Waiting For You Online - Chapter 144

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 144

It Doesn’t Make Sense The audience was eagerly awaiting Fire to take Ah Jin and jump down.

At least, all the members would then meet there, and they might have a higher chance to win.

Expectedly, someone started talking on the public channel.

[Arena] “Fire”, “I will stay in the cave with Ah Jin and fight with the Binghua dogs.

You three meet first, and we’ll be there shortly.

” Not only didn’t Fire bring Ah Jin to jump off the cliff, but he even had time to reply on the public channel! And not only did he reply, but that was also a long sentence! …Be there shortly? Was Fire going to KO these three guys then meet with his mates? The audience was dumbfounded.

At this critical moment, how could Fire act so calmly? Did he really have the power to, or was he overconfident of himself? The host was stunned as well, and he uttered a sound of embarrassment… Bullet screen — “I want to know who are these ‘Binghua dogs’ that Fire was referring to? Who was he scolding at?” “It should be the abbreviation of the three guys – Ice-cream (Haagen-Daaz), Flower Yiyi and Inuyasha…” “I suddenly thought of Lu Binghua…” .



“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” After sending that message, Fire commanded Ah Jin, “Ah Jin, you fight the dog with Dumpling, and let me handle Binghua.

” Since Fire said this using the voice message function, and inside the map, some players were also using this function.

Although the audience didn’t hear it clearly, people around Fire did.

Inuyasha was so pissed off that he yelled, “hell! I’m a wolf, not a dog!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Fire asked seriously, “aren’t they the same?” Inuyasha, “…” Bullet screen — “I feel for Inuyasha, haha…what a smart guy!” “Fire is really good at arguing…” “Are you sure that Fire didn’t say such things to piss off Inuyasha? Well, he even bullied his wife!” Haagen-Daaz said coldly, “Fire, for the singles PK, you just won me with a blood level of 10%, but now you have to face both me and Yiyi, aren’t you a bit arrogant?” “Not at all, you will see!” Then, he took out his sword and released a “Fire Hell” trapping trick, which is similar to the one used in the air attack.

With this trick, he had fixed Flower Yiyi who had wanted to attack Ah Jin from behind.

On the side, Ah Jin, with a blood level of 62%, had turned into a ferret, and together with Dumpling with a blood level of 9%, they were facing Inuyasha with 77% of blood.

Inuyasha was thinking, so what if these two united against him? Their blood levels aren’t even higher than his! He couldn’t help but started teasing them, “little ferret, you had fun in escaping in the fairy pets PK, are you going to do the same now?” Ah Jin, “…” (=____=) Parents have a natural connection with their children.

The offensive attitude of Inuyasha toward Ah Jin was as offensive for Dumpling too.

The intelligent magic baby immediately started his fire attack in the air, knocking out 3% of Inuyasha’ s blood.

Inuyasha, “…” Darn it, this system pet’s attack power was indeed quite strong! He no longer wanted to talk nonsense, so he hurried to Ah Jin, and Dumpling was making weird noises.

They continually fired against Inuyasha from above, just like a little monster! Inuyasha felt that something was not right.

It turned out that the horned little monster could fly.

Therefore, although it only had 9% of blood left now, the blood volume would stay the same.

As long as it continued to be there, there was a chance for Inuyasha to be beaten! It seemed that the only way is to quickly get rid of the ferret in front of him – Dumpling entered the arena as Ah Jin’s pet, and as long as Ah Jin died, Dumpling would disappear too.

As Inuyasha analyzed it, it was hard to attack from the air, but when it’s a one-on-two battle, it looked like the blood level of the wolf and that of the ferret was getting closer.

Originally, there was a 12% difference, and now it’s 10%, 9%, and 7%… Inuyasha was calculating while fighting, and he was constantly encouraging himself.

Well, he could do it, of course! When Ah Jin’s blood level was only 5%, Inuyasha looked up…and his was only 4%…? This value was the same as last match’s, and it made Inuyasha extremely shocked.

