Waiting For You Online - Chapter 184

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 184

Duan Shurong didn’t expect that He Jin would refuse her so firmly.

Did it turn out that He Jin had been refusing girls using the same way? She was supposed to be angry.

She wasn’t sure about the other girls – for her, although she was saying that she’s there to “see her old classmate” or to “make He Jin’s mother angry”, she knew that she still liked He Jin deep in her heart, but it turned out to be another rejection.

For someone as proud as Duan Shurong, it was supposed to be frustrating and humiliating.

Strangely enough, aside from and frustration, she also felt somewhat complicated.

People born after 2000 usually don’t have any prejudice against homosexual people, and Duan Shurong was one of them.

However, the overall level of acceptance toward the gay community was still too low, especially for older generations, getting married and having kids is still the norm.

Since He Jin had such a difficult mother, Duan Shurong could almost guess what he’d been going through.

“Well, weren’t you saying that you’re just here to see an old classmate?” He Jin put on his mask again and changed the topic, “you’re pretty and you’re so outgoing, a lot of men must be after you.

I’m guessing you haven’t met someone good enough, that’s why you’re still single?” He Jin was very careful in what he spoke.

He didn’t ask whether she’s “too demanding”, instead, he asked if she “hasn’t met someone good enough”, which naturally raised Duan Shurong’s standard of selection of her partner and her own value.

Duan Shurong felt a lot more comfortable, and she started telling He Jin about her past relationship.

As he’s living with a woman suffering from depression, He Jin’s temper had already disappeared these three years.

Almost nothing could get him furious anymore.

He was listening to Duan Shurong attentively while sometimes giving her some objective recommendations and opinion.

He was so humble and steady, making her very comfortable.

Duan Shurong started to be attracted by He Jin.

This time, it was not because of those inexplicable innocent feelings, nor because of pity, but because of the temperament of He Jin.

He was just like a magnetic field; he’s constantly absorbing all the negative energy around him.

Anyone would feel more at ease after talking to him.

And certainly, that person could be comforted too.

Compared with people around her, they all looked so much more impulsive, angry and childish…and He Jin was just so different.

They spent about two hours on the meal, when the lunch hour had passed and everyone was gone, the two started to realize that it was time to leave.




“Do you still have anything to do later?” Duan Shurong couldn’t help but ask, “do you want to walk around a bit?” This should have been suggested by the guy, but He Jin had already told her directly that he didn’t want to start a relationship, he would surely not mention it.

However, Duan Shurong didn’t want to let him go yet, she was getting more attracted by He Jin now.

There was suddenly a sense of confusion in He Jin’s eyes, but it faded away after a short while.

He settled the bill and said, “nothing, I’ll walk around with you.

” When they stepped out of the restaurant, there were many people and cars outside, there were also many traffic and patrol police.

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COM “What’s going on? Why are there so many people?” Duan Shurong pulled the zipper of her handbag and carried it over her shoulder, “I already noticed it when I came here, and I couldn’t even find a taxi.

My father had to drove me here.

” He Jin didn’t explain, as he knew that a celebrity was coming, and he was going to have a gathering with his fans… “It’s too crowded, I don’t have the mood to walk around anymore.

” Duan Shurong pouted and asked He Jin, “what if we go for a movie? My treat.

” “Yeah.

Let’s do so.

” He Jin looked up to the cloudy sky, it’s obviously autumn already and the temperature was dropping, yet he was sweating all over.

Soon after he stepped out of the restaurant, his back was already sweating.

He Jin had to focus on other things in order to not think about the person that’s so close to him.

The two arrived at the nearest movie theater and successfully bought two movie tickets that would start at 3pm.

He Jin bought another cup of black coffee.

After they entered the cinema and when the lights were out, He Jin started to realize that his whole body was twitching subconsciously.

The movie lasted for an hour and forty minutes, yet He Jin couldn’t focus at all.

He’s like sitting on a carpet with needles (a Chinese expression to describe someone who’s extremely anxious), and he had to check his bracelet every few minutes, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:30… He remembered that the gathering would end at 5pm, and Qin Yang would leave Q city right after it.

When the movie was showing the most tense moment, Duan Shurong subconsciously wanted to grab He Jin’s hand, but when she turned her head, she saw that He Jin was frowning tightly, and he was staring at the seat in front of him like he’d lost his soul, his face – under the light of the screen – looked extra pale.

He crossed his hands, sometimes he gripped them tightly and sometimes he let them loose, he looked very anxious.

Duan Shurong wanted to grab his hand and asked if he’s fine.

Unexpectedly, He Jin acted like he’s been shocked by electricity and he avoided her hand immediately.

When he reacted, he tried to resume a normal expression and smiled at her apologetically.

Then, he focused on the screen again.

Duan Shurong finally realized that He Jin wasn’t interested in the movie at all.

He was there just because he didn’t want to reject her, yet his mind was clearly not there! Duan Shurong had originally planned to have dinner with He Jin after the movie, but she had already lost her mood.

After saying something polite like “it’s really great seeing you today”, she said goodbye to him.

Looking at the back of Duan Shurong when she left, He Jin instantly felt much more relaxed.

He pinched his face that had turned stiff from smiling too much.