Waiting For You Online - Chapter 94

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 94

My Helmet Got Smashed Qin Yu also put on his earplugs.

He Jin’s voice went into his ears, it was kind of gentle, dull, yet a little shaky.

“Are you alright?” He also whispered, as if he was afraid of scaring him if he spoke too loud.

  He Jin once again replied with a brief “hmm”, he closed his eyes and imagined the appearance of Fire in the game.

This person was so powerful and he was so mighty that no one could beat him.

Even though all had only happened in the game, it has subtly influenced He Jin in the real world as well, and an inexplicable sense of trust has already been developed.

In other words, he found his safety haven to escape from the cruelty in reality.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Qin Yu was worried.

“What are you thinking about?” “Fire,” He Jin whispered.

“I seem to be thinking a little bit about what happened before.

” Qin Yu, “Oh?”   “It’s just eight years ago, I left without saying goodbye…I am so sorry.

” He felt totally different comparing to how Fire asked him “why don’t you say goodbye” back then.

Eight years ago, he felt confused; and now, he truly felt sorry.

He actually wanted to tell Fire, that the two had been on the game every now and then, even though their husband and wife relationship was fake, they had a solid and profound friendship, how is it possible to forget all of this? However, under the suppression of his mother, He Jin did not dare to think about it.

He didn’t even dare to promise with Fire that they would see each other after graduation.

The whole thing/relationship with Fire was covered since then, just like a thing buried deep underground.




Qin Yu, “it doesn’t matter anymore.

Aren’t we good together now?” He Jin, “yes.

” Indeed, fortunately, Fire waited for him, and He Jin didn’t have much regret anymore… Qin Yu was stunned, “are you crying?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM   “No…” He Jin’s voice did sound like he’s crying, yet he wasn’t.

He really wanted to cry though, from all the frustration, touching, fear…all the mixed emotions made him want to just break down in front of Fire.

Qin Yu, “then what are you doing?” “I’m missing you…” He Jin suddenly burst out these words.

He tried to empty his brain and imagined himself in a safe world.

When he heard He Jin’s words, Qin Yu, who initially had a lot of rational suggestions to tell, was suddenly caught off-guard.

He could feel the weaknesses of He Jin and he felt painful too.

He couldn’t wait to make use of the “following shadow” trick in the game and fly instantly in front of He Jin, so that he could hug him, kiss him and give him warmth.

He wanted to share all the problems with He Jin, as a lover.

  Qin Yu, “silly…I’m missing you too, and I’m right here.

” But now, they could just make a voice call, and he could only say a few empty comforting words, he couldn’t even appear in front of He Jin in real person!   Fire acted like he was smothering a child, and his tone made He Jin laugh, half of his depressed feelings already disappeared,  and he started to calm down.

Although he was thankful for Fire’s company, he understood that this person could only be his temporary haven, instead of his savior.

  This time, no matter how his mother objected, He Jin would not listen to her again.

He was no longer a minor who could not resist the authority of an adult… Now, no one can save him, only himself.

“Sleep earlier, and we’ll figure it out tomorrow.

” He Jin said.

  Qin Yu said, “okay, let me know at once if there’re any problems, okay?” He Jin, “okay.

” Thank you, Fire…He Jin said in his heart.

  When he finished his voice call, He Jin started thinking about how to deal with this matter.

His mother has begun to suspect him, since there were words “Magic God” marked on the helmet, and his mother knew how to use the Internet, she’d soon start searching what the helmet was really for, and she might try to use it herself…he was thinking, that maybe he should try communicating with his mother calmly, and tell her honestly about the game, why he’d play on the game.

He didn’t want a fight, and he prayed that his mother could at least listen to him, or respect his thoughts a little.

But He Jin was still too naive, and things were not as easy to solve as he thought… He Jin didn’t sleep well.

When he heard the movement outside in the morning, he woke up instantly, and he only slept for an hour.

After getting dressed, he went out from his room.

He saw that his mother was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and he said, “mom.

” His mother did not respond, the she was looking pissed off.