He was panicking, was he going to lose to the ferret again? At this moment, a shining ice ball suddenly flew from aside, the ice ball attack of Flower Yiyi had successfully frozen the frantic Dumpling! This timely help had given hope to Inuyasha – haha! So what if there’s a 1% difference? The little monster could not move now, and with two more strikes, he would be able to send Ah Jin and his pet baby to the Heaven! Inuyasha extended his wolf claw that heralded victory, but then a pink beam suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the top of the ferret – something’s not going well!!! When he realized this, it was already too late.

Inuyasha was witnessing the blood level of the ferret rapidly increasing to 28%! Very soon, his world was darkened…in the fairy pets PK, he could still run freely in the wheat field, but in this one, he had never escaped from the cave! At the moment of dying, Inuyasha was thinking incredulously.

Just how could Fire add blood to his wife and he was fighting two others himself? What has made this monster’s dad so powerful? Well, the audience also thought that it’s unscientific.

They couldn’t be bothered to watch the battle of Dead Water now.

They were fully focusing on this wonderful couple fight, witnessing how Fire handled Haagen-Daaz and Flower Yiyi without panic.

He was still in full control! Actually, since the beginning, Flower Yiyi hadn’t gained much.

First, she was locked by Ruthless and that trick lasted for 6 seconds.

After 6 seconds, she had just finished adding blood to ice-cream, and Fire, who was fighting with Haagen-Daaz, suddenly hit her with a fireball.

She could only hurriedly cure Haagen-Daaz.

Fire could avoid every attack of hers.

It’s like this guy knew every move of hers, and was sure of what she’s going to do.

The ice ball that had frozen Dumpling was her only successful trick.

But then, she had to bear the powerful revenge from Fire! Before, she never felt that it’s a hard task adding blood for this person, or assisting him.

Fighting against Fire with Haagen-Daaz was initially one of the hopes of Flower Yiyi.

She wanted to let Fire know that without her, he couldn’t do anything, and that he did need her.

She was imagining that Fire would be beaten frantically by her and Haagen-Daaz, and he would beg her to go back to him… But the reality slapped her in the face – even with a one-on-two battle, Fire was equally powerful! Instead, she and Haagen-Daaz had become such a joke in front of the audience, just like their nickname given – ‘Lu Binghua’! Haagen-Dazs growled, “Yiyi, add blood! What are you thinking about?” Flower Yiyi then absentmindedly added blood to Haagen-Daaz.

When she was assisting Fire, he had never yelled at her like that.

No matter what happened, he was always calm to her.

To be honest, she had never seen him lose anyway… Although Haagen-Dazs now had a higher blood level than Ruthless, and they still stood a chance of winning, Flower Yiyi had already become pessimistic.

Inuyasha died, and Dumpling, who had now recovered from the ice ball attack, was flying toward Fire to assist him.

Ah Jin was also bravely rushing to the front line.

Haagen-Daaz suddenly became energetic again.

What was the ferret doing? Sending himself to Heaven? Right, if I can’t kill Ruthless now, then I’ll kill his wife! Unexpectedly, when Haagen-Daaz looked at Ah Jin, the ferret revealed his stomach and got on the ground…the cute-ifying skill! Haagen-Daaz, “……” Flower Yiyi who also saw this scene, “…”   Bullet screen — “Damn it, how could this be?” “I’ve become blind now, hahaha…” “I was thinking that it’s weird for Ah Jin to rush to the front, since she can’t fly, it turned out to be the cute-ifying skill!” “Ruthless, let’s talk about the methods of using your wife.

” … Right, not only the cute-ifying skill worked for fairy pets, but it worked for any players too.

Ah Jin’s first successful target of this skill was Fire! Qin Yang gave his compliment with a smile, “well done! “ He Jin quickly retreated to a safe area, just when Haagen-Daaz and Flower Yiyi quickly returned to their human forms in eight seconds, after the debuff, he quickly added blood to Fire using the husband and wife skill… Very soon, Fire’s now full of blood! Haagen-Daaz wanted to die now, his demon-level wet nurse was right next to him, yet he had never felt what it’s like to be full of blood! Some people are just incomparably powerful!