Waiting For You Online - Chapter 202

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 202

Minister Wang didn’t seem to expect the impulsive reaction of He Jin, and he didn’t look very pleased.

Although he knew that He Jin joined the company thanks to his relationships with the staff inside, he’s still a good student graduated from the Hua University.

Also, his CV had always looked so perfect, since he was small, he’d never left a black spot in his life, he’s capable and Mr.

Xu from the HR department also admired him.

“Xiao He, there is always a solution when problems occur.

First, don’t be so impulsive.

About your matter, I’ll do further investigation.

As for the transfer, if you aren’t willing to, we might as well talk about it further, right…” Minister Wang put a smile on his face in order to persuade He Jin.

Since it has only been a year after Mr.

Xu retired, and if He Jin resigned because of this rumor, he would have a hard time explaining things to other people as well.

Since Minister Wang was trying to make things easier, He Jin didn’t want to look too difficult either.

Then, he thought of the rumor again and he seemed to have thought of something else, “in this case, then please do further investigation.

I’ve done nothing wrong in this company for these few years, and for all the purchased items and approval documents, I’ve kept a copy and they can be used for the investigation as well.

Regarding the private contact with my colleagues, I’ve always kept a certain distance with them.

Even if there’s someone reporting me, it’s without proof and I’d like to see some proof before they start accusing me.

Also, I’ve also received some threatening messages on my phone.

If this company cannot prove that I’m innocent, then I’ll ask a third party to join the investigation.

” He Jin tried to make use of the fact that Minister Wang “didn’t want to let him go” and he used “resigning” to threaten him back.

Even though he’s going to resign, he couldn’t leave with this rumor, he’d appear as someone having to escape after making a mistake.

After he went back to his office, Xiao Li checked He Jin carefully and asked, “brother Jin, why did Minister Wang look for you?” He Jin suddenly remembered that Minister Wang had told him that “not only one person had reported you”, and he’s now defensive toward Xiao Li as well.

He just answered Xiao Li briefly.

After a while, his bracelet vibrated.

It was a message from Qin Yang.

He just got off the plane and he asked what He Jin was doing.

He Jin replied, “fighting with wisdom in the office.

” Qin Yang, “did someone bully you?” He Jin, “it’s not really bullying, it’s just that someone had framed me, it looks like I’d offended someone before.

Yesterday, I even received a message telling me to ‘watch out’.

” After sending this message, Qin Yang immediately called him.

He Jin took his call at once and he heard that Qin Yang was pretty anxious, “why didn’t you tell me this yesterday?” .



He Jin got up and walked out.

He walked to the pantry and said, “I was worried that you might not understand, since you haven’t encountered this kind of incident before.

Also, I’m going to resign anyway.

” Qin Yang sounded unhappy, “how come I wouldn’t understand? In my circle, I’ve encountered much dirtier stuff than you have.

Don’t take it so lightly.

Wait, I’m going to give you a number, the person’s surname is Zhou and he’s my bodyguard.

Since last weekend, I’ve asked him to follow you.

And I’ll tell him about what had happened to you lately.

Whenever you have any troubles, just call him.

” He Jin was startled, no wonder he felt that someone was following him the other day! Qin Yang seemed to be worried about being blamed, and he clarified first, “it’s just this month.

I have to watch you closely.

I don’t want anything to happen to you this month!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Okay, I will pay attention to myself too.

” He Jin didn’t want to blame him.

Being cared for by his lover is particularly warm.

He also told Qin Yang what he had encountered without reservation, then he went on explaining, “since I’ve already made up my mind about leaving, I’m confident enough to fight.

When the results of the investigation are released, I’ll resign.

” Qin Yang now felt relieved, and told He Jin some nonsense like “remember to eat” and “don’t sit all day and get more active” before hanging up reluctantly.

He Jin found it so funny, he thought that he’s not a kid anymore, how is it possible for him to forget his meals… However, after recalling how sweet Qin Yang sounded on the phone, he’s no longer in a bad mood.

