Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 48

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 48

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Feng’s consciousness connected to the training space.

From now on, he was the controller of everything here.

A large amount of spirit energy began to circulate within Ye Feng’s body.

Under the enhancement of [Starfire Meditation], Ye Feng discovered that there was a large amount of spirit energy in the surroundings.

He could completely absorb it crazily! This was also the convenience of the training ground.

This place contained almost all the spiritual power mediums that they could use for training.

Moreover, they could freely define these spiritual power mediums.

They could have as many as they wanted! This also allowed them to continuously launch the most extreme attack! Boom! Please Keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M A fist afterimage flashed past and directly hit a dummy! The instant the fist hit, the second fist immediately attacked! Every time Ye Feng circulated his magic power, there would be countless amounts of magic power condensed into his fist.

Every time he swung his fist, it would be accompanied by a series of low roars.

This was Ye Feng’s current physical strength! This was not even under the condition of using his ability, but he was able to achieve such an astonishing physical quality.

If it was combined with the ability he released, then his strength would be extremely terrifying! Under the enchantment of the magic power, every punch that was thrown out carried an incomparably powerful attack power! Moreover, under the enchantment of the magic power, it could also give Ye Feng enhanced attack power.

For a moment, the surrounding staff members all subconsciously looked toward Ye Feng’s side.

Those in the training were also attracted by Ye Feng’s stance and stopped one after another.

This was because those in the training hall were basically people like them who had come to participate in the entrance examination.

Therefore, almost all of them cultivated normally and paid attention to the abilities of others.

As the saying goes, knowing yourself and your enemy is invincible.

They also carried out this concept in this way.

But when they saw Ye Feng, their expressions became unsightly.

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)C0M This guy had such a powerful attack.

If they were hit by a punch, wouldn’t they go home to see their mother? Everyone frowned and stared at Ye Feng.

“Who is this guy? I haven’t seen him in the training hall before.

Is he new?” Lin Xiaoyue, who was standing on the control panel, was also attracted to Ye Feng when she saw such a big move.

“Senior Xiaoyue, he’s a newcomer who came to participate in the entrance exam this year.

He just entered the training hall to train.

” The male student next to her also reported the information he knew to this senior named Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded and looked at Ye Feng on the monitor.

“This guy’s foundation isn’t bad!” “Such a powerful attack.

A normal person wouldn’t be able to sustain more than a few punches and would be able to deflect the force from their entire body.

This kid is actually able to throw more than ten punches consecutively?!!” Could it be that there was such a newcomer? The school belle was naturally very appreciative of him.

“His spiritual power is too strong.

Almost every punch contains a huge amount of spiritual power.

His basic strength isn’t bad.

He should be good at close combat, right?” When the man by the side heard Lin Xiaoyue’s evaluation, his eyes revealed a look of envy.

Lin Xiaoyue was the person-in-charge of this West Mountain Training Ground.

She was also the second year school belle of Cloud Mist Academy.

Her strength was also not bad in all aspects.

In the entire second year ranking, her combat strength was also the number one existence.

Therefore, to receive such a high evaluation from her, it also meant that this man was very impressive.

The entire training ground was very huge.

The training ground alone could accommodate as many as 50 people.

But her gaze was more focused on Ye Feng’s side.

After all, the surprise that Ye Feng brought had already made her very curious.

Even without comparing herself to others, Lin Xiaoyue subconsciously looked at Ye Feng’s side.

Lin Xiaoyue’s intuition told her that this guy’s strength was definitely far beyond the present! In the current battle, how could anyone only focus on cultivating their own physical body! What about Ye Feng’s symbiotic body? Lin Xiaoyue was also curious and curious, wanting to know what Ye Feng was doing.

“You stay here and keep an eye on him.

If there’s an emergency, call me.

I’ll go and meet this kid.

” After Lin Xiaoyue gave her instructions, she left.

Lin Xiaoyue was also very curious about such a shocking newcomer.

Perhaps it was because she was bored and couldn’t wait to get to know him.

Ye Feng still used all the spiritual power in his body and kept swinging his fist.

With a rumbling explosion, he threw out a punch with a tremendous power pressure! This power was so strong that even when he pulled back his fist, it was accompanied by a series of whooshing sounds.

But Ye Feng knew that no matter how strong his fist was… It was impossible for it to be stronger than the current Slime’s ability.

The reason why he came to cultivate his physical body was naturally to conceal his true strength.

Until the entrance examination, Ye Feng did not want to expose his true strength.

The greater destructive power of Ye Feng’s fist lay in the strength of his spirit energy.

And the most direct source of spirit energy strength was the Slime’s ability bonus.

If he really restrained the Slime completely… Then Ye Feng’s punch would probably not cause any harm.

Even if there was damage, it would only be superficial.

Ye Feng knew this very well, so when he used his physical body to attack, he was also very cautious.

But he still did not need to worry too much.

After all, if one could see that most of his energy was circulated based on the Slime, then that person’s strength and cultivation would definitely not be too weak.

In front of a strong person, no matter how well Ye Feng hid, he would still be exposed.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not want to completely hide himself.

The people he really wanted to hide from were the competitors who participated in the entrance exam.

At least to them, they could not see Ye Feng’s true strength at all.

Another punch was thrown out, carrying a huge amount of spiritual energy, and it attacked toward a dummy! That dummy received Ye Feng’s punch.

It was instantly dismembered! Its body fragments were scattered everywhere! Ye Feng was also very surprised.

These dummy’s cultivation levels were set to E grade by him.

Setting them to this level also allowed them to be more resistant to hammers.

But Ye Feng also did not expect this.

Even if it was an E grade cultivation level, it would not be able to withstand his punch! This destructive power was indeed strong enough! After the dummy was fatally damaged, it was directly reset in the next second.

Those fragments were all gathered in a beam of strong light.

When the strong light dissipated, the dummy returned to its original appearance! The spiritual energy gathered again.

Just as Ye Feng was about to throw another punch, a girl’s voice interrupted his gathering of strength.

“Are you ready to participate in the entrance exam?” Ye Feng stopped his attack, withdrew his spiritual energy, and looked back.

A very bold figure was displayed.

That incomparably exquisite face, coupled with that figure, was simply a killing move! Ye Feng nodded and looked at Lin Xiaoyue, who was walking over, with confusion.

He didn’t seem to know this person either! “Yes, may I ask who you are?” Ye Feng replied in confusion.

“I’m the person-in-charge here.

My name is Lin Xiaoyue.

” “I saw that your spiritual energy fluctuation was very high, so I was a little curious and wanted to come over to understand.

” “Hello, my name is Ye Feng.

” “There’s one thing that I’m particularly shocked about.

Every time you swing your fist, it can form an extremely strong spiritual energy convergence.

Just based on this point alone, you’re already ahead of many classmates!” Hearing this, Ye Feng smiled bitterly and said, “Senior Sister, you flatter me…” In his heart, he thought that if it was because of this matter, then there was no need for it to be too big.

Even though he thought so, Ye Feng still had to respond with a smile.

After all, there was a big sister beauty standing in front of him, but she was the person-in-charge here.

If he had a good relationship with her, he might be able to come over for free to train! Ye Feng had a little plan in his heart.

As he thought this, a discordant voice suddenly sounded.

“Yo! This person looks very familiar!”