Waiting For You Online - Chapter 171

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 171

“Didn’t we already discuss about this last time? Actually, I think that you just haven’t gotten used to your new life.

See, I’m also famous in the game, and as my wife, aren’t you also being watched and surrounded often? How come you’re so hesitant in reality?” Qin Yang held him and comforted him, “Ah Jin, I promise, no matter where I am, I will be there to protect you.

But can you also promise me to be braver? Don’t be afraid of rumors and gossips.

I hope to be with you under the bright sunlight, no matter I’m famous or not.

” I hope to be with you under the bright sunlight – this description is really too tempting.

He Jin couldn’t help but think of his mother, as she’s the one bothering him mentally.

Unless the problem with his mother is solved, otherwise, he couldn’t welcome the future that Qin Yang described.

Qin Yang said again, “also, there’re so many people in the world, and everyone is busy with their lives.

I’m not a famous celebrity, who would be free to care about us every day?” “Sigh,” He Jin sighed and said, “whatever, I’ll let you be.

” Qin Yang held his face and kissed him repeatedly, then he said with affection, “well, you can control me.

If you are not happy, then you just need to tell me.

If you don’t want me to choose this path, I’ll listen to you, and I’ll find a 9-to-5 job just like you.

” He Jin couldn’t help but laugh after being tickled, he tried to avoid Qin Yang and said briefly, “ok, just do whatever you want.

” “Wifey~~~”, Qin Yang moved over and pressed against He Jin, the two had an intimate moment again.

After calming down, He Jin asked himself – did he really have the right to control Qin Yang’s future? Not likely.

Also, he’s not a girl, he really cared about his own future and career.

The second day, when He Jin went to work, Manager Qu didn’t ask him about that night in the parking lot.

He Jin breathed a sigh of relief.

He also noticed that there were more people discussing about “Demon God”, and he had received many messages asking him about Qin Yang, including Hou Dongyan, “brother Jin, is Qin Yang now the spokesperson of Demon God?” He Jin, “yeah, you also know about it?” .



Hou Dongyan, “it’s such a popular advertisement.

It’s everywhere.

How are you guys by the way?” He Jin, “we’re quite good, why?” Hou Dongyan, “nothing much…it’s just that people are now discussing about you and Qin Yang online again.

There’re also people telling the others that you two are a couple in the game too.

Quite many people are talking about it actually.

” He Jin, “…” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Hou Dongyan, “well, actually they’re just there for gossips.

They didn’t say anything against you, so don’t worry about it.

” How could He Jin not worry about it? He was sure that people would start talking about them again when they returned school, and he had no idea how Qin Yang could keep his cool under this pressure.

The next few days, Qin Yang apparently became busier.

Once, on a weekend, when the two were having dinner at home, Qin Yang suddenly got a call and he had to go outside for business.

The only thing He Jin knew was that he had signed a contract with an entertainment company called “Eastern Emperor International”.

Before school started, He Jin also finished his internship, and Manager Qu wrote him a very positive evaluation report.

He also invited He Jin to return for another internship.

After being recognized, He Jin was really happy, and that gave him a bit of courage too.

He started to realize that he’d simply worried too much.

Just one week before school started, He Jin’s right eyelids kept moving, and he had a very bad feeling.

He once thought that it’s due to the mental pressure that he’s having toward the gossips.

Unexpectedly, on the third day after school started, He Jin suddenly got a call from Hou Dongyan, who yelled, “brother Jin! Your dad is here!” He Jin was shocked and he replied in a panic, “my dad? Only him alone?” “Well, yeah, he’s sitting in the dormitory now, come back quickly!” Hou Dongyan didn’t sound too comfortable.

When He Jin still wanted to ask some more, Hou Dongyan already hung up.

In a while, He Jin got his text message, “no one has slept on your bed for a long time, and there’s dust all over your desk.

You dad seems to have known something, and he doesn’t look very happy.

He asked me where you are, and I didn’t know what to say!” He Jin, “…” After living together with Qin Yang, He Jin rarely stayed in the dorm.

He hurriedly went back, and he was very worried about what his dad was going to say.

How come he suddenly appeared in A city, and how come he didn’t call? More importantly, how come his mom didn’t come along? When he went back to the dormitory, He Jin pushed open the door while panting.

When seeing the tired old man in front of him, just when he was about to call “Dad”, his dad slapped him at once.

He’s never a talkative person.

And after half a year, when he finally saw his son again, he slapped him.

He Jin was stunned, and Hou Dongyan was also completely confused.

After a while, he finally reacted and closed the door of the room.

“He Jin! You…you…” The man’s hand was shaking, and he was clenching his fist tightly.

He pointed at He Jin and scolded him, “tell me, where you are staying now, and who you’re staying with!” He Jin covered his face and he could feel his body getting hot and cold.

He forced himself to respond calmly, “dad, what do you know?” “What do I know? I know everything!” The man was so desperate now that his eyes became red, he raised his hand and wanted to hit He Jin again, but Hou Dongyan stopped him, “uncle, please stop! Sit down and talk!” Hou Dongyan pulled the man aside, and when he was looking at He Jin, his eyes were full of disappointment and accusation, “you argued with your mother at Chinese New Year and you left us, I could only take that you were losing your temper.

And it’s also a good opportunity for you to experience the world outside.

I believed that you knew what to do.

But you never called us during these six months.

If I didn’t call your counsellor, I would never have known that you were doing this disgusting thing behind us!” He Jin wanted to argue, that he was really in love with Qin Yang.

He was really happy being with him, but would this 60-year-old man understand? He Jin wanted to tell his dad about many other good things, such as earning money in the game, being recommended to be a researcher, finding a good job, but after seeing how cold his father was, He Jin didn’t feel like doing so at all.

His lips were trembling, and he couldn’t utter a word.

He could bear with the nervousness, nagging of his mother, and the fact that she never understood him, but he couldn’t accept that even his father was seeing him as a freak.