Waiting For You Online - Chapter 115

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 115

When they went out, they were shocked to see the snow.

Qin Yang shouted, “damn”, then he pulled He Jin to run toward the carpark.

It was snowing heavily, and within a few minutes, the whole ground was turned to white.

If they waited any further, it would become extremely difficult to drive.

“If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t come.

And we could be home by now!” Qin Yang complained.

He Jin’s mind still lingered around what had happened in the KTV room – the pretty girl told Qin Yang that she liked him in front of everyone, yet the people didn’t find it strange and all.

When he was standing there, he heard one of them said, “this is what happens every year at Valentine’s Day!” Right, Qin Yang must be so used to that kind of thing…since he wasn’t nervous at all, and the way he rejected the girl seemed professional as well… If I look for a girlfriend, you’ll be the first one.

How many people has he told this to? If he refused Qin Yang, would he then really look for a girlfriend? He Jin suddenly felt bitter, and he didn’t know what he was exactly upset about.

As the snow became heavier, Qin Yang drove more carefully.

When he saw He Jin yawn, he suggested, “are you tired? Feel free to nap a bit.

I’ll wake you up when we’re there.

” Indeed, He Jin was exhausted.

He hadn’t slept the whole night, and he had still worked the whole day.

He replied with a “hmm”, then slowly lost his consciousness.

He Jin thought, since he probably wasn’t going to go online that night, he should send Fire a message to notify him, otherwise, he might get upset again… .



Wait, Fire was beside him.

And Fire’s Qin Yang, he knew what’s going on.

It was him who’s stupid, his lover was right there, next to him, but he had been struggling between the reality and the game all along… There was heating inside the car, and the ride was a bit bumpy as Qin Yang was driving slowly, it was the perfect environment to fall asleep.

He Jin slowly fell asleep.

He was thinking about Fire and Qin Yang, completely defenseless.

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COM Qin Yang slightly tilted his head and looked at He Jin slowly closing his eyes.

He was soon sound asleep, and his breathing became regular.

The last moment, Qin Yang was still feeling depressed about being rejected the previous night, yet at this moment, he felt incredibly secured.

As long as this person is next to him, Qin Yang would feel safe.

He had to make sure that He Jin was always under his eyes.

Isn’t it easier for people to be satisfied when he has no way out? Qin Yang was full of desire to protect He Jin, and the speed of his car changed from 60, then 40, 30…he was even imagining about having a crackdown because of the snow, so that he and He Jin could be stuck for even longer… But no accident happened.

With such a short distance, even the slowest car could arrive in an hour and a half.

Qin Yang stopped the car and switched off the engine.

He Jin was still asleep.

Qin Yang looked at He Jin greedily…on his pale face, his lips were a bit pale too.

Comparing to the girl in the KTV room, He Jin’s face looked almost ordinary.

But it’s the only face that could arouse Qin Yang’s instincts and desire.

Qin Yang wanted to pat on He Jin’s shoulder to wake him up.

But once he stretched out his hand, he couldn’t help but start stroking his face.

Qin Yang thought, if He Jin woke up the next second, he’d just pretend to be patting on his face to wake him up…but He Jin was still sleeping deeply, his eyeballs didn’t move a bit.

And this undoubtedly further encouraged Qin Yang to continue.

His fingers slowly stroked He Jin’s face…the real one felt much softer than he imagined, it was no longer the virtual touch, separated by the two helmets.

Qin Yang was worried about waking He Jin up since his heartbeat was way too loud.

He Jin did not react, and Qin Yang was obviously no longer just satisfied by touching his face.

Since there’s not much oxygen in the car, Qin Yang couldn’t think straight.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and got closer to He Jin.

He put his hands on the back of his seat, held his breath, stared at He Jin’s lips, and kissed it slowly… Translations by AsianHobbyist .

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com for legit fan translationsNo, Qin Yang, you can’t continue, you will be found out and you will be hated! – A voice inside him was reminding him.

But the touch under his lips and He Jin’s scent was like poison to him, they were pulling away Qin Yang’s rational thoughts.

It was like something had slipped.

Qin Yang stuck out his tongue, licked He Jin’s lips and repeated.

It was impossible for He Jin not to wake up.

When he gained back his consciousness, He Jin was completely stunned.

He opened his eyes widely and looked at that face which was very close to him.

Qin Yang loosened his lips, his deep eyes looked as frightened as He Jin’s.

No one dared to say anything.

He Jin’s face went pale, he pushed Qin Yang away, and he wasn’t willing to look at him for even one second.

Qin Yang was hated! He Jin was going to escape, just like in the game, “I’m not going to talk to you anymore!” It happened eight years ago already, when he suddenly disappeared.

Now, Qin Yang had no idea when he’s going to do the same.

He had given so much effort, and he had been so brutally rejected… The fear of losing He Jin filled up Qin Yang’s mind completely, it had turned into a form of evilness – Qin Yang had no idea when he’d have the chance to kiss him again.

Maybe never, maybe he’d never have He Jin, then why not grab the chance now? The change of emotions happened only within a few seconds.

The next second, before he knew, Qin Yang was already grabbing He Jin’s hand and pressed him against the seat! “You…” He Jin could only utter one word before his mouth was covered again, “hmmmm….

” Just as Qin Yang had expected, He Jin wasn’t a strong guy.

He struggled in vain against Qin Yang’s desire to conquer; his tongue was trying hard to avoid Qin Yang’s crazy yearning.

He Jin was shocked by Qin Yang’s guts, but no matter how he tried to run away, he was tightly controlled and there’s nowhere for him to escape.

Kissing carefully someone asleep and fiercely kissing someone awake are two different feelings.

When the kiss was over, the two people felt messed up… Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

Qin Yang looked at He Jin, he was staring at his moist, trembling mouth, his face was slightly blushed, and the corners of his eyes were a bit wet also.

He was still pushing Qin Yang away weakly, just like he’s inviting Qin Yang to abuse him even more.

He was completely fooled by this kiss, and he could only react for a long while.

He was shocked, angry, shy, furious…He rushed to untie the seat belt and opened the door to run out.

Qin Yang got off the other side, he caught up and grabbed his hand, then he dragged him into his arms, he wanted He Jin, he wanted He Jin so bad.

He couldn’t control himself and finally locked him in his arms.

“Don’t run, don’t run…” Qin Yang was obviously the perpetrator, yet his voice was trembling, making him look like the one who got hurt.

He Jin wanted to scream – now who’s the victim?! And you still aren’t telling me that you’re Fire?! You can kiss me whenever you want, and do whatever you want to me, you’re messing with my reactions and feelings, is that really that much fun? And it’s all because I like you…I like you too… …such a bastard! As a male, He Jin felt as if he’d lost all the rational thoughts after being forced to kiss, yet he couldn’t resist.

When he realized his fear about homosexuality, he also realized that all these were because of Qin Yang’s presence and his actions – that’s right, it’s all Qin Yang’s fault! And that’s why he reacted like that because of the kiss! “Let go!” He suddenly remembered all the times when he’s been played, tricked and lied to.

He Jin frantically broke away from Qin Yang and punched him on the face.

Qin Yang was dumbfounded.

His eyes were red, and his face was painful.

He was standing there like a fool, bearing the consequences of his impulsiveness.