After finishing work at night, He Jin returned home and felt a strange atmosphere at home.

He thought that his parents didn’t expect him to return, and father He even looked behind He Jin when he entered.

The whole family watched some TV after dinner.

Even though mother He didn’t want to talk to He Jin at all, he still looked for some random topics to chat with her without mentioning Qin Yang.

At 9pm, He Jin’s bracelet vibrated and mother He suddenly looked at him with caution! He Jin smiled apologetically and picked up the phone in his room.

Mother He, “…” Of course, it’s from Qin Yang, who asked He Jin at once, “didn’t we agree that you’d call me 3 times a day? You just called me once after work!” He Jin tried to explain with patience, “I was thinking to call you before going to bed tonight.

We have 24 hours a day, and we have just separated for 16 hours now, why are you so anxious already?” Qin Yang, “…” He Jin whispered, “what are you doing?” Qin Yang, “I’ve just finished work and it’s quite early today.

I’m ready to go home and sleep, how about you?” He Jin, “watching TV with my parents.

” Qin Yang asked, “are you home?” He Jin laughed, “where else can I go? I don’t want to stay in a hotel alone.

” Qin Yang, “they didn’t scold you anymore?” He Jin, “no, my dad is just like usual, it’s just that my mom has been holding a poker face since I returned, she looks as if she doesn’t recognize me as her son anymore.

” Qin Yang paused and said, “take it slow.

” In the living room, Father He lit a cigarette and looked at the direction of He Jin’s room.

Mother He raised her ears and tried to hear what He Jin was saying, but she only heard his son mumbling and occasionally chuckling…He Jin came out after a short while, when mother He looked at him, she saw that he couldn’t hide the happiness on his face, and she somehow got overwhelmed.

For the first time in three years, it was their first time seeing He Jin so happy and having such a wide smile.

In the following days, there were people in the company constantly called by Minister Wang for a discussion.

Within a week, there was a notice on their board criticizing the fact that some employees had forged facts, affecting the internal unity of the group.

Xiao Li’s name was also mentioned in the notice.

He Jin was extremely disappointed, since he had always perceived Xiao Li as a close friend, just like Hou Dongyan.

He was now sure that there’s always still a gap between colleagues and classmates.

As soon as this matter was resolved, Minister Wang again asked He Jin to discuss about the transfer.

He Jin did not hesitate to submit his resignation.

Minister Wang was so angry that he almost lifted the table.

At this point, neither of them had much to say further.

He Jin packed his things and was ready to leave within a week after transferring his work to someone else.

During the period, he received a lot of sympathy calls, including director Xu who had taught him.

He Jin expressed his attitude and declared that his resignation was not related to the fact that he got framed.

That afternoon, before getting off work, He Jin took the box out of his company and he felt warm with the sunlight of late Autumn.

He stood by the side of the road waiting for a taxi, and he called Qin Yang, Qin Yang picked up the phone and asked immediately, “how’s it going?” “Well, I just finished the handover procedure,” He Jin glanced back at the company that he had been working for the last three years, yet he didn’t miss it one bit.

He said on phone, “I’m unemployed now.

What can I do?” He squinted his eyes and smiled, he sounded a bit affectionate.

Qin Yang almost answered, “I’m going to support you financially,” but once he recalled about He Jin almost getting angry with him three years ago because of this answer, he swallowed it back and said seriously, “have I ever told you that I started a company of AI?” He Jin, “AI? As in artificial intelligence?” Qin Yang, “yeah, it makes robotic babies.

” He Jin found it interesting, “what are robotic babies?” Qin Yang took a deep breath and said, “Demon God and I asked for authorization to make robotic babies in physical form, and the first product that the company is launching is Dumpling.

” He Jin opened his eyes widely and he even forgot to wave his hand when two taxis were passing him by…Dumpling!! Qin Yang smiled and asked, “and this company is looking for an assistant.

Are you interested?”