Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 52

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 52

“It’s actually a new student.

You’ve finally come!” A voice came from the door.

Ye Feng quickly turned around and saw a fatty’s figure.

He saw that fatty holding a chicken leg in his left hand and a big watermelon in his right hand, laughing happily.

“You are the student who is going to participate in the new student assessment, right?” “Hello, I am the dorm leader of this dorm.

Welcome to Dorm 520!” Dorm leader? There were only two people in this dorm! Ye Feng smiled awkwardly and replied.

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)C0M “No need to be so formal.

Our dorm is a big family.

I welcome you very much!” “By the way, let me introduce myself.

My name is Su Bai.

I’m your senior.

” Saying that, Su Bai directly opened the watermelon with his bare hands and handed half to Ye Feng.

Seeing this, Ye Feng took a small piece in embarrassment.

He didn’t expect that this roommate of his was really a senior.

And it seemed to be… a chatterbox.

“I heard that the students who entered the school to take the exam this year are much more outstanding than the previous years!” “Oh, what’s your name?” Su Bai said and looked at Ye Feng curiously.

Ye Feng scratched his hair and said with a smile, “My name is Ye Feng.

” “Oh! That’s a good name!” “From now on, we’ll be in the same dormitory.

We don’t have to be strangers.

” “If you have any questions later, you can ask me.

After all, I’ve been in this school for 10 years.

I can be considered an old senior in this school, haha!” “There are no questions that I don’t know!” Hearing Su Bai’s words, Ye Feng had many doubts in his heart and wanted to get answers.

However, Ye Feng seemed to have reacted to something and suddenly revealed a surprised expression.

Ye Feng was also surprised when he heard Su Bai say this.

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)C0M According to Ye Feng’s understanding, this school was a 4-year program.

In other words, after four years of study and successfully passing the graduation exam, one would be considered to have graduated.

And this guy actually stayed for a full 10 years! Ye Feng looked at Su Bai and was also very surprised.

His intuition told him that this fatty in front of him was either very awesome, the school was suppressing him, or he had some kind of mission, or he was very useless… and couldn’t pass the graduation exam, so he kept repeating.

Looking at the fatty in front of him, with a chicken leg and a watermelon in his mouth, although he was very cheerful, he didn’t emit any spiritual power.

It was hard for Ye Feng to think of any connection with the former.

He couldn’t be useless, right? Ye Feng was confused and asked curiously, “Brother Bai, what’s going on? It’s been 10 years! Why did you stay in this school for so long?” “Hey! Don’t mention it.

You have no idea how crazy this school is!” Su Bai wiped his mouth, put down the watermelon, and said angrily, “Let’s not talk about how hard the subject exams are every year.

Even the normal exams are crazy!” “Can you imagine letting a symbiote of the Auxiliary Department fight in the Void Battlefield?” “And if you don’t kill 100 undead, you’ll fail!” “Is that something a human can do?” Hearing Su Bai’s anger, Ye Feng understood.

The reason why Su Bai had failed for so many years was because the school was too abnormal.

All subjects were very strict.

The symbiote of the Auxiliary Department had to use the auxiliary ability to the extreme first, and it was required to fight on the Void Battlefield.

They were required to kill the enemy like a warrior! They were not even allowed to take any auxiliary drugs! That was why Su Bai kept failing his courses.

That was why he couldn’t graduate in this strict school for 10 years.

During the chat, Su Bai also said a lot of things about the school.

He let Ye Feng know some basic school rules.

“By the way, Old Ye, there’s one more important thing.

” After bragging for a long time, Su Bai suddenly spoke with a serious face.

Ye Feng couldn’t get used to Su Bai being so serious all of a sudden.

Although they hadn’t known each other for long, they were friendly, so they got along very quickly.

“That’s the Freshmen Trading Party tonight!” “You didn’t just find out, did you? The first few days when you prospective freshmen come in, there will be a Freshmen Trading Party.

” “But the most valuable thing is the first party!” “First, it’s because the freshmen get to know each other, and second, it’s because the students in the school are exchanging items.

” “You know, sometimes you can really get good things!” “Hehe, I’ve been scavenging for the past few years!” Saying that, Su Bai took out a small piece of jewelry from his pocket.

“This was picked up from the party two years ago.

It’s called Jade Protection.

It doesn’t look good, but the power contained in it is beyond your imagination!” Ye Feng took a look and was immediately shocked.

But in terms of quality, it was already very top-notch.

Ye Feng’s initial estimation was that this thing was definitely A grade! Even though Ye Feng did not know what use this jade had.

But if its quality was A+ grade, it was enough to show that this thing was definitely not an ordinary item! Moreover, it was hard to imagine that this was actually bought from the Freshmen Trading Party! It seemed that this party was very easy to strike gold! After hearing what Su Bai said, Ye Feng also knew that there would be such a party tonight.

The party would normally be held after dark, and it was only dusk now.

There was still some time before dark.

Therefore, there was no rush.

But there was one thing that Ye Feng was quite curious about.

“Brother Bai, didn’t you say that the Freshmen Trading Party is going to be held? How come you can still attend after being an old senior for 10 years?” “You don’t know that to be able to stay in this school for ten years, you must have at least accumulated some connections.

” “To your Brother Bai, getting a certificate to enter the school is still a very simple matter!” Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded his head.

This fatty really had a lot of resources.

And just as he said, to be able to stay in this school for ten years without being expelled already showed his background.

As for getting proof or something, it should be a very simple thing.

“If that’s the case, then I really have to attend this party.

” Ye Feng began to look forward to tonight’s party.

Things like Spirit Fruit, Ye Feng naturally needed them very much.

Moreover, in case he obtained some kind of ancient book, he could also verify his newly unlocked sequence.

And this was also the first gathering of the freshmen.

All the prospective freshmen would attend.

Ye Feng could also get a general idea of how many geniuses there were this year! From the conversation just now, Ye Feng also knew that Su Bai’s intelligence ability was super strong.

What he said just now was that this year’s strength was far greater than the previous ones.

That meant that other than Ye Feng, all kinds of geniuses were gathered here.

There was still some time before the freshmen assessment but Ye Feng also had to prepare for the second hand.

First, he had to roughly understand the opponent’s strength.

Second, during this period of time, he would mainly improve his origin ability! Previously, Ye Feng had always treated the symbiosis body ability as the first target to improve.

But the lack of cultivation in the academy had already made his foundation somewhat unstable.

This was also why every time he upgraded, there would be slight fluctuations of spiritual energy.

And this was also one of the reasons why Ye Feng bought so many Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixtures.

Moreover, the mismatch between origin ability and symbiotic body ability was also a very dangerous behavior.

When Ye Feng was still in Wuzhou No.

2 High School, the dormitory security uncle had already reminded him once.

After this, Ye Feng had always had this main aspect.

Since there was still some time before the freshmen assessment, Ye Feng might as well use this period of time to continuously cultivate and allow his origin ability to rise to another realm! Thinking of this, Ye Feng said excitedly, “I’ll have to trouble Brother Bai to lead the way then!” Ye Feng smiled.

If it weren’t for Su Bai, he would have really missed this party! “Haha, then you must attend.

But I won’t be coming tonight.

I have a date with a girl tonight!”