Waiting For You Online - Chapter 178

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 178

Qin Yang had been so busy recently, and he had no idea what He Jin was thinking and planning.

He thought that once he didn’t have any classes, he would return to the original company for his internship or write essays at home, or he might as well play some online games.

This night, he almost got home around 9pm.

He hadn’t had dinner and he returned home with an empty stomach.

Once he pushed open the door, he smelled delicious food instantly.

It turned out that He Jin made dinner himself! After living together for half a year, even if He Jin didn’t know how to cook, he started making different dishes with Qin Yang, like braised pork, poached eggs, moss mushroom soup…although they didn’t look so great, Qin Yang was extremely touched seeing his lover preparing a heartwarming dinner for him! After swallowing his dinner, he sat on the sofa while touching his belly.

Seeing that He Jin was cleaning up his dishes actively, he suddenly said, “wifey, I suddenly realized that you’re treating me better and better.

” He Jin’s body felt stiff all of a sudden, he almost slipped away the plate on his hand, “what better…” He pretended to be silly.

Qin Yang touched the back of his head, leaned on the sofa and looked at He Jin’s backside affectionately, “since you’re treating me so well, what would happen if I’m spoilt?” Although he’s asking this, Qin Yang knew that after getting famous, He Jin had finally realized how good he was, and he wanted to cherish him more.

“It’s just a dinner.

” He Jin put the plate back on the shelf, turned around and took some yoghurt out of the refrigerator.

He handed it to Qin Yang and didn’t dare to look at his eyes, since there’s too much affection and he was afraid that he couldn’t take it.

Qin Yang took this opportunity to sit on He Jin’s lap and said, “I want you to feed me.

” He Jin, “…” At night, when they returned to their bedroom, they turned off the lights.

He Jin said in Qin Yang’s ears, “do you want it or not?” There’s a sense of shyness and temptation in his low voice.

No matter how tired Qin Yang was, he couldn’t reject He Jin, and he immediately pressed himself against He Jin on bed.

That night, He Jin was much sweeter than before.

The two were so in love with each other, and they were doing it like there’s no tomorrow.

The next day, Qin Yang didn’t go to work, and he applied for a certain period of leave from the University.

Since he and He Jin were doing it without limits the previous night, Qin Yang still felt lazy and didn’t want to get up at all.




He liked sleeping in, and if there’s nothing special, he might as well sleep until lunch time.

While he’s still tired, Qin Yang wanted to hold He Jin, but after stretching out his hand, he found that the other side was empty, and He Jin had already gotten out of bed.

Qin Yang felt somewhat lonely.

He closed his eyes and yelled “wifey~~~”, yet no one answered.

Qin Yang opened his eyes a bit and turned on his bracelet, then sent a message to He Jin, “are you at school already?” After a long time, there’s still no reply.

Qin Yang rolled his blanket and continued to sleep for a while.

Then, he got out of bed with sleepy eyes, wore his slippers and went to the washroom.

The washroom was outside the bedroom, and he had to pass through the living room to go there.

Qin Yang saw that He Jin had bought him some breakfast, and there’s also a folded paper…could that be a note? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Qin Yang had not fully woken up, he only became fully awake after going to the toilet.

Then, he started to look more carefully at the breakfast and the note.

He Jin had bought him some egg burritos, he also added some ham and shortbread that Qin Yang liked, and put a lot of sweet sauce on it.

Qin Yang took it to the microwave oven and adjusted it for 45 seconds.

With a bit of suspicion, he opened the note that said, “To Qin Yang”.

After reading the first two sentences, Qin Yang suddenly opened his eyes widely, and his fingers were trembling.

Now, he’s completely awake — Qin Yang, I really cannot say this to you face to face, let me put it in writings instead.

I’m sorry, let’s break up.

… The strokes are strong and powerful, it’s He Jin’s handwriting.

Qin Yang dared not read further.

He called He Jin immediately.

After ringing several times, it was finally connected.

“Where are you?” Qin Yang gasped, the background was a bit noisy on the other side, and the signal was very bad.

“He Jin, where are you?” He Jin got up and walked to the end of the carriage, then gently called the name of Qin Yang, “did you read my letter?” “I didn’t read it!” Qin Yang turned on the video call function, but it’s totally dark on the other side.

He Jin didn’t turn it on and Qin Yang couldn’t see his face, but he could hear the announcement inside the carriage, he nervously asked, “are you on the train? Where are you going? Why do you want to break up?” He Jin, “I wrote it on the letter.

” Qin Yang grabbed the letter and tore it apart in front of He Jin.

He wasn’t sure if He Jin could see this action, but then he threw all the pieces away.

He roared, “I want you to tell me yourself! Why?!” He Jin, “…” Qin Yang, “your parents gave you pressure, didn’t they? You told me that you wouldn’t break up with me for the…aren’t you kidding me now? He Jin! You’re scaring me, right? Answer me!”