Waiting For You Online - Chapter 126

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 126

Seeing that the style of the bullet screen had changed after Twig Fence appeared, Hou Dongyan felt that his heart was bleeding – he absolutely hated the world where only appearance counts! The game officially began, the two players were introduced to the PK arena.

The audience thought that there would be a blank competitive room in front of them, never had they expected to see a tiny floating island! The players did not have the audience’s perspective of God.

After entering the arena, they only found that the two stood in a small area full of grass.

The terrain was relatively flat, the sky was above them and they were surrounded by mist.

The host immediately analyzed, “we saw a floating island in the first game, but the palm civet and the panda are not spiritual pets from the flying system.

In such a small area, they could choose to fight from a close distance.

If they’re careless and fall into the mist, death would be the only result.

” This is just the same as the sumo competition.

Once they step out of the boundary, it’d be over.

It seems that such a map is more beneficial to the panda! At this moment, the original shape of Zhi Zhi crouched on the ground, and it was carefully observing the opponent’s movement… When the clumsy panda moved slowly around the floating island, the palm civet also started to move! Host, “the two players have entered their state.

They are hovering at both ends of the island in a clockwise direction.

Who will launch the attack first?” Host, “they have been moving around the circle for once now, and Twig Fence has stopped! So has Zhi Zhi! They’re looking at each other now!” The atmosphere suddenly became tense, and there was even less bullet screen now! Hou Dongyan was extremely worried for Twig Fence – silly boy, don’t let them down! .



Just when everyone thought that the panda would attack, he suddenly looked at Zhi Zhi and said, “Oh! I’ve found it out! We’re on the same island in the sky! Gosh, this is dangerous…” Zhi Zhi, “…” Everyone was so speechless that they all wanted to vomit blood, is this panda a comedian or what? The host was also very embarrassed and said with a smile, “it looks like that Twig Fence was observing the terrain just now.

Haha…really unexpected…however, its opponent, Zhi Zhi, looks quite impatient.

We’re seeing that she’s now scratching the ground, ready to strike!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Everyone started getting up and hurriedly sent the bullet screen — “Go! Oh! Zhi Zhi! KO that stupid jerk!” “This panda’s will is obviously not strong enough.

Not that he has known more about the terrain, he should remain silent…” Host, “even the panda has started striking! Are you going to fight directly? Oh wait, it seems that Zhi Zhi is retracting now, and so is Twig Fence, they’re now circling around again…” Everyone, “…” Bullet screen — “Damn, can you guys not hoover anymore? It’s been five minutes and I’m already dizzy!” “I’ve just come from next door.

The first round is over, and “Inuyasha” from the Haagen-Daaz team has won.

” “Hell! I should have been there!” Twig Fence and Zhi Zhi circled around once, and Twig Fence said, “sis, I have seen your fight in a video before.

” Zhi Zhi, “oh…” Twig Fence, “he told me that you’re quite powerful.

” Zhi Zhi, “thank you…” Twig Fence, “he said that I might not be able to beat you.

” Bullet screen — “they seem to be chatting now…” (=_=) Zhi Zhi, “who’s your master?” Twig Fence, “Dead Water.

” Zhi Zhi, “oh…” Bullet screen — “damn! It turned out to be the big pet of Dead Water! I start to like this panda now!” The host coughed and said, “the two seem to be talking happily, but ten minutes has passed already.

If no one strikes in fifteen minutes, then no one will win nor lose today…” Bullet screen — “it should have been fifteen minutes now! I can’t see this anymore!” People in the waiting area were also a little impatient, and Nine Hall His Highness shouted, “what is Twig Fence thinking? He might as well rush forward, just like his fight with Ah Jin!” Dead Water held his fan and said, “he’s nervous.

” Fire held his arms, “did you give him any pressure last night?” “I was just telling the truth.

” Dead Water opened his fan and started swinging it, “but he might not lose.

” Wild Crane, “Zhi Zhi started attacking!” Host, “Zhi Zhi finally struck at 13:52 after the game started! As the ninth master on the leaderboard of fairy pets, she might as well act more boldly.

But I can understand, she’s facing someone from the Sentimental team, of course she’s pressurized…” Perhaps after Twig Fence said, “I might not be able to beat you”, Zhi Zhi felt more courageous, the palm civet quickly approached Twig Fence, who showed no fear.

It has also transformed from a cute panda to a fierce beast.

The palm civet also reacted quickly.

When the panda showed one trick, she showed two.

But Twig Fence found out that Zhi Zhi’s attack power was not as strong as Ah Jin’s! He immediately gained more confidence.

