Waiting For You Online - Chapter 150

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 150

Qin Yang was half awake, he touched the other side of the bed and found out that there’s no one.

He was scared and immediately got up, then, he vaguely heard the sound of water from the bathroom.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and got out of bed to find a pair of trousers.

He walked into the bathroom afterwards.

The motel’s bathroom was placed between the bedroom and the living room, with a floor-to-ceiling glass on both sides, a translucent frosted drape from inside, and a white ceiling light depicting the guy’s silhouette.

After a while, the sound of the water stopped, Qin Yang gently knocked on the door and called, “He Jin.

” The figure inside paused.

When he came out, he was wearing a bathrobe, his hair was wet, and so were his eyes.

The bathrobe failed to cover the red marks on his necks, they were scattered all over and it’d make one think.

He Jin, who was sober, glanced at Qin Yang coldly and went back to the bedroom.

Realizing that he done something wrong, Qin Yang knew that he shouldn’t talk too much.

He followed He Jin like a tail, and when seeing He Jin lying on bed, he seemed to be more at ease.

The Sun was not up yet, and they could still use some sleep.

Qin Yang got up from bed and wanted to hold He Jin, who turned his head and gave him an angry look, “didn’t you say that you wouldn’t do anything?” Finally, He Jin had to ask this.

He felt so helpless, since he’d got so drunk, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to reject Qin Yang.

However, if Qin Yang didn’t arouse him, could this have happened between them? Comparing with other college students who like to sleep around, theirs is just a small deal.

However, for someone who’s bound with traditional values for his life, this has been too much for He Jin.

All the parts that have been touched and kissed…they still felt hot now, as if Qin Yang had left marks on his body… He didn’t want to sound like he couldn’t accept it.

Even though he’s now dating Qin Yang, it didn’t make sense.

What kind of couple does this in a motel, on the very first day of their relationship? Qin Yang is a douchebag! .



“I just couldn’t help it…” Qin Yang looked at him straightly.

He wanted to use his cute looks to seduce He Jin some more, hoping to have his forgiveness, but He Jin just didn’t buy this trick, he’s not influenced at all.

Seeing how cold He Jin still looked, Qin Yang said weakly, “also, it seemed that you’d enjoyed it too…” He Jin was more pissed off after hearing this.

He turned over and kicked on Qin Yang’s knees.

Qin Yang screamed loudly, but used this opportunity to hold He Jin tightly, pressing his chin against his shoulders and apologized foolishly, “I’m sorry, it’s my bad.

I won’t do it anymore.

” Qin Yang had never dated with a girl before, and he had no idea what to do when his lover was angry.

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COM Seeing that Ah Jin was unhappy, his heart started to twitch! He Jin never knew Qin Yang to be this clingy person, but he couldn’t refuse anymore.

Like a deflated balloon, he twisted a bit and scolded Qin Yang lightly, “go take a shower.

It stinks!” It seems that He Jin was disgusted by the smell of sweat and wine on Qin Yang, and that particular smell that lingered in the room…with that smell, He Jin gradually flushed again.

With the order, Qin Yang obediently went for shower.

After the shower, he also took a hairdryer out.

Seeing that He Jin was still sleeping, he started helping him to blow dry his hair gently.

He Jin struggled no more and let Qin Yang hold him.

Qin Yang closed his eyes and made a metaphor wildly in his head.

He felt that this person in his arms was like a game called “He Jin”.

Every contradiction between the two, no matter how awkward it turned out, would become a level challenge for him.

Occasionally, there would even be a boss that is more difficult to deal with, but he could always overcome it in the end.

Just now, Qin Yang felt that he’d reached the next level, which felt incredibly awesome! When they woke up again, it’s almost 9 already! The two guys climbed up in a hurry, and when He Jin found his underwear under the bed, his facial expression went blank!