Waiting For You Online - Chapter 165

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 165

He Jin accepted it, “alright, then we’ll invite Hou Dongyan.

” “Then I’ll invite Lao Bai and Zhang Xiao, we five will gather.

” Qin Yang smiled.

“Zhang Xiao?” He Jin was stunned, “the one from Yan University.

” Qin Yang, “yeah, the one who was in a match with me last semester.

You met him in KTV.

” “I don’t know him too well.

” If it’s just meeting a friend, He Jin wouldn’t feel shy, but now that they were inviting someone to see their “new home”, it made He Jin feel uneasy.

Qin Yang explained, “Jiang Baijian and Zhang Xiao already know that we’re together.

They won’t say anything, especially Zhang Xiao, he has known that I’m in love with you long time ago.

After posting the pictures on friends’ circle, he knew immediately that it’s you, and he congratulated us too.

” When it’s about the pictures, He Jin felt a bit angry again, but he didn’t want to argue with Qin Yang anymore, so he said, “ok then.

” “Are you not happy?” Here, no one could control them.

Qin Yang could kiss He Jin whenever he wanted.

He kissed the corners of his ears, his ears…like a giant, clingy dog, “if you’re not happy, then I won’t let him come.

” When Qin Yang acted like that, He Jin had no ways to reject him.

He smiled and surrendered, “okay then, they’re your friends too, aren’t they?” They slept in their new home on the first night, and they did it again.

This kind of thing seems to be addictive, and this new nest acted like a protective cover, giving He Jin an inexplicable sense of security.

After every time, he found it even more enjoyable than the last one.

The next day, He Jin woke up in the arms of Qin Yang, and finally, he did not feel embarrassed about what happened.

He thought that human beings are really a very adaptable creature.

It’s like a dream to be kissed by his lover in the morning.

He Jin felt a bit confused.




After getting out of bed, the two went to the nearby supermarket to buy the food for their friends.

It was actually not different from the newlyweds.

They carefully selected the rice, salt, snacks…When they arrived home, there were only two hours left before their friends would come.

The two started packing up hurriedly, “what do we do with this?” He Jin took out the tomato that Qin Yang bought.

“Well, let’s make a cold salad!” Qin Yang took out the chopping board, put one of the tomatoes in the middle, and took the kitchen knife that he just bought.

Under the gaze of He Jin who’s in fear, he cut the tomato rudely, making the water in it splash all over.

He Jin, “…” (=_=) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Qin Yang, “give me a plate!” He shoveled the tomato “pieces” onto the plate, Qin Yang cut another one and asked, “so, how is this one? Is the shape better?” He Jin teased him, “so-so.

” They opened a new bag of white sugar, and Qin Yang sprinkled some on it, half of the bowl was covered with sugar.

“Can we…eat that?” He Jin raised his eyebrows, “are you sure you want to take this to our guests?” Qin Yang said calmly, “it’s the offer which counts.

” Well, He Jin had nothing to say, he put a plate of “snowy” tomatoes to the living room and placed it on the table.

He Jin searched in the bag and took out two cucumbers, “then what do we do with this?” Qin Yang touched his chin and said, “we cut and slice it!” With the two good-looking dishes on the table, Qin Yang felt super confident.

He poured out all the ingredients in the bag and said to He Jin, “take my Ipad from my room! I downloaded an App yesterday that’s called ‘learning to cook from scratch’!” “Oh…” He Jin found an Ipad from the bedroom, and placed it on top of the microwave oven that was not easily stained with water and oil.

He Jin liked to eat sweet and sour things, he pointed to the “sweet and sour pork tenderloin” in the picture and said, “this looks very nice.

” Qin Yang slid his fingers on the Ipad and checked out the steps to follow.

The two chose the “primary” category, all of the dishes were extremely simple dishes, like fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fried rice with eggs, fried vegetables… “How about fried eggs?” He Jin opened the menu, the tutorial video began to play after the buffer.

Qin Yang’s eyes flashed, “this is nice, pause and we’ll do it according to the instructions.

” Qin Yang prepared oil and salt seasoning, He Jin picked three fresh eggs and washed them.

Qin Yang asked strangely, “why are you washing the eggs?” He Jin frowned, “the eggs came from that place of the chicken, it’s too dirty.

” Qin Yang was speechless, “but we won’t eat the surface.

