Waiting For You Online - Chapter 133

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 133

Enjoy Slowly When she spoke of “Master”, the audience became excited again.

Some people checked the real identity of Empress Thousand Years at once.

When the hologram of “Demon God” was opened, the official organization gave players a free opportunity to change their names, and many of them changed their looks and names.

This “Empress Thousand Years” was originally the 15th player among all the “God-level” players, she was also once the apprentice of “Dead Water°”, named “Grass。”.

In the game, too many players were having a flirtatious relationship.

The symbols in the names “Dead Water°” and “Grass。” also suggested that they were a couple, and their relationship attracted many gossips.

Just as what they were chatting about, Grass left the game for a while and only came back for the hologram.

Nobody knew for sure what had happened between her and Dead Water, and nobody really cared.

And…now the fight finally started! Xiao Lan, “it turns out to be a match between an apprentice and her master! Then it’s quite worth watching, and the apprentice’s spiritual pet has almost won her master’s spiritual pet now, what is the master going to do?” Huang Huang, “by the way, although Dead Water ranks higher than Empress Thousand Years, as seen from their profession, Dead Water is not in an advantageous position, because the main profession of Empress Thousand Years is a wet nurse!” Xiao Lan, “that’s right, Empress Thousand Years has just released a little ‘recovery’ skill to Rouge, and the blood level of Rouge has already bounced back to 50%.

” Huang Huang, “at the same time, Dead Water has used the domestication skills to recall Twig Fence, whose blood level is now 17%…” “Recall” is a unique skill of a master who needs to domesticate his pets.

Once the master initiates the “Recall” skill, the spiritual pet would instantly return to his master no matter what he’s doing at that time.

This skill is similar to the “following shadow” of couples, while the former is initiated by a single player, but the latter is initiated by double players.

This skill can only be reused after 5 minutes.

Qin Yang also knew about the “recall” skill, but when he’s with He Jin, he preferred using the “intimacy” skill, as it works similarly, the only difference is that it can only be used when the spiritual pet can be seen by its master, and when it’s not in a fighting status.




After his battle with Rouge was interrupted, Twig Fence acted like a child who hasn’t played enough, he was smacking his claws sadly.

Dead Water touched the panda’s head and whispered, “jump into the water later.

” Huang Huang, “the situation now is not beneficial for Dead Water and Twig Fence.

I suppose for the wet nurse, the mage won’t be an easy target.

” Xiao Lan, “as far as I know, Dead Water has double professions.

Aside from spells, he also knows about the array…” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Huang Huang, “Twig Fence suddenly ran toward the edge of the island and jumped into the water!” In “Demon God”, although most of the spiritual pets can’t fly, they know how to swim, which is the skill that they initially had.

No matter if it’s a human or a spiritual pet living on land, they wouldn’t be drowned to death after jumping into the water.

Bullet screen — “damn, it scared me to hell, I thought he’s going to commit suicide again!” Huang Huang, “Dead Water has started flying after taking away his fan!” Xiao Lan, “does he plan to fight with Empress Thousand Years in the air? Even she is flying now!” Huang Huang, “since when has Dead Water prepared all these water bombs on the island…oh, he has initiated the lightning spell now!” Xiao Lan, “Rouge couldn’t hide! She has just suffered from a shock for 7 seconds and has lost 17% of her blood!” Huang Huang, “Empress Thousand Years is now curing Rouge…and the curing skill has been interrupted, Empress Thousand Years is now using the ‘instant recovery’ skill, making Rouge’s blood level bounce back to 19%! From the current situation, Rouge should be able to catch up with Twig Fence pretty soon.

Xiao Lan, “Dead Water’s spells not only made the status of Rouge and Twig Fence more even, but he also made Empress Thousand Years quite exhausted.

” Bullet screen — “ah ah! Dead Water is so handsome!” “Just now, Dead Water was touching Twig Fence’s head, I couldn’t be the only one that felt spoilt, right?” “No, you aren’t! I feel like Dead Water is taking revenge for Twig Fence!” … Huang Huang, “Empress Thousand Years has released three fireballs to Dead Water! And Dead Water has avoided all!” Xiao Lan, “no wonder he’s a God-level player! He’s good at hiding, and he can move flexibly too…on the contrary, Empress Thousand Years’ motion seems stiffer.