There shouldn’t be any fear toward a small pet.

Twig Fence rushed toward his opponent and hid no more…the bear’s paws, the wind sweeping legs and the roar…they were all there now! The fierce battle suddenly caught the attention of everyone, and the host talked much more quickly, “it seems that we all had underestimated this panda that has never appeared previously.

From all aspects, he is also a player with real strength…we found that the blood level of Zhi Zhi fell even faster than that of Twig Fence!” Even Zhi Zhi found out about that and she couldn’t help but start panicking, “damn, this guy can really defend well! It’s impossible to beat him!” She wanted to leave the arena first before anything, but the panda stuck her.

At the moment, the advantage of the map was also shown.

As the terrain’s small, Zhi Zhi could not run far.

Initially, she was in a good position.

After starting to hide, it turned out that it was her who’s being chased and beaten by Twig Fence… Everyone was shocked – “Is this panda so powerful?” “I don’t think he can dodge that well, but somehow, he didn’t seem to have lost a lot of blood…” Twig Fence chased from behind and yelled, “sister, don’t run!” Zhi Zhi, “……” As a palm civet, she also had a hidden skill that the panda did not – the stealth! When Zhi Zhi ran to the shore, she suddenly disappeared, and Twig Fence stopped his footsteps too, “eh? How come she’s no longer there? Did she fall?” Host, “she had used the stealth skill and has temporarily escaped from Twig Fence.

But the stealth can only last for 5 seconds.

We see that it is swaying to the rear of Twig Fence, yet the situation is still not good to Zhi Zhi, since she had only one-fifth of her blood left, and Twig Fence seems to hesitate about something now…” Twig Fence, “is there some mystery outside the island?” Bullet screen —- “is this crazy guy going to jump off?” “Hell, he’s jumping off!” Host, “ok, Twig Fence…committed suicide.

” [Twig Fence has left the arena.

] [Zhi Zhi won.

] [This battle is over, 1 point to the Dragon team.

” Everyone, “…” They didn’t bother to criticize, so this guy is really coming for a joke… Twig Fence, very frustrated, returned to the waiting area.

Nine Hall His Highness couldn’t help but criticize him, “I knew that you lack experiences, you were deceived by the stealth skill!” Wild Crane also found it a pity, “oh, Twig Fence! You could have won!” He Jin sighed.

When he first knew Twig Fence, he knew that this guy could sometimes be unreliable… Twig Fence was frustrated, “I’m sorry.

” Dead Water patted his shoulder and comforted him, “it’s alright.

We’ll try again next time.

It’s inevitable to be nervous in that environment.

” Twig Fence held his head and said regrettably, “I saw her stealth skill last night in the video, but I didn’t think of it at all!” Fire, “it’s ok, we’ll win it back.

” On the screen of the live room, the players of the second game were shown – the left is the second master of the Dragon team, Vicissitude Sword and his plant-form spiritual pet, Monster Man Man; the right side is Fire and his pet Ah Jin.

  The bullet screen immediately became dynamic again… “Ah! Ruthless! Hubby! I love you!” “Did I see it wrong? Has Ruthless brought his wife?” “Who can tell me – why does the wife of Ruthless look like a guy?” “Is this Ah Jin the same as Xiao Xian Ah Jin? She’s a spiritual pet?” “Ha! It’s really the ferret that happened on the live broadcast!” “He even teased his own wife as a pet! How brutal!” “Ruthless really knows how to play…” …… Just like before, when the host introduced the players, they did not know who their opponents would be.

Until the start of the game, the four players were simultaneously transferred to the PK arena.

There was a blank room on the screen, without any obstructions and obscurities…was it going to be a pure competition? This time, the map decided that there would be no more twists in the form of the previous one.

The audience could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Vicissitudes Sword is also a demon-level player, but like Haagen-Daaz, he’s also a bit arrogant.

In his mind, he wasn’t willing to acknowledge the power of Ruthless.

Also, after knowing that the Dragon team had won just now, he became a bit proud, “haha! This is the famous Ruthless! So, is this your wife?” Fire said, “yes.

” At this time, Ah Jin hasn’t transformed into his original form, but he’s still in the form of Shota, standing next to Fire.

Vicissitudes Sword, “didn’t you read the regulations clearly? How come you brought your wife? This is a 2v2 battle with the master and the spiritual pet, not husband and wife, haha!” Fire looked at Ah Jin and whispered “transformation”.

Then, the Shota quickly became a ferret, leaving Vicissitudes Sword completely shocked.