” He Jin, “but when you break open it, you’ll touch it, right?” Qin Yang, “…” He Jin washed the eggs.

He did not really know the way to break one.

He broke it like someone breaks open a tea egg, and his hands were full of egg white, “Oh…how disgusting…” (=_=) Qin Yang touched his forehead, “well, just put it there.

I’ll do it.

” Although Qin Yang couldn’t cook either, comparing to He Jin who never did any housework, he’s still much better in it.

Therefore, He Jin ended up being his assistant.

He gave Qin Yang the ingredients and helped him adjust the video progress, “hey, it’s too fast, I didn’t see it clearly.

Go back a little.

” “Here?” “A little ahead…right, start from there!” “Oh…the egg is getting fluffy!” “Yeah, it smells so nice!” (⊙o⊙) The two guys stared at the fried eggs on the pan, and were so excited, as if the eggs had become gold.

After so many difficulties, a plate of fried eggs was finally made.

Qin Yang busily stuffed it onto a plate.

He Jin took it and was starry-eyes, “wow, it’s great!” Qin Yang played with the pan like playing with his tennis racket, “is your husband powerful?” He Jin suddenly remembered something and asked, “oh, by the way, did you put any salt?” Qin Yang’s eyes twitched, “looks like I didn’t.

Try it.

” He Jin poked the eggs with his chopstick and said, “you didn’t…can we use some sauce?” Qin Yang, “good idea!” It’s almost twelve o’clock, and there was soon a knocking sound.

Qin Yang’s bracelet also rang at this moment.

In two hours, Qin Yang and He Jin only made four dishes, and two of them were even cold dishes! Looking at the strangely shaped tomato salad on the table, the cucumber with vinegar, the fried eggs with one corner missed, and the white pork which had turned black, He Jin opened the door with worries.

Jiang Baijian and Zhang Xiao arrived together.

After they greeted each other, they yelled already, “what smells so nice?” It should be the taste of the fried eggs? Like the head of the family, He Jin welcomed them in gracefully and gave them a cup of milk tea.

“Oh my! What are these?” Zhang Xiao stared at the four dishes and was disappointed.

He Jin quickly took out the roasted duck, roasted goose and sauced meat from the kitchen… “Wow!” Zhang’s expression changed instantly.

Looking surprised, he pointed at the dishes and asked, “did you make all these? It’s too amazing!” He Jin replied honestly, “it’s the cooked food we got from supermarket.

” Zhang Xiao, “…” In a short while, Hou Dongyan also came.

He did not care about the dishes as much as Zhang Xiao and Jiang Baijian did.

Instead, he curiously checked out the new home of the two.

“It’s really nice, looks good and warm!” Hou Dongyan’s thought was initially quite pure.

When he visited the bedroom, he saw a used condom in the trash can next to their bed.

Hou Dongyan was completely shocked and he instantly felt a bit uncomfortable! …Sicko Qin, give me back the pure brother Jin! After dinner, all of them were sitting around the small table and toasted.

Jiang Baijian said first, “congratulations! Let us have more free meals in the future!” Qin Yang, “no way, only this time!” Zhang Xiao then said, “congrats to the newlyweds!” All of them, “…” He Jin felt ashamed of Zhang Xiao’s unconscionable “congratulations”.

Zhang Xiao coughed a bit and switched to his serious mode, “He Jin, I was not very close with you before, and I’ll formally introduce myself.

My name is Zhang Xiao.

I am a high school classmate of Qin Yang but we were in different grades.

We were playing tennis in high school all the time.

And I knew earlier that this guy had been in love with someone for many years, but I didn’t expect that it’s you.

How to say…Qin Yang’s boyfriend is my…oh? Damn, doesn’t sound quite right!” Everyone laughed, and Qin Yang toasted with him, “ok, you’re almost tongue-tied, save your words!” Finally, it was Hou Dongyan who spoke.

Hou Dongyan held a glass of wine and looked at He Jin.

He said sincerely, “brother Jin, I don’t know what to say.

Anyway, it’s good that you’re happy.

” It’s good that you’re happy.

It’s the most genuine way to say.

Life should be full of joy, who wouldn’t want to make the most of his youth? As He Jin had already accepted to be with Qin Yang, he didn’t mind to let go even more.

He raised his glass and said “thank you”, and finished his wine.