” Huang Huang, “Twig Fence is back to the island, and has relaunched his attack to Rouge…now the battle is clear, spiritual pet against spiritual pet; master against master.

Empress Thousand Years has no time to take care of Rouge now.

” Xiao Lan, “um…it seems that Twig Fence is still more inferior on the arena.

” Huang Huang, “Twig Fence fought ‘til the end, and he didn’t sacrifice for nothing, because now the blood level of Rouge has dropped to 3%…” Xiao Lan, “however, the two masters are still fighting in the air, Rouge can do nothing much to help now that she’s got only her skin left…wait, Empress Thousand Years wants to move the battlefield to the island, but she didn’t succeed.

” Huang Huang, “oh, Dead Water has launched a ‘heart attack’ to Rouge! Rouge has died!” Xiao Lan, “this should be the second time a master has attacked his opponent’s spiritual pet, right?” Huang Huang, “right.

” Xiao Lan, “it seems that Dead Water is very protective…” Huang Huang, “they’re now back to the island, and Empress Thousand Years has fallen to this ‘body-locking’ trap set by Dead Water…” Xiao Lan, “The blood level of Empress Thousand Years is 26%, Dead Water 21%, the body-locking trap will last for 10 seconds.

Empress Thousand Years is not able to defend herself, and Dead Water can do whatever he wants during these 10 seconds.

” Huang Huang, “the blood level of Empress Thousand Years is only 5% now, she has given up…and the result is obvious now.

” Xiao Lan, “ugh…Dead Water has stopped!” Just when there were 3 seconds left for the body-locking trap, Dead Water stopped attacking! The hosts were anxious, and the audience felt like they’d lost their mind…what was he going to do? In the arena, the moon was bright and high.

Empress Thousand Years, “why don’t you move?” Dead Water was not standing far away from Empress Thousand Years, he opened his fan and started swinging it.

Empress Thousand Years, “if you don’t move, then I’m gonna add blood to myself, and the result might be reversed.

” Dead Water, “do you know how to do that?” During the conversation, 3 seconds have passed, and the body-locking trap has disappeared.

Empress Thousand Years didn’t move in front of Dead Water.

Bullet screen — “What the hell? Are these two people talking again?” “I feel like we’re back to where it’d all started…” “No, now the panda and the rabbit have become two corpses.

” “I’ve found out what Ah Jin was using! It’s the ‘Bamboo Song’ that she’d got after fighting 30 wild ‘Bamboo Monster’ bosses, and she still had to learn how to play the flute.

When playing this song, she could claim plant-type spiritual pets…gosh! How complicated this is? Only Ruthless could think of such complex methods, right?” “Dead Water doesn’t want to give way to her, right? I don’t want this kind of storyline!” After a long time, Empress Thousand Years finally spoke, “forget it, you’ve given way too much.

It means nothing even if I win.

” [Arena] Empress Thousand Years, “gg.

” [Arena] Empress Thousand Years has left the arena.

Dead Water and Twig Fence have won.

[Arena] This match is over.

The Sentimental Team has scored 1 point.

Bullet screen — “Finally won! I almost spit out blood!” “So, it turned out that Dead Water wanted to let her win in the beginning? How sweet!” “After watching the game, I also want to fall in love now…I want to find a husband like Dead Water!” …and a message that was about “research” was covered by the other flooding messages on the bullet screen… Dead Water and Twig Fence were back to the waiting area, and the teammates couldn’t wait but criticize them — like the audience, they almost spit out blood! Nine Hall His Highness, “are you in a game or shooting for a TV show? It was way too slow!” “It’s such a rare opportunity to be in a beautiful scene.

I wanted to take it slow to enjoy.

” Dead Water looked at Twig Fence, “so, how is it? Did you have fun?” Twig Fence nodded seriously, “yep!” Everyone, “…” Zhao Mingyue, “am I the only one who doubted whether an affair was going on between Dead Water and the Empress?” Both He Jin and Twig Fence were curious too, and they listened with close attention, but the others all looked at Zhao Mingyue strangely, “Grass is a guy!” Zhao Mingyue, “pu…”