After He Jin washed himself, he went to the kitchen entrance and asked softly, “where is my helmet?” His mother instantly slammed a bowl, and turned her head, twisted her face and started to get furious again, “the helmet! You still remember the helmet! You tell me, what the hell is that helmet for?!” He Jin calmly said, “it’s a game helmet.

” When his Dad heard the noise, he came out from his bedroom.

He was still in his pajamas, and he asked while trembling out of coldness, “what is it again? Why are you arguing again?” The woman snorted and ignored him.

She continued to question He Jin, “so you finally dared to tell me that it’s a game helmet! You took me as a fool, since you thought that I probably didn’t recognize what it was, right? I have done my research, and I discovered that it costed over $10,000! Tell me, where did you get so much money?” He Jin, “…” His mother found out indeed!   “Is it true that you didn’t only buy this, but you also took our money to court girls? You think I never knew?” His mother was getting more suspicious, and she slammed a spatula again, and she was pointing to her bloodshot eyes, “I haven’t slept well for days since I worry about you so much, you know that?” He Jin explained, “I didn’t buy it, I got it since I won the lottery.

” “The lottery?” The woman smirked, she’s apparently not convinced.

“Do you think I will believe you?” He Jin, “it’s true, I still have a lottery record, believe it or not.

” The woman nodded and sneered.

“Oh, well, believe it or not, as your said.

I ate porridge with your dad every day, we picked the cheapest food, live the most humblest life.

And you’re better off than us, since you used our money to play games.

And you’ve got rights to do that now! Have you forgotten about how I educated you when you were small? You’ve abandoned it all, haven’t you? Or is it because you’ve grown up now, and you’ve become a liar? How is it possible I’ve raised such a shameless son like you? Huh?” As she spoke, she pushed He Jin hard, and He Jin’s father came up to pull her and persuaded her to stop, “our son is grown up, you should stop this…” but he was pushed away immediately, she used so much force that she didn’t seem like a woman anymore.

She turned her finger at He Jin’s father, “you’re still helping him! And you’re still on his side! Did you give him money secretly? It’s you who’ve spoilt him!” “It has nothing to do with Dad!” He Jin screamed and tried to take a deep breath and control his emotions, but his fists already started shaking.

His mother saw it, and screamed with her eyes widely open, “haha, so you’re associating and you want to hit me? Come! Come, both of you!” He Jin shook his head, “Mom, I don’t want to argue with you.

I was afraid that you didn’t agree with me before, but playing games doesn’t affect my study.

This is my business.

Return the helmet to me.

”When she heard this, she was completely irritated.

She rushed to the bedroom and took out the helmet.

“Return to you, return to you…” He Jin suddenly had a bad feeling… “I am telling you to play the game, and I’m returning it to you!” Sure enough, the next second, the woman raised her hand in front of his face, and smashed the helmet onto the ground.

There was a loud sound, the helmet’s titanium surface made a clear, loud banging sound when hitting the marble floor.

 He Jin could feel his heart beating quickly.

Seeing that his mother was going to pick it up and throw it again, he instantly reacted by pushing her away, and he quickly checked his helmet.

“You pushed me.

How dare you push me!!!”  The scream of his mother almost knocked over the ceiling.

She shook her finger toward He Jin, she couldn’t believe that it was happening, and she was ready to lose it all with her son.

The power light of the helmet was off.

No matter how He Jin tried to switch it on, it couldn’t be turned on anymore.

At this moment, his inner grievances, pain, and despair were rushing toward of his body.

He Jin’s eyes felt sore, and all the rational thoughts that he’d been trying so hard to hold up all disappeared.

He held his helmet and looked at his screaming mother with hatred.

“Why do you have to do this?!” He screamed with a red eye and turned back to the room with his helmet.

With a loud bang, he closed his door.

She went silent for a while, and began to yell and shout again.

All the insulting words began flowing out from her mouth, hurting He Jin to the extreme.

He Jin pulled out the suitcase from under his bed and began to pack his own belongings at the fastest speed.

He was ready to leave home.