Waiting For You Online - Chapter 134

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 134

Chapter 134 – The Upgrading Match The third game was a singles PK match, Nine Hall His Highness was chosen to play.

He was a bit nervous, “I hope I won’t encounter ‘Huang Taiji’, or I’ll feel like killing an Emperor…” Dead Water burst into laughter, “you were teasing me and now you’re the one who’s more like an actor.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “…” He didn’t encounter Huang Taiji, but he saw the Dragon Prince.

Unlike the times when he was with his teammates, Nine Hall His Highness acted very seriously on the arena, but still, he’d lost.

This is the second time the Sentimental team lost, aside from the match between Twig Fence and Zhi Zhi.

Nine Hall His Highness returned to the waiting area looking totally defeated, and Wild Crane said, “what is this Dragon Prince about? How come even Nine Hall His Highness couldn’t win?” Dead Water jokingly said, “that’s a ‘Prince’, Nine is a Royal Highness, of course, he’s more inferior.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “…how dare you!” In fact, the teammates all understood that after Nine Hall His Highness’ strength wasn’t as strong as before the hologram…not only he started to be afraid of insects, but he’s also started to be afraid of altitude.

However, his mates cared about his feelings and didn’t tell him explicitly.




Dead Water, “alright.

We’ll win it back in the team match, let’s go.

” “Wait.

” Qin Yang suddenly pressed the shoulders of Nine Hall His Highness, “why don’t you rest? Don’t join the team match.

” His face went pale, there you go…he lowered his head and didn’t respond.

Qin Yang explained with a smile, “your name’s style is too similar to that of My Emperor team, I’m worried that I’ll kill you by accident.

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COM Nine Hall His Highness smiled, and he was touched by how considerate Ruthless is.

Qin Yang looked at He Jin, “Ah Jin, it’s your turn.

” They didn’t quite understand what Fire meant.

Ah Jin is a spiritual pet, even if Fire wanted him to join, he wouldn’t be counted as a player technically, so why did Fire specifically mention about Ah Jin? Dead Water, “do you want Ah Jin to fight as a player?” Qin Yang, “yes.

” He Jin was a bit confused as well, “I don’t think I can help much.

” If he didn’t release skills as a spiritual pet, then his existence might as well be useless.

“It’s alright, let Dumpling go with you.

” Qin Yang then appointed Dead Water, Leisure Cloud, and Wild Crane.

Now there were five, and the team match was about to begin.

When the Sentimental Team announced the teammates that were about to play, the audience instantly got excited again.

Even the host, Xiao Lan was a bit surprised, “the Sentimental team has replaced Nine Hall His Highness with Ah Jin.

” Huang Huang said jokingly, “is this a punishment to Nine Hall His Highness?” Xiao Lan, “it could be an act of forgiving to Nine Hall His Highness who was exhausted from the singles PK match, and that was a long one.

” Huang Huang, “even so, the Sentimental team could have chosen Zhao Mingyue, the wet nurse, why would they choose the spiritual pet Ah Jin?” Xiao Lan, “I’m not quite sure.

Let’s see.

” The players were called upon the arena, and they were stunned at the same time…they were in a mountain, there was lava was everywhere, and the ground was full of crawling spiders! Huang Huang screamed, “ah! Isn’t this the map of killing monsters in Hell?” Xiao Lan seemed to have realized it too, “yes, it seems so, and without little monsters!” The teammates in the Sentimental team breathed a sigh of relief, it was actually fortunate for Nine Hall His Highness since he didn’t join… Huang Huang, “I’ve heard that this copy has become the most disgusting one after the hologram of ‘Demon God’! No players want to be on this version!” Xiao Lan, “haha, is it because of those insects and snakes? I can understand, since they look too real, especially for female players who usually can’t stand them.

We’ve seen that one of the players in My Emperor team is already feeling uncomfortable…” Huang Huang, “if they encounter an enemy now, it’d be extremely bad…” When the ten players entered the arena, they were refreshed in different positions on the map.

In this case, it all depends on luck whether a refreshing point is beneficial for the player, if one is unlucky, he would be refreshed and appear in the same position as his enemy, and there’s nothing he could do if he’s surrounded by several enemies.

Xiao Lan, “the leader of the Sentimental team, Fire, has seen the Dragon Prince.

However, he hasn’t launched an attack, he chose to hide behind the mountain…” At this moment, everyone saw that Fire sent a message on the public channel of the arena — [Arena] Fire, “Ah Jin, come.

” He Jin, “…” This order didn’t sound flattering, but it’s in the game now.

No matter how their relationship in real life was, He Jin had to listen to his leader.

