Waiting For You Online - Chapter 103

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 103

The technician was very attentive.

When he was repairing the helmet, he did not say a word.

Qin Yang then began texting He Jin using the identity of Fire.

Yesterday, he spent a long time in the café with He Jin, and they were also together in the evening.

The two didn’t even say goodnight to each other.

Fire, “wifey, what are you busy with?” Ah Jin, “I’m working.

” Qin Yang thought sadly, the identity of Fire enabled him to say whatever he wanted.

He also felt strongly that He Jin was trying to keep a distance with him in reality.

However, Qin Yang found it strange, since He Jin had always differentiated the reality and the game well, shouldn’t he be acting more closely with his friends in reality then? Fire, “you’re still working.

Have you got a new helmet?” Ah Jin, “not yet.

My friend said he knew someone who can fix helmets, and he went to ask for me today.

” Fire, “I hope you’re back to the game soon.

I miss you.

” He was indeed thinking, that he could kiss, hug and be in the same room with Ah Jin, yet he couldn’t do anything with him in reality.

After about ten minutes, He Jin replied, “yeah, I want to be in the game too.

I miss you a lot too.

” Qin Yang stared at this sentence, this different treatment made him bitter and sweet at the same time! .



When he recalled that He Jin had begun to admit his feelings toward Fire during the New Year, Qin Yang began to feel curious.

Was he really that attractive in the game, making a shy and protective person like He Jin say something as ‘I miss you’? In reality, he was also very good to He Jin, he accompanied him to buy a racket, they saw each other often, they bought a scarf together, he accompanied He Jin to the train station, and he’s even helping him repair his helmet…why didn’t He Jin have any feelings by any of his actions? And why didn’t he feel touched? How could the same person be so close to “Fire”, yet so cold to his real self? Up to now, Qin Yang had thoroughly tasted what it meant by “setting a trap for oneself.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM After an hour and a half, the technician tested the helmet again.

This time, all the green lights were on, “it should be fine now.

”   In order to make sure, the technician also checked the information storage part.

As the helmet was linked to the player, if there was any wrong or lost information, the factory settings would have to be restored.

On the screen, the information of the user was displayed.

And the technician let Qin Yang verify them: User ID: hj2000 Game name: Ah Jin System test: Male, 22 years old ———— The technician looked at the familiar game name – what? This helmet belonged to Fire’s wife? Translations by AsianHobbyist .

com Website.

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com for legit fan translations When he checked again, it’s a male… “The information is correct.

” Qin Yang nodded and opened the bracelet, “how much is the repair fee? Can I transfer to you through my e-account?” The technician was so stunned that he couldn’t realize the question for a moment, he stuttered while waving his hand, “no, there’s no need.

” Qin Yang, “what about the components that were replaced? They cost too.

And I feel sorry to ask you to work during the New Year.

I have to pay you.

”   The technician, “well, okay then.

The sensor board is $1200, power supply $600, it’s $2000 in total.

”Qin Yang transferred $3000 to him, making the extra $1000 as the maintenance fee.

He gave the technician an autograph and asked him to keep his identity secret.

At the end, they exchanged phone numbers, “if you need anything from me, feel free to ask.

” The technician excitedly nodded, he sent Qin Yang all the way down the stairs, and he watched Qin Yang driving his Jaguar away.

When he returned upstairs, he slowly reacted…he thought he saw ‘male’ when he checked the owner’s information, and Qin Yang still calmly replied, “the information is correct”, well…it turned out that Fire is gay?! Damn…he’s one of them! Seeing that it’s almost 9 pm, Qin Yang called He Jin on his car, “will you be off soon?” He Jin, “soon, are you driving?” Qin Yang, “yes, wait for me.

I’m still on my way, I might be late.

” He Jin, “drive slowly, don’t rush.

” It was impossible for Qin Yang to drive slowly.

Although he wasn’t happy with the way that He Jin was keeping a distance with him, he wanted to see He Jin any moment, in anywhere.

He drove quickly all the way, and in 20 minutes, he arrived at Costa.

He saw He Jin from afar, carrying a schoolbag, with a thick scarf, and he was standing alone at the door of the café.

He’s warming up himself with his hands.

Qin Yang turned on the car lights, when He Jin saw him, he showed a happy face.

Although that facial expression was short, Qin Yang still felt warmed.

The young man opened the door of the car and sat along with a cold chill.

Qin Yang looked at him, it was like he hasn’t seen He Jin for a long time, he searched behind the back of the car seat and handed him the repaired helmet with a smile, as if he’s looking for gratitude, “it’s all good now.

”   Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

He Jin opened his eyes widely and he couldn’t hide his excitement, “so quick!” Qin Yang, “uh huh.

” He Jin repeatedly looked at it, it was still the same old helmet, and he could turn on the power button now! In fact, when he searched on the Internet about the depreciation of the helmet, He Jin was very reluctant.

Although he had only used it for a few months, it was something that he won in the lottery.

In his heart, not only it was a game helmet, but it was also a symbol of his luck, it was a channel for him to another world, the world which could give him freedom and spiritual support.

But his mother never took the time to understand its real meaning for her son.

In her eyes, all games are evil, and after she smashed the helmet, she had also destroyed the little world that He Jin had been carefully protecting.

From the moment the helmet was broken, He Jin had felt unbelievably depressed.

Whenever he thought of the incident, his heart started aching.

Even if he could get a new helmet, all would become different.

He didn’t know that the original plan of Qin Yang was to get him a new one, and in the end, after all the troubles, He Jin’s wish got fulfilled.

He Jin got back what he had lost, and he was so happy that he didn’t know what to say.