Waiting For You Online - Chapter 91

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 91

The Loving Words What was this going on between his mother and his aunt? Were they arranging a blind date for him? He Jin felt himself in a state of being thundered! He was a guy, and he was in his junior year.

How is it possible that his mother and aunt are already arranging his marriage? What kind of era is he living in? He Jin’s heart was filled with rage, and he found it impossible to get rid of this rage.

However, he just kept silent.

It was New Year’s Eve.

He didn’t want to raise an argument.

He just had to understand it as two women chatting and finding something to fill their time…if his mom ever suggested it to him, he would undoubtedly say no! He Jin quietly endured all this.

Suddenly, his bracelet shook; it was Fire.

They were talking about what they’d eaten for dinner, and the programme of the “Spring Festival Evening.

” He Jin, at this point, hadn’t realized that the communication between him and Fire had already been extended to reality, and he had no idea when it started.

Through looking at Fire’s name, and criticizing a programme on TV, He Jin got an inexplicable comfort.

He was entirely concentrated in the conversation with Fire, as if he’s found a temporary haven.

He could temporarily get away from the depressing environment surrounding him now.

After talking for a while, Fire suddenly asked, “why are you acting a bit weird today?” He Jin, “how is that?” Fire, “you seem more clingy than usual.

” Ah Jin, “…” .



Fire, “are you missing me too much?” He Jin’s fingers stopped; he was amazed by how quick Fire’s reaction was.

Ah Jin, “yeah.

” For the first time, he admitted, acknowledging that he wanted Fire, and that he needed him.

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COM After He Jin sent this message, the other party hadn’t replied for quite a while.

He Jin glanced at his bracelet every two seconds.

The minute seemed the longest ever.

Then, he got a reply from Fire.

Fire, “I miss you too.

” When he saw these four words, the tight eyebrows of He Jin suddenly relaxed a lot.

He felt warm in his palms, and he felt the surge of sweetness rushing toward his heart, as if he’d fed a candy.

Fire immediately sent another message, “I was feeling too emotional, that’s why I immediately took a few photos of myself.

But I was worried to scare you, so I deleted them.

” After this message, Fire sent a picture.

He Jin had a look.

It was Fire’s image in the game.

This kind of picture can be found anywhere on an online forum, and he had no idea where Fire had downloaded the picture, even the watermark was still on it.

Fire, “maybe use this first, and miss me while you look at it.

” He Jin almost laughed, his eyes were full of sweetness and affection; even the air surrounding him was full of passionate feelings.

The chat between his mom and aunt came to an end.

When she turned his head, she saw the facial expression of her son… There is something to say in China – which girl hasn’t been in love? Even for a 70-year-old granny, she’d have known what it felt like to be in love.

When she saw her son looking like this, He Jin’s mother was sure what was going on… He Jin might be in love.

He Jin still didn’t know his mother had already noticed the way he looked.

He was still concentrated in his conversation with Fire.

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Ah Jin, “why are you worried to scare me? Are you ugly?” He suddenly became curious about what Fire looked like in reality.

What would be his look, height…? At this time, he couldn’t help but recall the way Li Yaoyao’s persuaded Xu Jing’er when he was in the lake.

When someone sounded nice online, he must be a guy in reality.

And those with a sexy voice must be a fat man in reality.

Coincidentally, Fire asked him, “if I happen to be ugly, will you abandon me?” He Jin twitched the corner of his eye.

If that’s the case, he might really feel awkward.

However, He Jin was sure that Fire wouldn’t look very ugly in reality, as long as he’s got an adorable personality, it’d be fine.

The way he understood a person is based more on his feelings, and the way of communication with this person.

He Jin replied to Fire, “you didn’t abandon me because I’m a guy, so why would I do the same to you just because you’re ugly?” When he sent this message, he realized that he had unconsciously uttered some “loving words”…This must be the most revealing one he has said for his whole life! Fire didn’t reply again.

He Jin shyly turned off the bracelet projection, and tried to watch the TV calmly.

But he was still anxiously waiting for his reply.

He felt both anxious while looking forward to it.

At this time, Qin Yu was also watching TV with his family.

When he saw the message from Ah Jin, he was completely stunned.

And he only started to laugh after a few seconds.

Qin Yu felt a bit annoyed, as he’d made all these efforts to raise a little attention from Ah Jin.

In turn, it only took Ah Jin one single sentence to make him turn back to the silly boy who first fell in love eight years ago.

It isn’t fair… His younger brother started acting naughty again, threw himself on Qin Yu and used him as a punching bag to practice boxing.

Qin Yu didn’t feel any pain, but out of instincts, he pushed his brother away instantly.

“Don’t bother me…or I’ll hit you!” His brother started to behave more.

And he began to show off the new taekwondo tricks he learned, trying to catch the attention of his brother.

But Qin Yu didn’t care at all.

He just wanted to talk with Ah Jin.

At midnight, He Jin received a new year wish from Fire, also from his classmates – Tongxuan, Hou Dongyan, and Jiang Baijian…except for Qin Yu.

He Jin hesitated for a moment, and he also sent a wish to Qin Yu, who just replied with a smiley emoji.

The next day, He Jin had to get up early to visit the elder relatives.

He didn’t get online that night, and got on bed early after saying goodnight to Fire.

…Did someone else come here? He Jin quickly thought of his mother, the only suspicious one.

At three in the morning, He Jin’s door opened silently.

A dark figure walked in without turning on the light.

This figure sneaked beside the bed of He Jin.

The woman quietly stared at her sleeping son.

After a while, she sneaked into the quilt and found the bracelet on He Jin’s wrist.

She knelt, opened the corner of the quilt and went to open the bracelet.

But no, the bracelet could only be unlocked by the owner’s pupil.

When she looks at the gadget, the sensor light was just flashing red light…She was very anxious, and for a moment she wanted to wake her son and made him confess.

Who he has been talking to recently, who he was chatting with in grandma’s, and whether he’s in love.

If yes, then why he didn’t tell her, what kind of person that is, whether that person is a liar…she thought a lot, and she couldn’t fall asleep.

But now, when looking at her son, she finally resisted the urge to ask, and quietly walked out of the room.

He Jin was sound asleep.

He hadn’t realized at all that his mother had been there in the middle of the night.

When he woke up in the morning, he switched on the bracelet and saw a reminder on the projection, indicating that there was a wrong authentication for more than ten times, and the system asked him to verify his identity.

He Jin was somewhat puzzled.

His bracelet had never had such a problem since he bought it.

Did he dream of looking at the bracelet the night before? It mustn’t be right.

If he did, he could have unlocked it…could it be that someone else had come to his room? The only possible person he could think of is his mother.

But then He Jin thought, it’s not possible that his mother is such a sicko…could it be possible that his bracelet just sent a message out of technical error?