Huang Huang immediately said, “Ah Jin has used the ‘following shadow’ trick to be with Fire!” Xiao Lan, “we’ve almost forgotten that Ah Jin and Fire are a couple.

Even on the arena, they could still help each other restore blood level and resurrect, and meet with the ‘following shadow’ trick like just now!” Huang Huang, “then they’re each other’s best caretaker!” Xiao Lan, “indeed, even Huang Taiji had used the same trick to meet Empress Thousand Years.

Anyway, it seems that the Dragon Prince is now in a critical situation.

” Huang Huang, “yes, he’s facing the back attack from Fire and Ah Jin.

Did Fire call Ah Jin to be there to add blood for him?” Xiao Lan, “I don’t think so…Ah Jin has just transformed herself.

” Inside the arena, Ah Jin, who’s turned into a ferret was following Fire with Dumpling and the flamingo.

Everyone was stunned…they felt like Ruthless was leading three pets at the same time… Huang Huang, “Fire has launched an attack to the Dragon Prince, and his pets followed…the system pet lion of the Dragon Prince was surrounded by the three…no, Fire’s wife, son, and pet!” Xiao Lan, “the pet baby seems to be very strong; the lion is attacked within seconds!” [Arena] Dragon Prince, “help help help…” Huang Huang, “the Dragon Prince has sent a cry for help on the public channel.

Unfortunately, his teammates are farther away, and we’re not sure whether they can be there on time.

” [Arena] Huang Taiji, “where are you going?” When Huang Taiji asked this, the profile picture of the Dragon Prince instantly darkened.

At this moment, it was just one minute after the match has started.

[Arena] Huang Taiji, “……” [Arena] Wild Crane, “who did this? I want to give him a like!” [Arena] Dead Water, “you still have time for this, looks like you have nothing to do.

” [Arena] Wild Crane, “it’s been a long while and I haven’t seen a familiar face, nor an enemy.

” In fact, players who’re familiar with the copy of the map can meet their teammates directly, but no one dared to expose their position before getting enough power.

They didn’t want to attract enemies instead of teammates.

[Arena] Wild Crane, “oh, here comes an enemy!” Who Wild Crane had seen was “I am Handsome” who’s afraid of insects.

At this time, Fire and Ah Jin, after filling each other’s blood level, continued forward.

They turned around and saw “Romantic Royal Highness” from My Emperor team! [Arena] Romantic Royal Highness, “damn it!” Xiao Lan, “it looks like that My Emperor team will face a lot of challenges this time…I am Handsome has encountered Wild Crane, and Romantic Royal Highness has encountered Fire and Ah Jin together!” Ah Jin was a little stunned as well, but that’s not because of “Romantic Royal Highness”, it’s because of his pet – the Green Hedgehog.

Fire didn’t give time for Romantic Royal Highness to flee, and he took his sword and followed immediately.

He Jin also transformed himself back to the human form.

Both the hosts and the audience were speechless…and the next second, the young man in a white outfit took out his flute and bamboo raft and started playing the song! Green Hedgehog, “……” Bullet screen — “damn, it’s the same trick!” “It’s so unethical!” “I’ve suddenly seen the strength of Fire’s wife, she can add blood for her husband and she can play the flute…” After a moment, the profile pictures of Romantic Royal Highness and I am Handsome have darkened… Until now, every team member of the Sentimental team has survived, while there were only two left from My Emperor team.

Anyone could foresee the results easily now.

Qin Yang directly reported the gathering point.

The score was 5:2, they’ve won easily.

Xiao Lan, “tonight’s match has ended.

Congratulations to the Sentimental team which has made it to the finals on Sunday!” Huang Huang, “so, who will be the final opponent of the Sentimental team? Tomorrow at 7 pm, please watch the match between Haagen-Daaz and My Emperor.

” All the teammates in the Sentimental team hugged each other.

Nine Hall His Highness took his initiative, “fortunately I wasn’t there, otherwise you couldn’t have won.

” He Jin was happy too, although he still had to act together with Fire and it seemed that he didn’t outperform, he did contribute to the team at least.

Fire, “tomorrow, let’s watch the match between Haagen-Daaz and My Emperor together.

Although we’re not sure whether Haagen-Daaz will win, this will be our last chance to observe our enemy.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “I want My Emperor team to win.

Yiyi is in Haagen-Daaz and I really don’t want to fight with them.

” Dead Water, “I don’t think My Emperor will win.

Although they’re not weak, they’re still a temporarily formed team, and it takes time for mutual understanding to be established among the teammates.

” “Yeah.

” Qin Yang stretched out his hand and said, “no matter what, we’ll fight for the finals the day after tomorrow.

” Everyone put their hands together and shouted in unison, “fight on!” They’ve made it this far.

Of course, everyone wanted to win.