Waiting For You Online - Chapter 108

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 108

After saying that “I won’t force you anymore”, Qin Yang instantly took off his helmet and got offline.

He was afraid that he would not be able to control himself like last time…He Jin’s words were just like cold water, pouring his overheated head, making him realize that all this has been a one-sided effort… …He has been rejected, and it happened before Valentine’s Day.

Qin Yang didn’t make use of this opportunity to tell He Jin the whole truth.

Initially, he was thinking to test the level of acceptance of He Jin, by using his identity in the game.

Never would have Qin Yang expected He Jin to act so cold.

At this moment, he clearly realized that no matter how many admirers he had in reality, or in the game, he was just like everyone else when he found his true love.

That is, he’s not more privileged than the others.

That person’s every move could easily affect his emotions, catch him off-guard, even his most unintentional words would be interpreted as affectionate ones, and Qin Yang would get crazily happy by them…when a fool had been dreaming about a beautiful future with someone he loved, and when that person acted so ruthless, cold and nonchalant to him…he felt as if nothing was within his control, he felt as if everything was laughing at him, for his arrogance and pride that he had earlier.

Unlike last time when he was rejected by He Jin, Qin Yang felt that all his strength had been sucked out.

He threw himself onto his bed and had entirely no idea as to what he’s supposed to do.

He wasn’t sure how he could face He Jin from now on.

Should he rush to the next door and break in, tell him directly that he’s Fire? Qin Yang had indeed thought about kissing him forcefully just like in the game, or to…overall, He Jin’s not as strong as him, and he’s in Qin Yang’s house now, He Jin also wouldn’t scream since he wouldn’t have the guts to…but then what? What could be the next steps? Actually, Qin Yang is still a virgin, he has no idea how to make a straight guy enjoy from those kinds of actions…plus, He Jin has ‘no feelings’ for him.

And based on that fact, he has already lost.

But, if he does nothing, then he’ll have to obey what He Jin told him – everything stays in the game only.

…and he’s really not willing to accept that.

Qin Yang rubbed his face with his hands, he used his fingertips to massage his brow bones, and he frowned… .



It was very obvious that he’s not happy, since he got offline without saying anything.

Just like a teenager acting out of impulsiveness, if he’s not happy, then he didn’t want He Jin to be happy either.

But after a while, Qin Yang couldn’t help it anymore.

Since he had done such a childish thing, he must have expected the results that he wanted to have.

After thinking for a while, he began hoping that He Jin would send him a message via “me”… However, there’s no message, not from Ah Jin, nor from He Jin.

Qin Yang waited until 1 am, and there were no still messages.

He quietly went outside his bedroom, only to see that the lights of another bedroom had been switched off already.

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COM …that’s really a torture.

Qin Yang thought, he was the one who fell in love first, and he ended up the one who got dumped first, why was he left to suffer all alone? In the middle of the night, Qin Yang went downstairs quietly, and fetched a bottle of Hennessy in the wine cellar.

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com for legit fan translationsHis mood at the moment was just like five years ago, when he realized that the game was going to change its version into “Demon God”, and when “Xiaoxian Ah Jin” was no longer going online anymore… Now, he felt equally devastated.

He knew clearly that even though that person was right next to him, he was never going to fall in love.

Qin Yang returned upstairs with his wine bottle.

He didn’t go back to his own bedroom, but he sat opposite to He Jin’s bedroom.

He looked at the moonlight coming in from the windows of the doorway, opened the bottle and drank a sip fiercely.

It was bitter and too strong for him…he couldn’t help but start coughing.

Qin Yang couldn’t hold much alcohol.

And it’s even a liquor with a high content of alcohol.

When one’s in a bad mood, he would, of course, get drunk more easily.

He started getting drowsy and in his head, those words kept lingering… “Sorry, if it’s in reality, then I can’t do it.

” “If you do this, I will not talk to you anymore.

And I won’t be in the game anymore!” “This kind of fantasy is nice, and I have this kind of fantasy to you too.

I don’t want to break it.

” “If it’s in reality, I would be lying if I said I don’t care.

” …… Those words were thought repeatedly by Qin Yang.

He was self-abusing himself.

In the end, he only remembered one sentence – I have this kind of fantasy to you too.

He seemed to have found the most vital point.

And he started having some hope again.

His proud was numbed gradually by the alcohol, and he was left with a sense of inferiority.

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He switched “me” on in his bracelet, clicked on the profile picture with a ferret, and started typing: Fire, “Ah Jin, you told me that you have a fantasy about me too, then have you ever imagined how I look like?” Have you ever imagined that I’m Qin Yang? Have our voices created an illusion to you? …… Fire, “haha, maybe not, since you’re so rational…”