Waiting For You Online - Chapter 149

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 149

The two guys’ fingers were intertwined with each other, and it was He Jin’s first time to let Qin Yang hold his hands without any struggle.

As there’s nothing He Jin could do, Qin Yang rubbed He Jin’s smaller hands against his fingers with obsession.

Then, he played with his fingers a little more, drawing circles on his palm.

He Jin felt tickled and he wanted to retreat, but Qin Yang grabbed his hands again and wouldn’t let him go, as if he’s playing with his pet… “Are you done yet…” He Jin was trembling a bit.

Since he’s small, Qin Yang had been the only person making him so shy and his heart beat so quickly, like a fifteen-year-old.

Qin Yang, “hey, when did you start admiring me?” He’s like an obsessed teenager, asking for confirmation from his lover.

He Jin started pretending, “I don’t remember…” Qin Yang, “then, when did you find out that you’re having feelings toward me?” He Jin, “I don’t know.

” Qin Yang went on asking, “there must be a certain moment, like when you found me handsome, that I have a great body, or I’m good in the game, I’m nicer to you…” He Jin has never seen someone as thick-skinned as Qin Yang… However, once he thought that since he’d say yes of being his boyfriend, there seemed to be nothing else to hide.

He Jin tried hard to think, and started telling Qin Yang some details, “once, we were shopping in the Imperial City and saw Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane kissing.

I asked you what you thought about it.

Remember?” .



Qin Yang, “yeah, what about it?” He Jin, “you always have your own thoughts, and you are so persistent.

It amazes me.

Unlike me, you’ve been such a brave person.

” That’s true, no matter it’s the tennis, or waiting for He Jin for 8 years in the game, He Jin wouldn’t have done the same.

Also, Qin Yang had unique interpretations to sex and relationships, and it impressed He Jin a lot too.

Such a feature was fatally attractive to He Jin.

Of course, Qin Yang was very nice to him, and that made him fall even more.

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COM He Jin, “also, the other day, when you sent me so many messages on the eve of the Valentine’s Day.

I read all of them.

” Qin Yang, “…” No way, Qin Yang couldn’t help but start covering his face, he tried to recall what had happened to him that night… However, since He Jin had read all the messages that night, then why did he still pretend to know nothing? If he hadn’t kissed He Jin that night, and if he hadn’t told He Jin his true feelings in reality, He Jin probably would never speak the truth, right? “At the time, I was really angry that you lied to me, but I was very touched at the same time.

” He Jin lowered his eyes and nervously held Qin Yang’s hand, “I’d never thought that I’d fall in love with a guy…” Qin Yang became very nervous that He Jin would retreat, he immediately held He Jin tightly.

And he thought, with someone like He Jin, it might be better to force a little.

After holding him for a while, He Jin reminded, “let’s go, let’s have dinner.

” Qin Yang grabbed his hand and begged him, “let’s sleep here tonight.

” He Jin, “…” “I am really dying to be here with you every minute.

” Qin Yang wouldn’t let him go, like an unsatisfied child, “only one night, I won’t do anything.

Really, just like before…” In fact, He Jin also wanted to do so.

Anyway, all they were doing was just holding each other, and touching a bit, Qin Yang was also willing to behave.

He Jin couldn’t say no to the way Qin Yang begged him, and he had no ways but to accept, “alright, let me go, give up…” Qin Yang was so excited as if he’s given a new life, and jumped right out of bed.

The two left their helmets in the room, and when they went downstairs, He Jin asked, “do we need to pay more fees for the room then?” Qin Yang smiled, “no need, I did already.

” He Jin, “…” How come he felt set up again? Qin Yang saw a Sichuanese restaurant nearby and pulled He Jin inside, “Sichuan cuisine is great for us! Let’s celebrate!” When they sat down, Qin Yang said again, “today, we won the match, and we’ve started dating, why not order a bottle of wine?” He Jin didn’t think too much.

He responded briefly and looked at the menu.

After reading a few pages, he saw Qin Yang waving his hand and calling for his waitress, then ordered five to six dishes.

He Jin was surprised, “that many?” Qin Yang, “aren’t we going to celebrate? Of course we must order more.

If we can’t finish, we can bring some home and eat it later…what else do you want?” He Jin was afraid that he couldn’t finish it, of course he didn’t want to order more.

Also, he didn’t like ordering dishes so much, so he let Qin Yang do the job.

The dishes and the wine came together.

The two guys cheered to each other but didn’t really know what to say.

To congratulate for the victory of the match? Or to celebrate their start of dating? Both sounded quite weird, so in the end, nothing was said.

Qin Yang looked up and finished the wine.

There wasn’t a lot, so He Jin finished it too.

Qin Yang smiled and poured him some more wine, he pointed the plate with his chopsticks, “eat.

” He Jin took one, it was so spicy that he couldn’t take it.

Qin Yang was the same, they stuck out their tongues and had to drink some cold beer.

They were excited for such good food.

When guys were together, it seems that they have to compete for everything.

Looking at Qin Yang, He Jin didn’t want to show that he’s weak.

He started drinking beer and eating more as well, and had slowly gotten used to the spiciness.

The two were chatting about different topics while eating, but it was mostly Qin Yang who did the talking.

He was telling He Jin about his travels, different cultures, making He Jin very jealous, as he’s only been to two cities all his life, one is his hometown, another is A city where the University was.

Qin Yang asked, “do you want to go somewhere specifically?” After a few bottles of wine, plus the spicy dishes, He Jin didn’t feel very comfortable in the stomach, and he was a bit drunk as well.

Without any reserve, he told Qin Yang what he had wanted to do all along, “I really want to…go skiing.

” Qin Yang, “skiing? Then we need to go to Heilongjiang.

Last time I saw a good place in a travel magazine, it seems to be called Xuecun.

I’ll check it, when it is warmer in May, let’s go together.

” He Jin was really looking forward to it.

Then, Qin Yang went on by mentioning a few fun cities surrounding A city, and suggested driving there during weekends with He Jin.

After the dinner, He Jin had no idea how much wine he’d taken, and he didn’t even know where the exit was.

Although he still looked calm, he couldn’t focus his vision anymore.

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Qin Yang took him back to the hotel, and he leaned over to kiss his cheeks.

He Jin did not react, as he was already drunk.

When they were back at the hotel, Qin Yang held him and threw him on the bed, grabbed his hand and called his name lazily, “Ah Jin.

” With still some senses left, he just replied with a brief “umm”, and he couldn’t react quickly.

Qin Yang stared at him for a while and asked, “who am I?” He Jin looked at him with a foolish look, and after a few more seconds, he answered, “Qin Yang.

” Qin Yang smiled, and he suddenly went even closer to He Jin.

When he was less than a centimeter away from He Jin’s lips, he suddenly stopped and chuckled, “silly…” He Jin took a breath, they were so close, and their noses were filled with each other’s noses, they were so familiar, yet so new…in the air, it was slowly filled with an infatuating feeling, and it started to make them lose their last bit of rationality… Indeed, in such kind of a situation, how is it possible to do nothing? Under the stimulation of alcohol, the catalysis of hormones, the two naturally started kissing each other.

He Jin did not resist, but his body was trembling slightly.

This time, it was different, he wasn’t forced to kiss, like last time inside the car.

This time, he was looking forward to it.