Waiting For You Online - Chapter 206

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 206

Father He took a bottle of wine and asked if Qin Yang wanted to drink.

Qin Yang pretended to be obedient, “I usually don’t drink, but I have to today.

Dad, please.

” He Jin went to the kitchen and whispered, “mom, you have dinner first, I’ll wash the dishes later.

” Mother He snorted, “you guys carry on, I don’t want to eat.

” The atmosphere was getting awkward.

He Jin was incredibly annoyed.

Since his mother hadn’t started eating, how could they start first? Could the dinner end badly? At this moment, Qin Yang came in and said, “mom, come and have dinner.

I’ll wash the dishes.

” He said the same thing! Mother He was getting furious now, she smashed the pot on the floor and made a loud noise.

He Jin looked at Qin Yang and told him to go out first.

Not only did Qin Yang stay, but he even took a step further, called her “Mom” again, told He Jin to get a clean cloth to his mother and wiped her hand dry.

Then, mother He ended up walking out of the kitchen with him! The four started having dinner.

Qin Yang poured some wine to He Jin’s parents.

Mother He didn’t get the wine with her bowl, she was just staring at him.

Qin Yang didn’t seem to care, he drank all the wine in his glass and grabbed some meat to He Jin, “eat this.

” He Jin didn’t know how to react.

What kind of guest would serve his host instead? He took the meat back and said, “you eat it, my mom specially made this for you.

” Qin Yang ate it and smiled sweetly, “thanks mom.

” Mother He put down her chopsticks and her eyes suddenly became red.

She lowered her head, it’s impossible for the three men not to notice the change of her emotions.

“Hey, what’s happening with you?” Father He hurriedly put down his chopsticks.

After hearing this, mother He dropped her tears.

She stood up and cried on the side.

She was really depressed, as the son whom she’d raised with much difficulty turned out to be in a relationship with a man.

And after showing everyone that she’s not happy, these three guys pretended to not care at all.

Her husband seemed to be pleased with Qin Yang, and He Jin was also so weak that she wanted to slap him…and now, she’s even busy preparing dinner for his son’s boyfriend.

How bitter her life could be! .



Qin Yang was going to say something.

He Jin immediately grabbed his hand under the table and asked him not to.

Father He put down his wine glass and went to accompany his wife.

He was trying to convince mother He.

He Jin and Qin Yang dared not continue to eat, they were waiting for mother He to get better.

After about ten minutes, Qin Yang couldn’t wait any longer.

He stood up and kneeled in front of mother He, then he started expressing himself, “mom, I’m truly in love with He Jin.

Twelve years ago, I first met him online.

I deliberately got in Hua University for him, I worked hard for him and I also made myself stronger.

I only want to be with him, protect him and make him stay with me forever.

Three years ago, he left me because of family pressure, and I was in so much pain.

I knew that I had no other ways, as I know that you’ll always be the most important for him.

Not long ago, I saw him again and I knew that he had been bearing much pressure these three years.

He wasn’t in a good state, and I really don’t want to let him go this time…I know everything about He Jin, including what happened to his brother and your illness.

The reason why I’d call you ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ isn’t because I want to flatter you, but it’s out of my love to He Jin.

The people who’re important to He Jin are important to me as well.

And I’ll even treat you much better than he does.

Because I know it’ll make him happy.

I hope that you can believe me, this is not out of impulsiveness, and I’m not with He Jin only because of fun.

I also don’t expect you to agree now, I’m ready to be tested by any means, but it won’t change how I treat He Jin.

I only hope that you won’t make He Jin break up with me, as this will be the biggest torture for us both…Dad, mom, I want to be with He Jin forever and I want to give him happiness.

” After Qin Yang said all these, the entire living room became silent.

Mother He stopped crying and father He also looked at Qin Yang with his eyes all wet.

He was feeling guilty about having interfered out of no reason three years ago.

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COM They’re also human and they had feelings too.

As parents, of course they wanted He Jin to be happy.

How could they not feel touched for Qin Yang’s words? He Jin also felt very complicated.

His heart softened and his knees also felt weak.

He also kneeled beside Qin Yang, grabbed his hands and their fingers were interlocked with each other.

Qin Yang looked at him and the two’s gazes met.

Then, he looked at He Jin’s parents again with determination and fearlessness.

Mother He took the tissue from father He and wiped the corner of her eyes.

Then, she said angrily, “you both get up! Do you think I’m a witch? Have I made you guys separate yet? You are all forcing me!” Father He pulled mother He up and said, “ok, ok, we can talk about this later.

The food is getting cold.

Let’s eat first.

” He Jin and Qin Yang looked at each other and smiled.

They only heard it when his mother said, “have I made you guys separate yet?” And they were quite sure that she’d already softened.

The family finally ate dinner peacefully.

Even though mother He still didn’t say anything, she wasn’t making them feel bad anymore.

After dinner, Qin Yang sat for a while with father He, and he was about to leave.

He Jin sent him downstairs.

The two hugged and kissed each other for a while in the car, and Qin Yang had to fly back to A city immediately.

He Jin kissed Qin Yang goodbye and said, “see you next week.

” Qin Yang, “yes, I’ll see you in the airport then.

” After seeing Qin Yang driving away, He Jin took a deep breath.

He was about to answer all the questions from his parents.

When he returned, he saw that the door of his home wasn’t closed.