuro in your bag?” He Jin was confused, what gyokuro? Qin Yang reminded him, “the system gave us after we completed the husband and wife mission last time.

What I have with me is ‘Golden Wind’.

” He Jin realized what he was talking about.

After touching his pockets, he answered, “it’s with me!” Qin Yang, “eat it.

” He Jin put it into his mouth.

The next moment, there was a dramatic change in his vision – he saw two players who were extremely close to him, and they were going to kill him fiercely! “What’s going on?” He hurriedly adjusted his physical sensation, only to find himself out of control.

“Don’t be nervous, you are in my body,” Qin Yang comforted him.

“Did you forget that this medicine would make two players combine into two? Now, our attack power and skills are superimposed, and there’s now a 50% increase of our attributes.

” ——When the Golden Wind and gyokuro meet, they are fearless in the world! During this time gap, Qin Yang had greatly increased his strength.

The two players in front of him clearly noticed his change and they both showed signs of panic.

Qin Yang smiled softly, “Ah Jin, just watch how your husband abuses them.

” He Jin, “…”