Waiting For You Online - Chapter 131

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 131

Nine Hall His Highness, “……” As it’s almost the matches for the championship, the last 3 matches attracted most of the attention! At 6:50 pm, the live broadcast room was open, and the screen showed the image of the full team of the Sentimental team and My Emperor team.

Host, “good evening! I’m your host, Xiao Lan.

Welcome back to the official live of ‘Demon God’! The match will start in ten minutes.

” Hou Dongyan was eating snacks and thinking in front of the computer screen – the host finally announced his name! He had never heard of a host introducing themselves before! At this time, a different male voice came out from the headphones, “Hello everyone.

I am Huang Huang, I’m really glad to be with Xiao Lan here tonight, and to host the match of the Ruthless team and My Emperor team!” …wait, there’re two hosts? It seems that the official organization paid much higher attention to the last three matches.

When Hou Dongyan looked at the number of audience – it’s 5 million, getting more! “Cough…Huang Huang, you just said Ruthless team, not the Sentimental team.

When the match starts, you can’t make the same mistake!” Xiao Lan said sarcastically.

Huang Huang, “Oh no…it’s my first time hosting a match with Xiao Lan and I was too excited…sorry.

I was wondering why the two terms sounded so familiar…haha…” The two hosts laughed for a bit and started introducing the team members.




Xiao Lan, “in fact, I initially thought that Human Faced Devils would make it to the first three.

Unexpectedly, they lost in the match with Haagen-Daaz, so it’s still quite rare for My Emperor team to make it to the top three.

” Huang Huang, “well, but the chosen player of My Emperor team, Huang Taiji, is the best player in the third zone.

It’s said that since he’s been extremely busy over the two years, he has been absent from the game, and has only recently returned.

That’s why his ranking is not so high.

However, he’s got pretty amazing PK skills, and he managed to organize a team in such a short time.

Unlike the Sentimental team and Haagen-Daaz, its members were gathered from various districts.

Xiao Lan, “Oh? Then, I’m really looking forward to this match.

All in all, the previous opponents of the Sentimental team were too bad, and we couldn’t even see the strong points of Ruthless…anyway, it’s 6:58 pm now, it’s time to foresee the first PK fairy pets player from the teams.

Let me guess, Ruthless will still pick their cute panda!” Hou Dongyan thought the same.

Overall, the previous three matches had Twig Fence involved, and every time, Ah Jin could only participate in a 2v2 with Ruthless, he could only understand as Qin Yang trying to protect He Jin, and he didn’t want He Jin to fight alone.

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COM Xiao Lan, “it’s the last 50 seconds.

My Emperor team has already sent their first player, the Green Hedgehog.

” Huang Huang, “it turns out to be the fifth player on the leaderboard of fairy pets – Green Hedgehog!” Xiao Lan, “that’s right.

Don’t be fooled by this player’s name, he’s, in fact, a fairy ball.

Like Twig Fence, he’s one of the few male spiritual pets players, his main attacking skills are “Needle Darts” and “Venom”.

The original forms of plant-type spiritual pets are mostly anthropomorphic.

At this time, the original form of Green Hedgehog has already appeared – one green ball with a thorn on the body, and it has a pair of big eyes.

The audience applauded on how cute it is.

Xiao Lan, “Twig Fence from the Sentimental team still hasn’t shown up.

The last 30 seconds…oh?” On the screen, it showed the name of the opponent — The first match: fairy pets 1v1 fight The player from My Emperor team: Green Hedgehog The player from the Sentimental team: Ah Jin Huang Huang, “it turns out to be Ah Jin from the Sentimental team!” Even Hou Dongyan was so shocked that he opened his eyes wide – no way, is this a mistake? Not only him, but the host and the audience were both extremely shocked.

After the first three matches, everyone thought that Ah Jin is just a pet of Ruthless, and she’s actually useless.

Xiao Lan adjusted her mood and said calmly, “it’s really out of my expectations…however, this is also our first time seeing Ah Jin participating 1v1 PK, right? Let’s see how she’ll perform.

” Huang Huang, “yes…the last ten seconds, it’ll begin soon.

” Hou Dongyan nervously put his snacks aside and stared at the screen.

The two players were now called to the arena.

Xiao Lan, “for this PK, the map shows a luxurious forest.

We have seen that the two players have been refreshed in the corners of the map.

But they have been blocked by the trees and haven’t seen each other yet.

” Huang Huang, “looks like such kind of terrain is better for the ferret who can hide and move faster?” Xiao Lan, “you seem right, but the Green Hedgehog is ranked the fifth on the leaderboard.

” Huang Huang, “yeah, even if the Sentimental team sends Twig Fence for this match, he might not win either.

” Xiao Lan, “yes.

Also, the panda is bigger and he will find it difficult to hide for a player with needles.

” Huang Huang, “are you saying that the Sentimental team plans to give up on the first match? Then Dead Water and Twig Fence and proceed to the second 2v2, and will have a bigger chance to win, and Fire will be on the third PK…” Xiao Lan, “are you saying that the Sentimental team has chosen an alternative way to fight?” Hou Dongyan couldn’t help but curse in front of the computer.

He thought, these two hosts are extremely ignorant, wait and see how brother Jin plays!