Waiting For You Online - Chapter 200

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 200

It was very difficult for Qin Yang to raise this request, as he didn’t want to hurt He Jin’s ego – all in all, He Jin now had a stable job, and no one would easily give up his career because of another person.

Unexpectedly, after asking this, he heard a pleasant answer – “Okay.

” Qin Yang found it hard to believe.

That night, he had encountered too many surprises.

He Jin was crying and kissing him over and over, and after being intimate in the car, He Jin came out of the closet in front of his parents, and now he had just promised that he’s come along…Qin Yang suddenly found all this “fake”, and he’s starting to be scared.

He loosened He Jin’s hand and looked at him with his eyes widened.

His facial expression was a bit blank, “are you serious?” This scenario seemed to have already happened three years ago, when Qin Yang had perceived himself in the best moment, and He Jin suddenly disappeared.

This made him feel like all this was just a sweet façade, as He Jin might change his mind the next second.

He Jin looked at him gently and said jokingly, “I’ll follow the man I’ve chosen.

” Qin Yang, “…” Qin Yang hugged the arm of He Jin, and there was a sense of ruthlessness in his extreme delight, “remember that you’ve told me this.

If you dare to cheat me again, I’ll lock you up for the rest of your life!” He Jin felt touched.

He had clearly seen how insecure Qin Yang looked.

Just about an hour ago, when he walked out from the building, he saw the same expression.

The loneliness on his face was like an abandoned pet.

He Jin was now sure that he had owed Qin Yang too much… “I’m going to resign, but it won’t be too soon.

After I hand in the resignation request, it’ll take at least a month.

And I also have to take care of the rest at home.

Why don’t you return to work first tomorrow, and when I’m done with everything, I’ll go to A city immediately.

Is that ok?” He Jin looked at Qin Ynag and suggested.




Qin Yang frowned slightly, he did not want to keep He Jin in Q city, he wanted to take him away tomorrow, so that he wouldn’t change his mind again and he wouldn’t have to worry anymore either.

He Jin seemed to have understood what he was worried about, he continued, “I will call you every day.

If I’m free on weekends, I’ll also go to see you in your workplace.

I’m just worried to cause you any troubles, since you’ve become so famous and you’re constantly being watched at.

” Qin Yang held He Jin tightly, turned over and kissed him everywhere.

Nothing would be more reassuring than “having his lover in his arms”.

He Jin was thrown under him, he laughed helplessly.

He let Qin Yang kiss him all over and he also kissed Qin Yang back.

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COM After kissing him for a while, Qin Yang looked at He Jin seriously and he gave a few more conditions, “you have to call me at least three times a day, and you can’t hang up on me first.

When you see my message, you have to reply at once.

And you’re forbidden to meet your blind dates.

Have you got it?” He Jin, “ok…” Qin Yang sighed and he seemed to still worry.

He pressed himself against He Jin and said near his neck, “what more can I demand from you…” He Jin, “…” “You smoke now.

” He Jin smelled cigarettes on Qin Yang’s body again.

“Yes, why?” Qin Yang responded dully.


” Smoking is bad for health.

He Jin wanted to persuade Qin Yang to quit, as his father was addicted to cigarettes and He Jin had failed in persuading him to quit smoking.

He didn’t want Qin Yang to be a smoker also.

But when words were almost at the tip of his tongue, he couldn’t say it.

He didn’t want to find out that the reason Qin Yang smoked was because he’d missed him too much, just like he had missed Qin Yang too much, to a point that he had to get drunk in a bar alone.

Qin Yang nibbled at him coyly and whispered, “since you’re back to me, I won’t smoke anymore.

” They were both considerate of each other and wanted to be a better person for each other, but without that person, it doesn’t matter how they’d become.

He Jin understood it in an instant, he was so touched that he kissed Qin Yang’s ears at once.

Qin Yang snorted, he bumped He Jin with his waist and lowered his voice, “if you still want to work tomorrow, then don’t seduce me…” He Jin blushed and he pushed Qin Yang a bit farther away.

He really couldn’t take it another time, it still hurt pretty bad.

The two were lying face to face, He Jin couldn’t help raising his hand to touch Qin Yang’s face.

He used his hands to trace his features, as his feelings for this person had always been suppressed in his heart, to this day, it seems that these feelings were floating to their surface, and it was no longer possible to control them.

The way Qin Yang looked, the tone of his voice and his gestures all showed a deep affection, like the deepest ocean that could drown He Jin.

These three years did not seem to leave any trace on Qin Yang’s face, he became more handsome than before.

From time to time, Qin Yang had to put on makeup often, and he had to use skincare products for ladies, his skin had become much smoother and brighter.

Although he looked more “innocent”, He Jin didn’t find him girly at all.

On the contrary, he looked more masculine, as he certainly expressed himself more maturely than three years ago.