Waiting For You Online - Chapter 189

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 189

Chapter 189 “Did you call Duan Shurong?” He Jin was stunned, did Duan Shurong really say the same to his mother? His mother said, “yes.

Didn’t you tell me that you were going to have dinner with her? Since I waited for you until 10pm and you were still not home, and I couldn’t reach you on phone either, so I called her.

She told me that you separated after dinner, and she thought you had returned home…” He Jin found it strange.

He had obviously lied when he told his mother that he’d have dinner with Duan Shurong.

Did Duan Shurong cover that lie successfully or not? He Jin’s mother, “are you only thinking like this after drinking too much? Well, let’s not discuss about it first.

Come home quick!” After hanging up, He Jin had a look again at the other missed calls.

At 10:10pm last night, Duan Shurong had called him once.

According to his analysis, she called He Jin after his mother had called her.

It’s not even 8am yet, and He Jin wasn’t sure if she’d already woken up.

He wanted to send a message to Duan Shurong first, but when he entered the message interface, he was stunned.

There was a new message, and it’s an unknown number.

The message was sent about an hour ago, that’s at 6:44am.

There were only four words in it – take a good rest.

He Jin was in a panic, who would send him a message at this hour…could that be the man from last night? For a while, he thought of the person whom he hadn’t thought of again, but he’s also worried it’s only his illusion, and he dared not even call back nor send a message back to confirm the identity.

He Jin hurriedly checked online the location of the number, and when he saw “A City” popping up on the webpage, his heart almost popped out as well! .



Qin Yang…could that be Qin Yang? He Jin was trembling all over.

And he was praying continuously.

If…just if…that would be great if it was Qin Yang.

No matter what Qin Yang had done to him, he wouldn’t blame him, as he’s willing to accept everything Qin Yang would do.

Relying on this “imagination”, He Jin seemed to have regained some strength.

He supported himself into the bathroom.

Before going home, he had to first take a shower.

When he entered the bathroom, he looked at himself covered with red marks, and he felt his face burning again.

He turned on the shower head and washed away all the stickiness on his body, there was even a slight pain on his shoulders.

When He Jin looked at it, it had been bitten open… Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Well…should he go to the hospital for an injection? After the shower, He Jin put on his clothes, and he felt that he’s extremely exhausted.

His wallet and ID card were still in his wallet.

When he took out the hotel room card and saw the words on it, he finally realized that he’s in the best hotel in Q city! He reluctantly went to the receptionist to return the card, and he also asked about the person who had paid for the room.

The receptionist looked at He Jin with curiosity, and said, “this room has already been paid, it’s done by someone called Ms.


She came this morning to pay for an extension of your stay, so you can actually stay until 6pm.

Are you sure that you’re checking out now? The extra fee is non-refundable.

” He Jin nodded his face blankly, then turned around and left.

He didn’t know this Ms.

Li at all.

In this case, aside from that mysterious man, there was a third party who knew that they were there…He Jin dared not think anymore, now he really wanted to find out if that person was Qin Yang.

On his way back home, He Jin’s bracelet vibrated.

He immediately switched on it and checked it, it was a message from Duan Shurong.

“He Jin, your mom called me last night, did you lie to her and say that you’d have dinner with me? Although I don’t know why you lied to her, I covered it.

So, tell me how you’re gonna thank me.

” He Jin thought about it for a while and replied, “sorry that I dragged you in.

I drank some wine last night and I didn’t return home.

I’m only returning now.

However, you don’t have to do it again for me, if anything happens to me and if there’s any investigation, you’ll be the last one who saw me, and this will be bad for you.

” Duan Shurong replied very quickly, “gosh…He Jin, are you always this considerate?” He Jin, “what I’m saying is true.

But still, I do need to thank you.

I’ll pay you back dinner one day.

” Duan Shurong, “all I was waiting for you is your last sentence.

” He Jin was speechless, and when he thought of what his mother was saying, he couldn’t help but ask, “did you tell my mom that I’m good? And that you want to know more about me?” Duan Shurong, “that’s right, I thought about your past after we separated, and I thought that I’d give you a chance so that you can walk out from your trauma.

Who knows, maybe you’ll forget your ex after you’re with me!” He Jin smiled bitterly, he wasn’t sure whether this girl was just too stubborn or too confident.

It’s wrong when someone assumed that He Jin hadn’t looked forward to meeting the right person, one that could make him fall in love at once and even forget about the past.

But he just hasn’t met any, and it’s not like he wasn’t willing to make that step forward.

Before that, someone had also told He Jin the same words, that she didn’t care about the past, that they could try, but that trial would be an ethic torture for He Jin.

Every detail with another person would remind him of Qin Yang, and he couldn’t help but start comparing the girl with Qin Yang, then he would make a conclusion for himself…what he feared wasn’t the present, but the future.

He was worried, and he was pretty sure that he would stay the same forever.

If he started a relationship with a girl without any considerations, it also means wasting her feelings and her youth.

He Jin couldn’t do that.

He didn’t know how to explain it to Duan Shurong.

There was simply no way to explain things like this in a text message.